Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer

Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer

Move, soldiers! We need to move in
and push them out of that area. Look out! Everybody, go! Go! All charge! Enemies coming! Over there! Somebody, help! Push out! Help, we need help! Flag head incoming! Support is on the way. Incoming fire! Run! Get out of here! Watch out! Move, move! Come on! Charge!

100 thoughts on “Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer

  1. can some1 please confirm if battlefield 5 is included with ea access on xbox one
    because i cant see included with ea access on game page of microsoft store

  2. As a World War 2 buff I have to say something about this game just off when it comes to feeling like World War 2.
    Which says a lot when I’m a guy who thinks BF1 felt more like WW1 then this games feels World War 2.

    Everything seems to be right with how the game plays but it just doesn’t feel like I’m playing a World War 2 game.

    It’s just something about the gun recreations, uniforms, and sound design that makes the game feel like the guns are just firecracker launchers and the people are not real.

    It’s the first uncanny World War 2 thing I have actually ever encountered.

  3. WHEN WILL THE EASTERN FRONT BE? Battle for Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk. Political-gender slickers from EA DICE.
    Like this post if you are waiting for the addition of the Eastern front!

  4. 最後に主人公ぽい人2人があっけなく死ぬのがリアルっぽい(まぁリアルを知らんけど)

  5. The IJA did not had shoulder tabs on there uniforms.
    DICE I thought you guys did your background check when you came to the Pacific.

  6. 天皇陛下万アアァアアアアアァ歳



  7. The terrain is very accurate showing the marines garble thourgh the rough and sharpy lava rocks.. very nice Dice glad you guys took the effort to come out and pin point historic events.

  8. The leaf's @ 1:12 Can be use as lube for your goggles when diving or snorkling, A Bit Of Hawaiian tip for when visiting the islands. Crush em up and wipe the intior so your eyes don't fog up Gamers.

  9. Based on the concept of developers "show little-known events WWII" the game should be shown the Soviet-Japanese confrontation in 1945, when the red army also fought on the Pacific Islands and the red army defeated 1 million Japanese troops in Manchuria.

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