Awkward Moment: Anti-Trump Brit talks to Pro-Trump Reporter - Who likes Trump?

Awkward Moment: Anti-Trump Brit talks to Pro-Trump Reporter – Who likes Trump?

so you're in the Hanoi for the PISA what do you think about it um yeah it's a bit crazy seeing all the flags and that's been going on yeah she's a bit mental it is pretty mental what do you think about truck yeah hey why he likes truck I do this is awkward yeah you're my shoes and yeah just because he said he's also like really selfish businessman he's really coming out saying they wants to build a ball and we surely Pro and anti immigration which i think is like really about the way he's going about it he's for legal immigration just not illegal immigrant yeah yeah I understand that but just the way he sort of went about his campaign like ask him to build a wall F and it just well it seemed from the outside coming from the UK that he was going really like right-wing on it really too far did you get a visa when you give it a vietnam mid yeah heyday and don't you think people want to come to America maybe they should do it legally too and yeah hundred percent yeah I'm all for immigrants like coming into America that's the reason I was against from because it seemed like he was trying to stop all the immigrants that's gonna just gone illegally like if you came here without a visa you'd get kicked out right yeah yeah definitely yeah I'm sure gonna do the same for America yeah yeah sure could the same for Trump but the way that Trump went about his campaign it was like he was trying to get rid of all immigrants by learning legal or illegal you

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