Bale Announcement Expected! Man Utd Transfer News Latest

Bale Announcement Expected! Man Utd Transfer News Latest

hello good morning and welcome to at the United stand this is your latest Manchus united transfer news daily and we're going to start off with Gareth Bale who is imminently gonna make an announcement according to reports that he will be staying at Real Madrid what's an absolute surprise Renaldo's left Real Madrid don't really know what they're gonna do without that and they can't be losing Gareth Bale as well and Gareth Bale has effectively got what he always wanted it round Madrid if his Dan had stayed and Ronaldo had stayed he would have left but both of those people have left that he now gets to stay in Madrid which is what he wanted to do all along and you know I did have another summer being strung along this needs to stop you know we fell into the trap with Ronaldo he left and we didn't even get him with bail he's more injury prone he's not as good as Ronaldo it needs to stop and I think this is a problem with Manchester United and I think this is something that josie marino gets frustrated with as well how much would Gareth Bale cost all you ever hear is that would would want bail does Mourinho want bail well hear from the press is that Mourinho doesn't wouldn't mind bail but doesn't believe we can get bail and would rather focus on more gettable targets ie he wants William or he wants Paris itch now Paris hitch is the same age as Gareth Bale but Manchester United apparently don't want to pay the money for him but they'll pay it for bail because bail is a star status brand Manchester United more shirt sales but Mourinho I think is more I probably rather have Paris's over bail because he's not injured as much he can play more positions he's more hard-working he's more consistent because he's not injured as much and I think that is something where Mourinho is on one page would words on another and as his fans you go up to whichever page you want I personally obviously Gareth Bale and Manchester United would be very welcome but if behalf he's doubled the price that Paris's would cost so why can't we spend a wife Gareth Bale said yeah I'll come and Murray Nia when would Woodward before you spend the hundred thirty million on him can you just spend seventy million on Paris aged and 60 million on and Sandro I'd rather have those two players than Bale but you can imagine a scenario where Manchester Knight the board was big oh no no we won't bail he's a big star that Marino's like I'm the manager I want the left back and I want Paris each I think Paris's will do a better job for isn't bail and I get a left back for the same money I'll get two for one and I can solve problems pragmatic but actually I'd agree with that from Reno rather than bail who's another superstar Galacticos sort of signing but do we need that at the moment and so I'm not massively disappointed about bail not coming to Manchester United if that's what's going to happen but I am a little bit disappointed that have we how long have we spent waiting for that to happen I mean we could have been just not interested if he decides to leave we go for it if not you know let's just focus on other targets and have we waited for nothing again but what are the options to the right midfielder that is very interesting now as we move into the last two weeks in this transfer window we spoke last the night and last night's about the center back options I expect that to develop over the next few days will it be my maguire will it will be able to Verrill and let's just throw another name in there Jerome Barrett saying I don't think that's gonna happen but United did show an interest in him I really don't want Boateng he'd be bottom of the queue by a long runway I don't want him in the Premier League I think it'd be an absolute disaster but that's just my opinion but I think it will be able to Veron Maguire but the right midfield options who is there Bay was obviously looking like he's off the table don't sleep on Paris itch don't sleep on Paris eh I still think United nearly got that deal done last summer if he wanted to come to Manchester United I think we could do that deal whether he wants to come to Manchester I do not is another matter I think he's quite happy Inter Milan they've got the Champions League football this year and if he's settled I don't think he'll push it but if if he's fancying a move to Manchester United and Manchester United did push it I think we could get Paris each and he's probably the best option available at United at the moment if we're going to get a right midfielder I've mentioned before Ian Tarvin who plays 40 was part of the World Cup squad he played one minutes against Argentina 25 years of age plays for Marseille I think he's got like 25 goals and 50 appearances this season so really last season's they really tore it up left footed plays off the right midfield skilful really good control quick plays off the right left footed easy the right midfielder that I would want I probably would want a natural right midfielder but I don't think Mourinho wouldn't be bothered like that they maybe think he cares he just wants the right midfielder I don't think he cares if they're left or right footed and the thing about Tobin is he's been mentioned a lot by Manchester Knight fans but I can find absolutely no link to him from Manchester United so he'd be very very left field and if you want to talk about a play like that you know he's 25 so it's not a kid so Mourinho might look at him but there's there's just nothing to suggest that will that deal and a thing that we will and actually you know what I can name a lot of players that I'd prefer overt or VIN I mean policy could plan that can play off the right Leon Bailey can play off the right Kingsley cumin can play off the right there's a lad called Williams Athletic a build our I forget his first name he's really good as well so but they're all development players and I don't think Joe's a Mourinho is in for that sort of a player from totally honest and so that brings you back as per usual to well Bay was not gonna happen and Paris each looks unlikely I think Rebeck is the book odds-on favorite I mean that deal terrifies me that really worries me parrot a Trebek I know he's 25 but he could be fantastic but he could be such a massive risk that just don't seem that you know I did will do it I don't think Mourinho will do it I think he needs someone more consistent which then brings us back to dump them dumb Willy an who everything saying all summer if we don't get a right midfielder by the last week of the transfer window Iraq and will go we are all in for Willie and because you know what you get in Premier League proven Mourinho loves him and you can plan that right midfield naturally at this stage would you say no to Willie an probably not easy really what we should be signing no he's not I mean 30 next month this month he's 13 also in next month in August I keep thinking it's August and he's a very short term planner and what we pay for it more dictate how much that how good that deal is but I've if you're asking me whether I'd rather have Willie Ann on the right or matter or linger to be honest with you I'll probably would rather have Willie Allen and thank us can't be choosers and I do think that we probably do need and a right midfielder at this point because and William would be a better option than matter or Allen god I suppose the interesting thing is that if we are going to retain so many Center backs and we are going to play three five two where does William fit in a 3.52 because you you're 5 which is you've two fullbacks they've effectively become wing backs don't they so where would really unfit in that anyway I think the right midfield Road is only relevant if we do play what we have been playing consistently which I think we will play as much as we want to play three five two I think we will go back to the four three three in which case you need Sanchez on the left and Willie an on the right which I think works well for it um so yeah well after that we'll have to what you see on that and hammers Rodriguez is a player that I've mentioned or some of that I would love to come to mind just united just a little bit of an update on him he said that he's very very happy in Germany and and he's very happy at Bayern Munich and he's got no intention of leaving so that doors closed I mean it was closed all along it was just if I could sign up there it would be him little bit Santiago that sort of come out of Brazil that Bayern Munich he wants to leave Bayern Munich but Bayern Munich don't and they want to get a good price for him effectively and that will put a lot of people off because I don't think he's played 50 percent of their games in the last three years that he's been there at Bayern Munich so that's a little bit of a problem with him I don't as I've said before I don't think we need Thiago I really don't I think our midfield options are good and as I said Matt each pub fellaini Fred Herrera Pereira that's fine get Matt omni on loan six midfielders more than happy with that and you know you've got real stirs like Ethan Hamilton and people like that if you really have to scrape the barrel but I think six would be fine for the Premier League window for me comes down to sense about right midfielder now and who it's going to be and as I keep saying to you I do think that it will be either older v-rod or McGwire and probably Willie Ann and I hope Paris it I'd love to get Paris which at this point I know he you know I know he's going to be 29 and but I would do that deal I think he'd be really really good in the Premier League and I wish we've got him donor year ago and of course I'm clinging hoping that we can I'm still going at Alexandra left back I think you'd be absolutely brilliant for us he'd be the signing of the summer for me because the left back is really really important on players going out obviously there wasn't taught yesterday of Rojo there's even been talk of Lindelof I mean the thing about Rojo leaving is he's injured he's actually injured I mean I hadn't mentioned it yesterday but he's injured how are you gonna sell Rojo when he's injured and I and he's not them been on the agenda to be sold so I don't think we can do it I don't know whether we've been sleeping a little bit on this United because as I said last night the story with Sandro is that we can't sign him because we haven't sold any players and I think we expected to sell sure but he's dug his heels in so that's one not gone darmian still not gone but I still think there's somebody else needs to go whether it's Rojo Jones sure and I just don't know that we can do that in two weeks but ruthless and aggression is always the two words I use in a transfer window you need to be ruthless in who you're getting rid of and you need to be aggressive in who you're gonna go and get I don't think we've been ruthless enough in who we want to get rid of and I don't think we've been aggressive enough and who we want to get as well I think those days have gone where you know a player desperate he wants to come to United and they force the move but we need that with two weeks to go we need people who desperately want to play for United who forced the move I mean imagine if Paris each came out and said I want to leave in some alone about a great time but I want to leave want to go to Manchester United it makes our job a lot easier a lot easier and the same with Harry Maguire and Toby Eau de Vie Road so let's wait and see what happens my prediction is that over the weekend something's going to happen with one of the center backs preferably Harry Maguire but I think it will move quite quick people are coming back now in the next few days from there well gradually over the next sort of ten days they're coming back from their World Cup those people who were in the latter stages and you don't need to get rocky and I mean I know there's a lot of negativity out there I know there's a lot of people saying oh we won't another day no deals but that's not gonna continue we're all gonna do deals and they're gonna have to happen in the next few days that's just the way the cookie crumbles so let's see what happens with it drop a like on the video and give us your thoughts I mean what you thoughts on right midfielder is there any other option other than Willie Ann or have you got your hope stacked up on somebody else relation to Bailey self-explanatory isn't it I mean I think we all expected that to happen why you thoughts on that I mentioned it at the start jump on what page you're on are you on the page where you go and get Gareth Bale or are you on the page where you go and get a Paris agenda Sandro and you solve the problems I think Mourinho wants to solve the problems I think would would and the board want to go and get some sort of big status signing and United for me it's got too many holes in their team so just gone by one big star he can't fill all the holes I think at the moment we need to fill the holes and I agree with potentially what Marino's thinking on that by all accounts definitely once at Sandro can't get can't get out of him but apparently we've got the money for someone like Gareth bear which is a which is an oddity I suppose anyway thanks so much for watching drop a like on the video subscribe if you're new and remember we're live at midday just United vs. Liverpool preview really looking forward to that seeing a bit thanks for watching

30 thoughts on “Bale Announcement Expected! Man Utd Transfer News Latest

  1. if we sign Average Perisic for any more than 40 million I would consider that just as bad as resigning Fellaini. unambitious. You want to be the best, sign the best, Perisic isn't even the best in Serie A. Im not sleeping on Perisic, just very aware of how average a player he is.

    In fact, Willian is BETTER than Perisic

  2. If we do a 3 – 5 – 2 this season we might as well end our Winger search and sign a solid CB a LB and a back up striker

  3. Martial moral will go down more if we sign a right midfielder. I know it’s a different position but will have to fight even harder for a place if we do get Persic or Willian

  4. Bale want Madrid stay, so get over it and go for Perisic. We should not be his barganing option

  5. Mark we were never linked to bale, nor Ronaldo it was all it weekly videos and click baits on these players

  6. Bale was never coming why would he utds style of football is boring and slow I love my team but I don't get excited anymore about watching them even when it's against lesser teams

  7. Problem with Willian is Chelsea wanted 70 million euros from Barcelona for a 30 year old.
    I think Jose, Woodward & the board all at fault for something, but losing a 22 year old Martial & getting Willian is nonsense.
    United do need to keep an eye ahead because Jose will maybe be here another 1 or 2 seasons & he's only thinking about his success now not what's best for the club.
    Anything more than what Barca paid for Malcom to get Willian is too much

  8. If what they are reporting in Italy is right that we offered 80 mil for Willian. That's an absolute joke! If you are going to pay that money get Pulisic or Dembele. Not a 30yr old that Chelsea don't want anymore

  9. if we play 3-5-2 then we can be attacking and fluid, and pereira can then play too. plus, we wont need to buy a RW, and play a more defensive 4-3-3. this will also mean we can just buy sandro for whatever the hell juve will let him go for, as we wont need to buy any more pllayers. we should still sell/loan some players tho. i really dont want to go the RW route and compromise good football here. plus if we play 3 in the middle, u just know it will be pogba, matic and fellaini, with fred coming on for pogba :/

  10. Bale staying at Madrid! 😱 So we could of bought Ronaldo but no. Out Out Out Woodbrain and Glazers and while you're at it Mourinho

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