Be Updated! MOBILE LEGENDS LATEST PATCH NOTE 1.3.74 (May 2019) New Update

Be Updated! MOBILE LEGENDS LATEST PATCH NOTE 1.3.74 (May 2019) New Update

I think I need to help you [Applause] Oh pain is my greatest gift to you you you Harvey is my most trusted partner you kept me waiting let's play together magic is my life tres alpha is online fight along with my blade [Laughter] her ology is my craft diggie is my name I'm the power of light incarnate hello my friend also super dwarf bow [Applause] [Applause] I hope they're stronger than me I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning [Applause] but the two greatest inventions missing water let me clear the way for my mascot payback time time to witness the handsome despair is punishment for the undead bucyk Super Bowl your fate has been sealed the underworld is your fate you

48 thoughts on “Be Updated! MOBILE LEGENDS LATEST PATCH NOTE 1.3.74 (May 2019) New Update

  1. Which heroes do you think need to be buffed or nerfed? 🤔🤔 In my opinion, Saber should be buffed 😅

  2. I love the buffed Kimmy #ProudToBePal i love your mobile legends videos that you had put on youtube so far IGN:YvonneQian0540
    I really want a skin but i don't have any diamonds 🙁

  3. I Really want to get that Skin Of Grock😫 #ProudToBePal

    Ign: FAKEN
    Castle Guard Grock😅

  4. Thanks for this video because they nerfed kimmy
    IGN:⭐Nō 18⭐
    Skin: ash blossom – lunox.

  5. ηι¢є кєєρ ση υρ∂αтιηg
    ιgη- νιяgιη мσвιℓє
    ѕкιη-(ηαηα)ѕℓυмвєя ραяту

  6. #ProudToBePal
    Skin:Aldous Death
    So alam ko na Pilipino ka so di ko na gina skip ads mo at sana manalo ako dito.Ok thank u have a good day😁

  7. Hey man please check about chou! Chou is not giving enough damage and his sustainability of magic damge is also less now please check out for him

  8. I really want to say thank because of your video i know many thing that i don't know in mL…
    đêřêX 👈can you follow me back on ML… 😇😇😇

  9. I don't care if i don't win a skin! I love your videos and that's it!
    ID: 107028015
    #VERYProudToBePal #ProudToBePal

    P.S. I placed my ID so i have a chance on winning? Dont know

  10. Thank you for sharing this details. I like the ulti of Chang'e so strong and being buffed OMG 🙂
    ID: 394084332
    IGN: ✿☆tειιi☆✿
    Golden Bullet(Claude)

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    Lebring Load LegiT💜
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  12. Bakit sige buff or nerf every season… Why not buff every hero to the same level so that every hero is fair and no more complains… And so that they can give appretiations to other old heroes right..Less work more users (Maybe).Its a win win…(Baka mga pilipino lang maka intindi nito srry)
    Skin:Bio Frontier Kimmy
    (IDK spelling)

    #Proud To Be Pal!!

  13. Harith: Clearly an overpowered character that constantly gets banned during ranked games and competitions
    Mobile legends: lets buff this guy even more

    Pls remove Harith… just kill this furry already…

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