43 thoughts on “BBC Breakfast – Behind the scenes (360 video) – BBC News

  1. lol This bunch are WAAAAY too awake for 6am!! ha ha but I love it….good for them – they're always a great thing to wake up to in the morning! 🙂

  2. BBC Breakfast – Behind the scenes (360 video) – BBC News
    Am I loosing my mind or are there more Trans MTF people on this program Just how many of these people are on this particular show, one I believe was out of site to the left, although I'm not sure couldn't see anything but a arm and hand also a very low video quality kind of sill while showing a whole show based on a digital future

  3. What next at the BBC?. What else can they produce?. Like iwatch running out of ideas, after all BBC, you can’t reinvent the wheel. Or can you…?.

  4. Congratulations, BBC Breakfast and BBC News Channel! Well done! Keep up the good work! I will look for some good videos to watch on this channel so you had better watch out! I am also congratulating the 360 degree view so that other people can see what is going on all around the studio. Fantastic work and hats off to you! May BBC Breakfast and the BBC News Channel continue for years and years to come! Suraj Choudhury, London, England.

  5. Thanks BBC Breakfast for this! I have always wondered what the set looked like! It's smaller than I had imagined!

  6. Hello can we get a bit more minorities on this program please?
    Ethnic Minorities make up about 25% of the UK but on the breakfast show they only make up about 1.1 %

    Unless BBC Breakfast is for non-Ethnic Minorities only.

    And when I mean Ethnic Minorities I dont mean people of different religions but people of different RACES.

    This will help reflect UKs diversity.

  7. Google Cardboard was released in 2014 for Android phones. I guess the BBC is pro apple and only recently discovered this technology. Why are you hyping it now? If you are going to review electronic technology just leave it to the professionals.

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