8 thoughts on “BBC World News Impact – South Korea impeachment

  1. What the hell? Park keun Hye's father was not the father of the modern democracy! He was a notorious dictator who killed many innocent people. Get the story straight BBC

  2. ㅋㅋㅋ BBC야 한국의 정치나 법이 얼마나 허약하면 이런 사태가 벌어지겠냐? 사실 민주주의를 가장 실현 잘하고 있는 정치 시스템은 영국이다. 영국에서 이러한 일이 벌어질 수 없는 상황인데 그 이유는 바로 영국에서는 제도의 헛점이 드러날 수가 없기 때문이다. 부패해서가 아니라 부패해도 중간에 바로 잡아지는 곳이 바로 영국이란 말이다. 그리고 영국인들의 잘못된 기사 뉴스에 불알을 탁치고 간다. Modern democracy? lelelelelel

  3. Korea candle light
    The president, who is supposed to set an example for the head of state and morally and everything, does not want to admit what he should not do and lie. The president is wrong. The wrong logic is established that people will sin if they do not recognize it. Political circles have shown the defenders of such a president.
    The reason why the candles are angry is that the ordinary people living in the family have not been able to see that the country is going to be sold out.

    I lived in colonies for a long time in Japan for 36 years, lived a life full of hops under the power of Japan, and some of them lived in rice that I had done by betraying my neighbors and my own people with the power of their power. Since then, the first generation of the second generation has lived under the emotional influence of such parents.
    But even if it is true, I should admit that I was embarrassed and embarrassed.
    The great powers, including Japan, have waged war in their own countries, slaughtered, deprived and colonized many peoples of the world, and many countries as well as ours are suffering from aftereffects.
    We are trying to rationalize the disintegration of nationalism recognized by the world, such as Germany, England, France, which has invaded the aggression war, and reconstruction of national history textbooks. The same thing was happening by Park Geun-hye and Saenuri.

    It is not a coincidence that the proportion of pro-Japanese descendants in the Shannuri Party is exceptionally high.
    The point of the problem is that the past clearing of the act of betraying colleagues and neighbors has not been done, and it has become morally disordered.
    It is in harmony with the basic family, relatives and neighbors that the country comes to harmony. If that trust and faith collapse, no one will love family, neighbors, and country.
    At last, the president who has to build up the discipline of the country has fallen into moral insensibility.
    When the prosecution issued charges based on solid evidence, the president refused to defend him,
    If there was no such evidence, I would have had to inform the world that I had to be proud of it in response to the investigation, or if I did not, I would establish the status of the nation and the people,

    Some social intellectuals say it is an opportunity to accomplish the democracy of the Republic of Korea.
    So the people who brought out the candles were without men and women, young and old, and not up and down.
    If the president, the government and the political party are at this level, our lives are not guaranteed.
     It is absolutely unacceptable. In this way, there is no future for our children.
    If there is a war, the answer seems clear. The candle will turn into a gun and fight for the country, and the forces against it will run away.

    Finally, I do not care about politics or history, I say politicians.
    Your nature has come to this country. I will not say who or who. Those who have only selfishness or patriotism and who only have their heads are now backed up.
    I would like to express my gratitude to those who lead the candle-like mind from the very beginning, who are standing in the candle heart and who are doing their duty as leaders without shaking.

  4. Celia Hatton Asia Regional Editor- some of parts she explained were correct but 박정희 wasnt the founder of our democracy. Mrs. Celia should have studied or reserached more about our history. That wasnt politically correct at all.

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