20 thoughts on “BAD BLOOD, GOOD BUSINESS: The Story of Rivalries Fueling the Biggest Fights

  1. It's a little known fact but before the finish of UFC 214 Cormier actually spit on Jones. That is why he proceeded to follow thru on his word before the ref stepped in.
    15:35 if you look closely you can actually see the spit.

  2. Rousey vs. Tate weren't the reason for the 1 million buyrate, it was Weidman vs. Silva 2 that headlined; it's disingenuous to use that fight as an example.

  3. Nobody wants to see Stephen A Smith in anything related to MMA, unless he has an amateur bout with Skip.

  4. Bad behavior is marketable.
    Acting like a fucking child is what sells.
    Lets reward all the emotionally crippled, over grown, behaviorally disabled for acting like that.
    …..oh, and kets give everyone else the idea it ok.
    Lets see of you are one of these.
    Also I wish Steven Smith would shut up….hes got a less tham 21% prediction accuracy mark.
    My niece picks better than him

  5. Learn from Tyson Fury u American Frigids , all about money and bad blood buisness , no respect at all .Mongoloid nation

  6. I'm a new fan of the UFC. Conor McGregor is the reason I'm so into it. His charisma an intelligence is very entertaining to watch.

  7. I must say what you guys at the UFC are doing right now, uploading these mini docmenteries and free fight events are extremly rare and you are getting the love back from the fans.

  8. Yet none of these combined can hold a candle to some Pride events, like Cro Cop vs. Fedor for example. Not even close to comparable. There is just a difference between FAKE rivalries and real honorable rivalries.

  9. Shout out to my favorite MC wit the perfect song to end the video, no one other than one of the Goats NAS. Oh, n fuckin awesome video. I love the 25 years later series they're putting out

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