Back in Black - Social Media Helps Measles Make a Comeback | The Daily Show

Back in Black – Social Media Helps Measles Make a Comeback | The Daily Show

50 thoughts on “Back in Black – Social Media Helps Measles Make a Comeback | The Daily Show

  1. This is a case of rights and freedoms run riot. Yes I have a right to swing my fist anytime I want, but that right stops where your face starts. Not vaccinating is harmful to others, and takes precedence over individual freedom. Morons are fine; God bless them, let them be. But when they want to spill their big bucket of contagious crazy all over everyone else its time to put a stop to it.

  2. We don’t trust the government. It lost credibility and measles is but one side effect. 100,000,000 people not voting in 2016 is another.

  3. Unvaccinated people aren’t a threat to anyone but other unvaccinated people. This outbreak is confined to a hermetic community, ultra-orthodox Jews. They don’t mix with you. They don’t go to your school, your church, your cinema, or your pool. You won’t come in contact with them unless you go to them. And you’re inoculated. Right? So much anger. Faith is deliberate ignorance. It’s the belief in what other people tell you. We all have it. We need it to live. Doesn’t matter if it’s faith in god or faith in the science. It’s still believing in what others tell you, without proof. They have doubts about medicine. You have doubts about god. You’re both right. And wrong.

  4. According to sworn testimony from leading vaccine expert Stanley Plotkin, 76 abortions took place in the development of MMR. Aborted human DNA is an ingredient of the vaccine. This is America; we have a first amendment right to decline for religious reasons.

  5. The 18 year old that was in court because he refused to be vaccinated and came down with chickenpox, his fertility is in danger at that late onset of the disease. Maybe idiots are not supposed to have children ?!!!!

  6. AntiVaxxers are not weighing the cost benefit. They are afraid of something that is unlikely to happen, while the more likely outcome is to catch a deadly disease. I am against the flu shot, unless you are really old and could die from it. Also the chickenpox vaccine is not necessary either.

  7. We all had the measles in about 1962 it was the bad ass German kind my little brother dam near died cause fever went to 104 I remember mom putting him in ice water tub ! I always said he has brain damage! We lived in southeast Texas kids died like flys, hell kids I went to school with did not have shoes in winter! Very poor ppl!

  8. Hey Jon Stewart your pick is a dud,if u want a show let's do one on politics full time every night of the week but u gotta take phone calls! Look let's talk

  9. I love how people r like, “vaccines are dangerous”. Yeah, cuz vaccines r way more of a hazard to ur health than the diseases they protect against.


  10. For God sake I leave in somali me and my students vaccine people in our village and we educate them about vaccines what they would for you and for your kids, now this is happening inside USA what heck is wrong with people! 😱

  11. There's also a possible fatal outcome from eating. You're more likely to choke to death than die from a vaccination. Because there is a risk in life, living, of course there is a very ridiculously small risk, but the benefits FAR outweigh it and the risk of measles and other diseases are far more fatal and dangerous. I don't get what these people don't get about that. They think they've educated themselves and they have done the complete opposite. Sheeple.

  12. The thing is that people joke about anti-vaxxer's kids not living long but its not completely inaccurate. Sure, most people who get measles don't die from it but it is a horrible experience with horrible after effects. The children of anti-vaxxer's who get the diseases will remember and (hopefully) will vaccinate their children. So there is hope. But in the meantime we should still be trying to combat the AV movement.

  13. Anti Vaxers should be arrested and charged with terrorism for using their kids as biological weapons. Ship them off to Cuba and give their kids to new parents who care more about their kids than some moron spreading lies.

  14. Lewis, you are hilarious.
    Vaccines do a lot of good.
    The triple vaccine, not so good.
    Baby bodies have trouble with it, and it was formed for only greedy intent.
    Stick with the 3 original vaccines, and be safe.
    PS. Lewis, adopt me, I've never had mumps vaccinations.

  15. Mr. Black, you look white to me, but never mind, the question is: Have you had your shots yet, or are you immune like I am, because we've had meassels.

  16. 1 in every 1000 children that get the measles die! And even more end up with pneumonia. Also 3 percent of kids that ARE vaccinated will get measles.

  17. How much money is big pharma paying you? Nobody HAS DIED from the outbreak. It's just that big pharma is loosing money because the stupid vaccine is killing a lot of people and they are running out of bullshit to cover it up.

  18. He's prolly still alive the same reason I've never been vaccinated 42 years old and perfectly healthy and rarely sick. I might get a cold out flu once every 2 or 3 years

  19. Good video, but I don't like the beeps. The beeps hurt my ears. Why not leave out the bleeps, or if the real words hurt people's feelings, replace it with silence?

  20. I LOVE Lewis Black, but why is every talk show blindly jumping on this band wagon?
    3:35 if vaccines are protecting you, how are un-vaccinated kids putting you at risk?

    & why are they quoting media outlets instead of peer-reviewed journals?
    Media mega-corps are as dangerous as Pharma mega-corps.

  21. Fun fact, Costa Rica was measles-free for years, until a family of un-vaccinated French tourists brought it back

  22. Vaccines are one thing but Military shots totally fucked up my health so beware and do some real research before letting people just shoot you full of shit but in general typical child vaccines are safe .

  23. GOD knows how Im still alive? You just answered yourself…. GOD. Vaccines dont keep you alive, Surhery doesnt heal you, GOD does. The uneducated masses scoff at such wisdom and thats why their children are popping pills, worshipping Beyonce and shooting up schools

  24. So, are these people so resentful of their children that they will refuse to vaccinate them and just let them die? One could argue that these parents are culpable of manslaughter and attempted murder. And every one of them should be charged, with willful negligence, at least.

  25. I don’t believe the vaccines are necessarily dangerous I do question the amount that is giving in such a short period of time. That is where the danger lies because there are additives such as mercury in aluminum that is present and those are dangerous to humans. And I do believe thatRight to think and do as I wish as long as I’m not hurting anyone in the process. Hate if you must. No worries.

  26. My father got measles the year before the Salk vaccine came out. The death rate does not tell the whoe story, Many victims were crippled for life, like my father, and many, like my father died a couple of decades later of complications, and some were in iron lungs for the rest of their lives. We have reduced polio to a few small areas in Pakistan. All we need for is for a couple antivaxxers going there and somehow returning with the disease.
    Measles can kill, but it can also cause blindness, deafness, and mental issues. The ones who died may not be the unluckiest victims.

  27. Many people who are so called antivaxxers are actually ex-vaxxers. So many of them have experienced the death or injury of a child who was harmed by a vaccine. Parents who don't vaccinate don't want mandatory vaccines when they know that vaccines are not safe. Safety studies on vaccines are a joke. Testing vaccines against other vaccines instead of a placebo is NOT a way to determine if a vaccine is safe. Today's vaccine schedule is also problematic, since there have been no studies to prove the safety of the number and the different kind of vaccines at every vaccine appointment. Pharmaceutical companies are protected under law from anyone who wants to file a lawsuit if a vaccine kills or injures someone. That is insane! Mandatory vaccines is unconstitutional, no one has the right to force on you any medical procedure! If you open up that door what will be next? What happened to the right to choose? Media is one sided and will never reveal the real concerns that parents have. It is all about vaccine safety, which obviously vaccine companies have no incentive of carrying out. Since they are immune! And that is the only entity that really immune!

  28. There's an easy way for the people who do not believe in vaccines to immunize their children have a measles party like they used to have chicken pox parties yes find a kid with measles and then bring all your kids into the room just kissing and hugging please do this because the less of you in the world makes it a better world oh and he'll to your fuhrer Trump !

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