Be A Powerful Leader Subliminal (Audio + Visual)

Be A Powerful Leader Subliminal (Audio + Visual)

21 thoughts on “Be A Powerful Leader Subliminal (Audio + Visual)

  1. I watched this then ran straight through a wall….or at least that's what I tried to do for some reason I just keep waking up in the hospital. But I am strong I am confident I'll never give up.🤤🤤🤤

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  3. in a quick flash of the first second of this video I just saw eren from attack on titan in his titan form,I already know this video was meant for me :p

  4. So will this help you not get embarrassed in class when the teacher calls on you and then everyone stares at you?

  5. Hey Jamz, this may sound strange, but do you mind making an Elven transformation sublimal, there's a good percentage of people on YouTube looking for something like this, and besides it should be fine with all the other ones you have made

  6. Could you please please make another Bruce Lee subliminal with epic music like you had in your 100% fearless part 2 video?

  7. Please, bring back the visual effects from Superman Enhanced and The Flash Enhanced. They are powerful.
    By the way, what a list! Keep it up.

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