21 thoughts on “AWS Security – IAM (Part-1) | Users, Groups, Policy – Identity & Access Management

  1. Hi Sir,

    I cleared AWS SA exam, thanks for your videos,

    This is my almost 10th comment, i need one help from you..

    How to migrate from On-premesis to AWS cloud things like VMs, database..i faced 2-3 interviews and this question was common…

    Kindly help me and share some migration related details.

  2. when I am doing add inline policy only JSON and visual editor is coming and not policy generator option.
    is there anything i am missing.

  3. Hi,
    I have a power user account but it doesn't have access to iam:createRole , so it is possible for a powerUser to have that policy..?

  4. As per this tutorial, I created an iam user but unlike you I didn’t get the Security Credentials (Access key & Secret key) when I created an IAM user. What am I not doing correct?

  5. Hello sir, I have created an IAM User "ABC" with full admin access. now i want "ABC" user would not be able to change outbound rules of security group.

    is it possible ?

    if yes then please guide.

  6. Please clarify my query.

    How the IAM users will be billed. If i have 5 IAM users as part of my account. Who will pay for IAM users usage. Also will IAM user able to see for how much amount he has used the resources.

  7. is it possible to limit an user to a region wise resource , Ex:
    User name : martin , should have access only to an EC2 instance in mumbai , not to any other resources.

  8. Questions:
    1. Why not login with root user?

    2. If the root email is not to be used for logging in, then what/how should be logging in be done? What kind of user access to be created so it has the same access rights as the root user?


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