Belated Media: The Green Hornet Review

Belated Media: The Green Hornet Review

Black Swan Blue Valentine Green Hornet are we just going through the color wheel now The Green Hornet gets off to a very muddled start we aren't really sure about Tom Burleigh because it does one of my least favorite things in and he starts twenty years in the past when we meet our character as a kid and then we jump into the future to see what he's doing they don't need to see that scene because that Brogan talks about it later anyway I prefer to initially see him as a charming d-bag and then realizes he's a well-intentioned charming d-bag when he tells us that store something that more easily would have said at the tone would have actually been the end credits which have this flashy comic-book style opener anybody goes straight through the scene when shown off ski and then we go straight into Britt partying we would have gotten a complete understanding of what this film is we've got a comic book on her and I mean once insecure villain and at a party animal who's going to become a hero that's simple there's also the whole issue of the walk why do Britain Kato become crime fighters don't call them superheroes they don't have power technical nerd points good chap like they're upset with his dad so they decide to be vandals into the process they protect somebody you realize that's the first time that they're really doing something valuable with their lives so they decide to continue doing that it just takes a really long time to get up to this point and really quickly Christofle the character really never explores his full potential he's supposed to be somewhat of an insecure mob boss but that's never really touched on until the very end of the film at which point we've kind of forgotten about it if it were sort of a one two three are the second time we see him he's like more DAP or whatever listening to James Franco's think oh why is James Franco picking up these random bit parts in action-comedy last time a date night you just like is picking up random fun bits you have 127 hours in the Oscars to host let other people take those roles go back to wolves as the Jew hunter and glorious bastard waltz delivers beyond anything most notably due to his cells but it's that exact cell to even reported that makes me fail everyone else especially Roman is very tongue-in-cheek it's almost as though something up lost in translation that actually would make sense salsa's off-screen Rogen's Canadian Diaz is America Chow is Chinese and they're all under French director Michel Gondry it's like a poorly attended und I hate to say it but the problem may be the director and I love Michel Gondry all this music videos are batshit crazy yes there are a few cool tricks here and there Cato vision the split-screen montage and we're piecing everything together but the script doesn't give it much to do overall it just comes out as a standard action comedy I suppose that's why Cameron Diaz is in she likes her action comedies and things that are green impairment yes I'm nitpicking about the actors but on paper this cast which absurd and what's interesting as well Seth Rogen is the most relevant actor in the cast he's actually the least interesting he does a little more than me himself although I will admit Seth Rogen is overridden this delivery that you don't mind they'll say there's some truly entertaining chemistry between chapman Roman and not the Shanghai news sort of way although in terms of martial arts Jake champions all sorts fast he's unofficially the rock star of this film it's strange oh for being a crime fighter movie it sometimes feels more like a grown man that just happens to have some fight scene so the craziest thing to display all my grapes is that the Green Hornet is a funny film I enjoyed it a few sequences are a little too long and motivations for characters are a little hazy but once Kato vision kicks in the movies figure itself out and it's a high-octane ride from there on out and this is probably the best converted 3d film out there and it's all I'm gonna say about the 3d because it's good I get green for it or out of the g8 summit seats and yes it totally counts because well also a citizenship with Germany greenhorn leave your thoughts in the comments below also click here to check out my reviews on burger going into the boy and you can click down here for the link to my tumblr or you can click the mystery box what's in the box it's probably a Michel Gondry music video so now it's not so much a mystery box just the box

39 thoughts on “Belated Media: The Green Hornet Review

  1. For me this movie was a forgettable action flick (7/10) but yes, it was fun and the 3D was the best use of the technology I've ever seen, before or since.

    Seriously, the fight scenes in 3D are amazing, which is weird since this movie wasn't that memorable otherwise.

  2. fun fact: it's based on a radio show! I don't remember that much about it except that for some reason the Green Hornet is considered a villain, so in that sense, it's kinda accurate.

  3. YoustartedthereviewthenIwasconsideringthefirstthingyousaidbutthenyousaidthesecondandthirdthingandsoforthandthenthereviewended.

  4. This movie was a failure because they didn't respect the character. Seth Rogen claimed his character was a dumb guy who shoots farts.
    Watch the original, the Green Hornet was a smart crime solver not a slacker dumbass who falls on his face every five minutes. Fuck Rogen and his incessant slacker shit

  5. I am too young to have watched the original, but this movie is still BAD. It sucked worse than a high-powered, industrial vacuum cleaner. The ONLY bright spot was Kato.

  6. Its the theme to the green hornet tv show.
    That was the gag of the sequence in Kill Bill 1. Guys wearing Kato masks, Bruce Lee's character, she was dressed up like Lee from "Game of death"

  7. Terrible, terrible movie. First time I saw it the power went out 30 minutes from the end and I didn't even care.

  8. The irony is that the reason why The Green Hornet series didn't do so well was because it wasn't as campy as Batman, but now Batman is successful because it's so serious now while the Green Hornet decided to be silly.

    They completely misread the trends of their time.

  9. I thought Seth Rogan's character was the most interesting in my opinion. Every time he displayed his douchbagary (yes, I made that) I cracked up. Your videos are great 🙂

  10. Wait a second, have you seen Boomerang? Chris Rock played a loud over the top mail guy and while Eddie Murphy did display some humor he was hardly the same guy Beverly Hills cop. Just the same Chris Rock killed it as a regular Joe trying to make sense of his marriage in I think I love my wife. And Chris tucker okay Chris Tucker does but just Seth Rogan, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Robert Downey, Jr. they have charisma which people can't get enough. They have they're own market. like Jordan

  11. It was a shock to hear this music, though – I know the song is called "Green Hornet," but I know it from Kill Bill. So it's originally from the Green Hornet franchise?

  12. A moment of silence, please, for Eddie Murphy's career…that man was funny as hell, once. Watch "Coming to America" and tell me that he wasn't a comic master.

  13. I must agree with your assessment; I saw Green Hornet with friends not expecting to like it and we were all pleasantly surprised.

  14. And the real shame is that occassionally one of them surprises you and does some arthouse peice and you go "Oh my god, Chris Rock can do more than make jokes about growing up poor and black." All Rogen's shown us thus far is indeed the well-intentioned d-bag.

  15. My issue with this movie remains my hatred of actors hired to play themselves, and not in that Entrourage cameo kind of way, but in that Every Seth Rogan, Michael Cera, and the other fat ginger whose name I can't remember vehicle is nothing more than hiring people to play the same personality and character they made them selves famous with in their first breakthrough. And it's systemic: We had the same thing in nineties with Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, and Eddie Murphy.

  16. With all due respect, I disagree. The intention was to make a comedy action in which Seth Rogen starts off as stupid, obnoxious trust fund playboy then learns the error of his ways to become a costumed crime fighter. The problem is that Rogen was obnoxious without charm, so he is not funny, not when he was Britt Reid or when he dons the Green Hornet costume. The second problem is that he does not reform even after wearing the mask. His irredeemable obnoxiousness ruined the movie for me.

  17. i hated, and i mean hated hated hated hated hated this movie, im not a fan of green hornet, but seth rogen was not likeable, AT ALL, the movie was never funny, the amount of plotholes are insane, the villian is stupid, the action scenes are dumb and poorly shot, the effects are terrible, and by the end i actually snapped the copy in half, and i rented that movie so i had to pay extra to replace it. Totally worth it. Stay away from this abomonation of cinema, that is all. thank you for your time.

  18. Exactly my sentiments. The title character was there solely to contribute his inheritance and blunder around like an imbecile, alienating any possible feeling of connection. I *wanted* him to die.

  19. I watched this movie and I spent the entire time hoping the title character would die. Seth Rogen (successfully) plays a troglodyte, and his character never grows past being the kind of douche-bag whose confused derping obviously blares out his ability to advance as a character.

  20. @carlosreyes11 there is no way to enjoy this movie. I thought it was going be a good, fun action comedy crime fighting movie. Wrong! it SUCKED! It was boring and poorly done and the ONLY good part was Kato

  21. I really liked this movie even though I was a huge fan of the oooold radio show. Saying that it stayed true to the feel of the series would be a stretch, but calling it a complete reboot doesn't seem quite right either.

  22. A superhero doesn't need to have powers. Super = excellent. I'd say Batman is an excellent hero. Case in point.

  23. @Chazzmatazz He wasn't meant to be your standard hero. He was meant to be relatable to the average person as he wasn't meant to known everything about being a hero right from the get go. This also makes him the underdog because of his lack of courage, skill and knowledge but at core he is a good guy which becomes apparent throughout the movie.

  24. Counter to your Technical Nerd Point.

    They are, indeed, crime fighters, not Super Heroes.

    But that has nothing to do with powers. It has everything to do with scale. Batman is a superhero with no powers because of the scale of his crime and super villain fighting.

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