Axway 5 Suite - Govern the Flow of Data

Axway 5 Suite – Govern the Flow of Data

in a world of big data the cloud mobile devices and the Internet of Things even the most sophisticated IT architectures are struggling to keep up to meet regulatory compliance satisfy customer expectations and support new business initiatives Enterprise architects and CIOs are expected to introduce new kinds of services available anytime anywhere from any device that means data has to flow optimally and securely throughout your corporate and partner ecosystems internally and externally and the pressure is on to empower all kinds of stakeholders to see understand and control the data flows that drive business interactions enter xwy five suite an API enabled integration platform uniquely built to govern data flows end to end such as retail transactions insurance claims advanced shipping notices and corporate payables its modern web oriented architecture offers centralized control and visibility of all data flows by combining agile integration with managed file transfer b2b and API management into a single platform and unified flow management and data flow analytics provide a single source of truth for all data flows that drive your business interactions within the enterprise and beyond the firewall for example onboarding new partners and exchanging information across partner communities can be complex and unreliable but with ax way five its automated predictable secure and auditable from end to end so you can integrate EDI XML Web API s and other external data flows and monitor them in real time no matter where they're coming from or flowing to control visibility and security can be just as challenging inside the enterprise acts way v lets you consolidate and govern internal integrations and data flows without rewriting existing applications delivering fast reliable data transfer and tracking across systems without worrying about spikes and data volume or velocity and you can bridge Identity Management solutions and security standards on-premise and in the cloud as well as simplify the user experience with single sign-on lines of business are pushing for new cloud initiatives developers are building cloud services and employees are using them often without corporate I t's blessing so how will you securely integrate cloud to ground and ground a cloud the fact is traditional enterprise class architectures are too cumbersome to get the job done acts way five takes an API centric approach to deliver a global class architecture that lets you expose and secure existing assets as api's provide single sign-on extend identity management to the cloud and govern cloud data flows using innovative dashboards rich analytics and audit trails like the cloud the mobile world is built on new standards and integration approaches acts way five is mobile ready today so you can support initiatives around BYOD and the Internet of Things tap into back-end systems secure all api's and so of services and scale to make mobile access a cornerstone of your business and that's critical because top analysts predict that within the next few years over 50% of b2b interactions will happen via api's consumer grade file sharing sites don't have what it takes to protect sensitive or regulated data but that doesn't stop people from using them acts way five suite brings enterprise class policy enforcement security onboarding and visibility to ad-hoc data exchange for a secure easy to manage service that business users will want to adopt and for all kinds of business transactions acts way five delivers real-time insight and operational intelligence that lets you identify and address issues before they impact your value chain or SLA s across industries global leaders use ax way 5 to govern the flow of data delivering an integrated and dynamic EDI infrastructure with end-to-end visibility scaling to handle massive data flow and volume within and beyond the enterprise and leveraging emerging technologies for agile integration of cloud mobile and the Internet of Things take control and take your architecture to a global class level with ax way five suite

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