25 thoughts on “Banks Govern the Government | David Morgan

  1. I agree with David – some people see BTC as a way to get out of the banking system. I disagree. I think it is an experiment to gauge how much interest there is in crypto currencies. With everyone's interest in crypto it will be easy to switch over to a fully digital system. Rev 13:15-17

  2. David is a great professional as well as good character Human Being. I alway apreciável his since honest. God bless him

  3. In the future, not so distant, there will not be money. It's an 'unnecessary' evil. Michael Tellinger is on track with the imbutu movement.

  4. Excellent commentary…when the SHTF…only fly's and other shit eaters will be happy. Time to buy gold, silver and lead.

  5. The bitcoin bubble is over IMO. It is rallying again with the stock market one last time. I think the stock market and bitcoin will start crashing together. Gold is holding steady…. just waiting for the real crash, to head higher. END THE FED.

  6. There is an anonymous crypto – it is the top-20 crypto, Monero (XMR) – and there are probably more than one. ZCash is arguably anonymous.

  7. The dead markets invite you to hang out with them. This coming weak end it's at Bernie's.
    Next weak's meeting is in Basel, where I managed to rent the BIS for half a bitchcoin per day.

  8. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are sponsored by folks that control the operation of the planet. This is another form of fiat currency that can be manipulated endlessly to act as a control mechanism for the individuals using it.

  9. wonder which company urban mining company Mr. Morgan is referencing. I'm tempted to subscribe, but to test it out for $499/yr. not sure.

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