34 thoughts on “Beckman HS – Anchors Aweigh – 2011 Arcadia Band Review

  1. Finally, a band in class A competition who can march with almost perfect alignment and a drum major who knows how to handle the mace!

  2. Talk about incredible! Not only was the music great, you see complete synchronization of everyone as they march. The Drum Major is like no other I have ever seen. Keep up the great, beautiful music that you play, forever in your hearts. I'm not sure if there was a competition to earn this spot in the parade, but I can tell you that you are the best I've ever seen. THANK YOU for such a glorious video!

  3. Sentito una volta banda an Diego California era il 2002 tutti questi ottoni era la banda Marina,sentendola suonare e camminare ti viene la pelle oca.

  4. I see they have a twirling drum major. I really hate that. I understand that in a competition the band receives a higher score for a twirling drum major but it takes away the military appearance of a band, IMHO. You would never see one of the Queen's Guards bands with a twirling drum major. Neither the Royal Marines nor the US Marines have twirling drum majors. When Ron Hoar was director of the host band Arcadia, there were no twirling drum majors. I wish the rules would drop the bonus for twirling. The band was just fine both with their music and their marching. Congrats and hope you enjoyed your trip to Arcadia and the march down Baldwin Ave.

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