Baier on Iran missile attack: This is Trump’s biggest test

Baier on Iran missile attack: This is Trump’s biggest test

100 thoughts on “Baier on Iran missile attack: This is Trump’s biggest test

  1. Only ONE response to this, we all know what interest US has in the Middle East, OIL & PETRO. We hide this with humanitarian bs conversation. THEY ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE PISSED OF US BEING AN ALBATROSS OVER THEIR COUNTRIES AND POLICY, WE WOULD BE TOO IF SOME COUNTRY DID THE SAME TO US. Trump struck first (didn't hear anything leading up to it by the way), which means WAKE UP.

  2. These CiC also campaigned against Iranian aggression. He has also said what he will do. He has told the public openly, exactly what he will do depending on what action Iran takes. There only test here is if they take actions that hasn't been contingency planned. And i highly doubt that there is much there DOD, Intel, advisors, and the CIC haven't thought about. Iran is the crazy ex girlfriend that is mad that no one will give them attention

  3. There were NO casualties and Iran tweeted that they're done. Obviously, they sent these harmless missiles to save face, and claimed that they are done with it and do not want war with the USA. Good going Mr President!

  4. Iran knows that a real attack would be suicidal for them but they need to apace the people so the shoot missiles at the Iraki dessert and tell their people they blew up 2 American bases

  5. He is spot on, I been stationed at Balad. Iran was definitely scared to hit Balad…that's like.hitting a bees nest

  6. I hope that's the last attack. We don't want war with Iran. We, and everyone else, don't trust them with nukes. I wonder if Iranians understand those two things. They may think that we're the enemy that must be permanently hated for both religious reasons and past acts.

  7. Just a thought…Third Party involved Obama Hillary Biden and cronies Did they pay Iran to do this? No casualties ? Are they setting up President Trump??

  8. Draft dodger Trump has no stomach for war, Iran attacks with 12 missiles and Trump assumed the fetal position.😂😂😂

  9. Baier, don't be an idiot, like Tucker and buy into the Democratic BS. Iran notified US personal and fired their weakest missiles into the sand. All to save some face. FOX is becoming a lighter version of NBC

  10. Tucker is starting to sound more and more like a leftist. You CANNOT have peace through weakness, only through strength.

  11. So many suckers want us to move out of Iraq, turn the region over to Putin and Iran and let them develop a thousand nuclear armed ICBMs in Iran. Then they can start the war against the great Satan so Allah can return to them down the great highway they built for him.
    This is the reason Zero released the $150 billion to Iran plus secretly flew in $1.8 billion in cash on pallets in the middle of the night.
    It doesnt take a genius to connect the dots. Just quit listening to the CNN bots.

  12. Bullies don't pick on the big boys. They probably chose the smaller bases to build their own people's confidence. If they had and killed American soldiers, we would have probably responded differently.

  13. Note: The CIA has caused civil wars in 37 countries. Now, imagine the media done 30 years ago taking sides and name/calling the others : snowflakes, socialists, racists, etc. not just one outlet but 3. Fox, CNN and MSNBC. Are you so simple that you can’t see ? ,

  14. Did y'all hear Lockheed stock rose just before the US attack? It was reported that President Bonespurs went around Mar a Lago telling his pals something big was coming. The BBC talking heads were saying the UK would not go to war with Iran because the intelligence used for the excuse to bomb was thin and President Bonespurs did not have a good relationship with the truth. In the meantime China has offered to assist Iran with weapons. Russia is also allied with Iran. This is a wag the dog operation because President pornstar is desperate to change the conversation from impeachment.

  15. President can’t win whichever way he goes on this. He’ll be criticized brutally regardless. That’s the way it’s gone all along. I firmly believe anything he does to protect our interests lives up to his campaign promises. He’s had roadblocks up the ying yang ever since he took office on absolutely everything he’s tried to do. I don’t think any of us Patriots are going to hold him guilty if he has to respond with force in this situation. To not do so puts us back with the Obama kiss-up administration – it’s clear where that’s gotten us. They’re using our dollars to do all they can to terrorize our country and our citizens, here at home and abroad. Bullies don’t stop when appeased – they always go to the next level of aggression. It’s not a new concept.

  16. They know better that take on Trump. Trump is not like the coward obama. Trump is the man. Trump 2020 respect from the Real Irish.

  17. Americans have the biggest military by far and they're the bullies of the world who've never seen bloodshed without looking to drink…just a bunch of sick lunatics who run the world and the folks talking here are nothing but numb jarheads parroting for said psychopaths

  18. Rev.12And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.
    This is Iran's way ???

  19. I thought this was one of the dumbest conversations between two Fox cable heavyweights. Neither one of them seemed to possess any feel for how Trump operates, despite a plethora of tweet and policy discussion evidence. Frankly, I expected more from Bret Baier. He knows Trump is given to harsh tweets that never discuss specifics and give broad brush act/respond messaging. Yet Bret got caught up in the trap of suggesting there was a direct correlation between tweets and policy actions. For this, he goes in the dummy penalty box for a while. Just as I expected, Trump and his team analyzed the actions of Iran and decided to de-escalate.

  20. False Alarm… Someone please tell the Liberals that it's safe to come out of their bubbles now.. On second thought, nevermind.

  21. The response by Iran was soley to save face … If any of the Rockets launched by Iran did cause casualties .. Trump would have been left with no option but to cut the head of the chicken . …And fb was flooded with WW3 garbage posted by numerous trump haters .. whilst there knowledge of Iran's History is non existant .

    And yet where was all those haters of Trump when Bush had full knowledge of Iran's Involvement in the Insurgency in Iraq .. and he did SFA .

  22. The plan by Iran is: We fire a few missiles at the base avoiding causalities (massive priority), Trump wants to leave Iraq, Iraq wants Trump to leave Iraq. We want to show our balls aren't small after that missile strike from Trump. So now we show our balls are big, Trump can leave Iraq without reason to retaliate and his congress cant disagree because it is the will of the Iraq gov. High fives for all.

  23. Here we go again underestimating the enemy. Remember the cave dwellers. They’re nobody. Oh an ISIS. They’re nobodies.

  24. Get out of the Middle East but keep sanctions until Iran are willing to come to the negotiating table. But we need to get out.

    Getting out means we have left a region that isn't ours and should please Iran. If Iran then plays up, then we have 100% justification to take out their most valuable assets.

  25. How come the Iranians can launch missiles to avoid casualties and have none, whilst the Americans can't launch a missile without hitting a school, hospital, wedding party, or funeral and killing dozens of innocent people?

  26. The dems may have wanted this to happen. They don't care about Americans in Iraq. Maybe they're discussing Iran's next moves by talking with Iran?

  27. Trump is not as dumb as the guys before him .. if we gotta go after an advisory he's not going to spill our plans to the media so they can blast it to the world.. thus causing us to blow up a bunch of sand .. really when ya think about it? Thats why these guys in the past the USA was up againt was able to avoid being took out.. (we are going to strike on such an such date.. an we will be sending such an such force's to get it done..) the media gets this info, spills it out, debates about how bad trump is, while getting all choked up on fur balls.. then all the sudden wonders why we missed the target afterwards, an act all surprised, gggeesshhh.

  28. grey beard after being in office for awhile just like obarnas grey hair after two terms ! whoops did i say obarna? i meant obama …. I must be spending to much time on the DOJ website!

  29. Trump has had this planned all along. He has wanted to get the US out of Iraq for decades, long before he ever thought of running for president. BUT – he just wanted to remove this horrible enemy combatant before we left. That man killed many of his own people, planned many attacks on US soldiers as well as the American embassy. Trump reiterated several times that Iran will never get a nuclear weapon. He seems to have made some kind of deal with someone there because that seemed to be his final analysis. Brilliant, incredibly brilliant move!

  30. Dept.Defense says 15 missiles and Lou Dobbs says 16 missiles. Hmm 1 missile shot down the AIRPLANE. Iran not cooperating with Boeing and others,I wonder why.

  31. President Trump We are with you and I know that they( dims) are the least of your thoughts now but our prayers are for your wisdom and knowing the people of America that have and will vote are sticking and not backing down what you did was right maybe generals are arguing with you this is the test we are with you

  32. Trump is stupid and a liar. He said if Iran retaliate he would hit hard and fast. Now that they did.. what is doing? Nothing.. what a pathetic president

  33. Come on guys stop with the BS! War with the US, really? Who’s crying for Solemoni in Iran, in my opinion—it is not Ali Khamenei (billionaire) or any of the other mullahs; this guy Solemoni was a power grabber, yes a hero in the hearts and minds of many Iranian extremist; however, he was also an ever increasing threat to the authority of the theocrats. Secretly the mullahs are dancing in the streets over him being gone!

    Solemoni was a blunt instrument, drenched in blood, which Khamenei no longer needed or wanted; this man’s presence in the Iranian hierarchy, because of his past and continued operations in the Middle East, had become a major irritant for the mullahs and his removal—again in my opinion, under this president, was one of the criteria which had to be met regarding any talks on a deal to start lifting sanctions.

    The Iranians with threats of imminent war, firing missiles which miss the targets, all kabuki theater folks! Solemoni had to go and the Iranians—like Pontius Pilate washing his hands , used the US to do it. I wonder who provide the Intel on his whereabouts, was his vehicle lit up for the drone to identify it on the highway at night. POTUS is first and foremost a business man and I believe he convinced the Iranians that taking out Solemoni and any other bad actor will be the immediate cost of doing business! No tears for this and the other recently departed thug. Just my opinion!

  34. I suppose Trump decided it was easier/safer to attack Iran than North Korea in order to cement his election support.

    It’s a clever move. Gutless and evil, but clever nonetheless. Putin will do great out of it too.

  35. donald trump has never heard of Imaad Zuberi, he has never met Imaad Zuberi and if he was in the same room, he would not know who Imaad Zuberi was lol

  36. I think the General Soleimani that was killed was sent to Iraq because he was very popular in Iran and others wanted him assassinated so he would not be able to lead Iran.


    The Bible is the weapon of choice it’s a contract ! the law ! Word of your God of all things ,there is no weapon Built my man kind That can prevail against evil in such a way
    Missiles aeroplanes cannot beat that that created heaven earth all living things
    Word ( bible ) of God is the sword of which Jesus speaks as it cannot and will not be questioned by the “fallen ones” who are on top off all things evil
    Hence they Don’t want you to read your bible so you cannot tell evil to its face the rules the law !!

    You have been saved by accepting Jesus Christ , your saying this flesh is corrupted since we eat of the apple 🍎 but our spirit is eternal and must return to god as you where given free will to find inside yourself the power GOOD

    Romans 12:21, KJV: "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." … Romans 12:21, NLT: "Don't let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good."

  38. Iran shot missles at Americans….doesn't matter if they intended to hit Americans or not………take out all refineries and uranium facilities and let them wither away

  39. Iran got the message that President Trump would not fight a hands tied behind your back kinda war. But unleash the entire might of the US Military. The General recently quit smoking. Trump's tweet about "the Iranian culture, and those targets" in my opinion, is sending a message that he knows where they are hiding their Nuclear Facilities. Long Live the Republic.

  40. U.S. should just say… "Attack… what… when… there was an attack? Oh, you mean those cartoon missiles that failed miserably?"

  41. “How is this affecting the presidential race?” answer (since TUCKER CARLSON doesn’t know): TRUMP 2020!!! TUCKER expects anything less??? Maybe TUCKER IS SWINGING BY HIS NECK WITH TULSI??? TUCKER, Tulsi “looks good from far BUT IS FAR FROM GOOD!!! Maybe Tucker is only interested in a “PRETTY FACE” for the White House???

  42. Bret and Tucker remembers part of what Trump “campaigned” on and can’t remember that Trump also ran on the campaign promise not to tell the enemy when, where, or how America was going to respond! but that AMERICA WILL RESPOND!!!!!! that means, Tucker and Bret, he’s not going to tell you either, because you guys FLAPPPP TOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

  43. And the US has the nerves to tell Russia not to bring weapons into other countries, while itself has done it for decades… US, the land of the free and the… naah, just hypocrisy

  44. BOTH these: Carlson and Baier NEVER GIVE PRESIDENT TRUMP CREDIT FOR ANYTHING!!! It’s always like a constant looking under the carpet to find something Trump does incorrectly or out of order, also mentioning his accomplishments but… NEVER DOES ANY OF THEM PRAISE THIS PRESIDENT FOR ANYTHING!!! I am really disgusted!

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