31 thoughts on “Bachman Turner Overdrive "Takin' Care Of Business"

  1. its BTO , the Canada answer to BTC , their big hit was TCB , thats how we talk on the 70s , we dont have a moment to spare.

  2. yeah, who cares about the quality, because clearly BTO is rocking it out so solid that it doesn't even matter

  3. mayb not absol perfect tapes but me still got em – some are 40 yrs old and play and i can put em on disk

  4. Sounds like your spud is starting to rot. Cmon down by my house and I'll get you a new tater to record with.

  5. Ah yes, the days of the old rabbit ears antenna, and UHF…combined with the high definition but huge Beta or the VHS video tape format. A dynamite combination, but folks seriously…that is all we had at one point, and it was the way of life. When it became possible to record something off television for the first time, people were ecstatic and the quality of the recording wasn't really that important. No one had absolutely perfect tapes for many years. Nowadays we are spoiled.

  6. For me I would like the masked image just because I'd want to be able to walk around my city and not be noticed by 5 out of 6 people.
    And coreys voice is fucking awesome, listen to snuff from their latest album, he's really grown more into a person and you can see it in his masks over the years

  7. @dotdin68 hey they dont take away from their voices with their masks. The masks, at least for me being a musician seems like a great way to take attention away from themselves in their normal lives. Don't you think it would be annoying to walk down the street and get harrassed constantly because people nowadays with all the magazines and Tv shows are so starstruck that they put them up on a pedestal and forget to look at them as normal people.

  8. Yeeaa …se Armo el tono….que locazo…..recordando a grandes patas que ya no estan en vida, pero hubo un gran momento que compartimos juntos estos grandes temas de B.T.O….en S.M.P…Barboncito..–..para Ruben(pajarito)….Toñito…..los hermanos Miñan…Carlos beto …Pallo…y muchos mas ..gracias

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