33 thoughts on “Bangladesh election: Violence amid allegations of suppression | DW News

  1. We are in state of war. We have a role to play, to establish what is truth and to forbid what is evil. It is time for all the Muslim youth to come out on street and rise up, enough is enough, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar (by RTM el general)

  2. Bangladesh is the 8th largest democratic country in the world…I wonder how has the democracy been destroyed systematically by a dictatorial govt. in last 10 yrs…judiciary n executive r abso-lutely political…perhaps people have never witnessed such a shameful election in Bangladesh history…MP candidates were shot by the police… a mother of 4 was raped in font of her family by a gang of ruling party on election day cause she didnt cast her vote for Sk Hasina…ballot boxes were stuffed with ballot papers in the previous night n the voters were highly intimidated to return home without casting their votes…poling agents of the opposition party were beaten n forced out of the centres…this is almost the same scenario all over the country…the opposition political alliance is much more popular than the ruling party…288 seats were secured by the rul-ing party is no less than a vote robbery….35 news media were restricted…internet service was shut down for 48 hrs n mobile was banned in the centre…all these were the barriers removed by the govt to manipulate election n this has been continuing without any challenge…world shud help this nation suffering from a tremendous human rights crisis…4500 abduction n enforced disappearances n 46000 killings reported by the human rights watch in last 10 yrs which sounds incredible…no space in the jails n 80000 political prisoners now live in the tents inside pris-ons…Economy is in a v good shape currently under Hasina govt…Sk Hasina got world blessings for sheltering the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar…but under the cover of Rohingya shelter Hasina n her accomplices had committed enormous crimes against humani-ty…corruption…rape…abduction n disappearance.. extra judicial killings all have exceeded all limits…world must help this nation… u must investigate the election manipulation n u will get thousands of evidences from all over Bangladesh…in no democratic country a political party can achieve a consecutive 3 terms victory which is almost impossible…that’s the clear indication of dictator-ship…stop it at any cost…

  3. Thank you so much dw…everyone knows it was complete fix result rigged election 🗳 vote cast day before election 😡😡😡😡

  4. This election was nothing but an eyewash for the international community. I am a voter from a nearby village of Dhaka. People in that region were forced out of the voting centre if they were to vote other than the ruling party. In most parts of the country the ballot boxes were actually filled by the night before.

  5. As long as the anti-liberationists can not come to power, they will say that there was no election fair

  6. 2018 election outcome in Bangladesh is about to destroy the main line opposition parties' politics in Bangladesh. This is not good for Bangladesh or the world. This will make a stronger place for the extremist party-politics in Bangladesh. Which already started under Chormonai peer from southern part of the bangladesh. We must need another election under United Nations as soon possible.

  7. its fake election, opposition people can't give vote. hasina get him self all vote, and she is a winner now.

  8. this election was totally unfair! I doubt if 30% voters were attend! And we general People has lost our freedom! Even we have lost our freedom of speech! If people say anything against them and they could recognise, then we have to suffer! That's why people are afraid of them! This was my voting era, but i couldn't give my own vote! This is shame, i feel sad inside. There is no democracy alive anymore in our Country! Even administrations, media's are also taken by Awamileague! We people are just sad, nothing else!

  9. We don't need democracy, we need development so I support this iron lady's rule. So that we may become richest country within Short time.Democracy means rule of illiterate.if u see America we find that Donald Trump rule over that country and also the hole world as a result The becomes under threat of Nuclear War. Only democracy is responsible for nuclear war threat.

  10. Sheikh Hasina has killed the people of this country, has killed the democracy of this country, we have not won the right to vote.

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