47 thoughts on “Bachman Turner Overdrive-Taking care of business

  1. I'm 31 and I love this shit God bless my old man for playing good old time rock n roll…..for everyone out there taken care of business I salute you…..lets get this over time!!!!!

  2. He was also the original lead in Boston.
    Why would anyone attack this guy and his family?
    His brother played the original Michael in Jaws 1.
    He also died.
    The Amityville Horror house.

  3. The girls who try to look pretty.
    Butch Defeo Rizzoli.
    Accused of doing something he never wouldve done.

  4. And now the idiot muzak company has changed the lyrics: now it's "and the girls always look pretty."
    Now what do you think that's about? Man, this new world sucks.

  5. Love these guys when there in overdrive. Take the 815 in the city. I work at nothing all day. See ya.

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