AVENGERS: ENDGAME UPDATE!! (Roblox Superhero Simulator)

AVENGERS: ENDGAME UPDATE!! (Roblox Superhero Simulator)

get the brand-new dentist fun-in-the-sun box now available at Dennis daily.com what a beautiful day quick guys it's the hype train we need to come conductor sir please oh we made it do you guys know exactly why we're on the hype train right now well I'll tell you huh it's because superhero simulator got an update not just any update guys the end game update Santos boss battle what I know you guys have been waiting you guys been waiting for a long time I'm sorry but it's finally here this is a huge one okay you'll forgive me in a second check this out new Santos boss 3 Thanos abilities 5 new heroes 12 new abilities six Infinity stones with a new infinity suit well that sounds great why don't we go ahead and jump into it and I will show you guys all of these new changes it's big guys it's big go ahead and play the game for yourself link in the description below go ahead and drop it a like and a favorite and you know all that good stuff that's what helps the game out the most so would really much appreciate that because it's a big update guys super super fun I'm so excited to show you super hero simulator so to start we are here as Hulk and there's a couple things you might notice right away first off do one game update yeah woo party party if we walk up here to the update board Oh what is all this update to 5 new went game heroes Infinity stones a deathmatch request no decline the Thanos battle and an infinity suit so guys check this out what is above my head right now well we got one two three stones floating around that's right guys in this new update you can get Infinity stones and what do these Infinity stones do well as soon as you walk out a spawn you turn to the left and what is this gigantic portal what plague the six Infinity stones for me he'll reward you with a special shoe oh these six Infinity stones and I currently only have three so this video we're gonna be getting all six and I'll show you guys exactly how to do it but who's this well it's no other the doctor's phrase obviously and he says Pharaoh's is coming and he's got all six Infinity stones help us to feed them and get the stones back whoa so that's right guys the new Thanos boss battle is how you get the Infinity stones every time you kill them you get a stone so it shows above the portal here at timer five-and-a-half minutes we'll be able to do the all new Thanos boss battle so in the meantime what we should do is we should come back here to the buy area and I'll show you guys all these new suits I'm so excited okay so we keep on skipping through all these heroes and then once you get past that oh s— watch fad Thor oh that's right equip here we go guys check this out okay hold on who's this it's fat Thor well I got a bow in his belly guy loved it so much so he's got some cool new abilities all the new heroes every time a new one is added of their own unique abilities so his first one here is the double hammer smash so why don't we walk up to hey look this is just a normal Thor hey normal Thor you no match for fat through hey Kiki hey you will you double hammer smash he's even got this big lightning bolt that comes out with it hey you and then the hammer throw I missed again stopover good yes take that very good time you know very great very cool and then remember that you got the infinite ability upgrade so you can go ahead and make these dudes as powerful as you possibly could imagine now if we click by again that was fat Thor that was only one of five new heroes and then on top of that an infinity suit so the next hero we have smart Hulk okay you know here's a little something crazy about smart guys he's absolutely gigantic he's like as biggest Atos which holds true to the actual in-game movie so he first has Hulk punch come here okay well dad hold on someone else killed them yo that's right take that why don't we actually teleport to some of the later zones the global defense headquarters here we go mr. agent boom 1.25 million damage per punch now keep in mind he is only suit level 1 but that is insane oh this guy over here sweeping kick here let's do a little sweeping kick example here you can stop running away from me hold on check this out we're a child whoo does a cool little spin move and that's right he may be smart he may got the brains but he's also got the fists and and the legs with me sweeping kick over here yeah smart Hulk wow wow so cool yeah well as cool as it is check this out what's after a smart Hulk and we did it we decided to just do it right away ant-man ladies and gentlemen equip here's a little something about ant-man he is tiny not only is he tiny smaller than the backpack oh my god ridiculous the backpack looks I love it so much man that's right an ant man has a whole lot of things he could do like check this out he's got an ant swarm come here you yeah he shoots all these little ants here like but without hitting someone hey let's run over here so now whenever I shoot the ant swarm you ants everywhere you prisoner maybe you take that bunch of little ants mm-hmm and then what else do we got here the quantum punch what is the quantum punch ladies and gentlemen well you there criminal scum yeah that's right instant and there's only a minute and 45 seconds left until the Thanos boss battle we don't have enough time to check out any of the new heroes why don't we go ahead and upgrade some ant-man abilities let's do the quantum punch I think and I think that's a pretty good one upgrade that's 10 billion 20 billion 40 billion 80 billion we can still do it hey what's then we could also get the yeah you know let's just keep going quantum punch how about that now look even though Ant Man is level 5 which is crazy even though he's level 5 when you're fighting fan oohs things get a little bit you know a little bit intense I want you guys to realize just how difficult this Thanos boss fight is all right you'd be a pretty high skill level I mean he is Thanos after all so it takes like all the Avengers to take him down which is perfect because we got so many of the Avengers right here we got three we got deck we oh hey why you guys laughing at me don't laugh at me because I'm short okay I'm ant-man that's my whole deal same sizes the pets okay 45 seconds until the boss fight get hyped real quick we see how much damage I do in the global defense headquarters so quantum pond just go over to this guy 456 billion damage look at that and it has such a good refresh rate to come right agent posh yes we already have one point zero five billion skulls back to the city streets how much time do we got here Ted seconds until the boss fight here we go ladies and gentlemen in four three two one Santos battle Thanos has arrived will you join the fight collect Infinity stones as a reward ouch ouch Ant Man get up here come status there he is whoa all right Thanos you've met your match people ready doing some good damage to him he has an insane amount of health whoa who'd it was at me did I do that do not do that much damage we just absolutely destroyed him I don't know if that was me there we got another infinity stone was that me what no hold on subs in the game maybe maybe it was sub Santos ass join all right yeah let's go again why not when I was playing around earlier it took way longer his ant-man just super Opie yeah I think he is I'm just dropping him pissant man well well well what do we got here we got five Infinity stones here's what I'm gonna do guys I'm going to go from ant-man back down to let's do smart holic I want to give you guys an actual proper Thanos battle because a level five Ant Man is super super late into the game we're a very very upgraded character so what you can do if you really really want to jump back into the fight right away is you can just skip the timer right here so we're gonna do that battle ouch everyone's falling let's try a Hulk punch I didn't I didn't realize that I'd be dropping him so quickly I guess I just upgraded a crazy amount yeah ouch so I really want to show you guys his moves this is this is a more realistic amount of time it would take to kill him so he does his big jumps and his snapping ouch now yeah I'm already dead he also doesn't the whole boatload of damage the thing is whenever you die you can't go back in you get your one life but we only need one more infinity stone that we can get the Infinity suit okay well in the meantime while that battle happens why don't we head back to the buy zone and then after ant-man where we got ladies and gentlemen we have nebula that's right what it was nebula you may ask well it's no other then one of the most feisty heroes of the galaxy check this out she's got some blasters let me blast somebody you last yes you over there blast then we also got some combats little martial arts moves come here you damage does she to remember why don't we teleport over to global Defense headquarters you there about eight million per hit that is insane that is so much damage and she's not upgraded at all we should try fighting Thanos with her or better yet for stuff I should sell these 1.05 billions go go ahead and give myself another 10 billion coins and then we come on over here and after nebula who do we have guys and I'll tell you I'll tell you we got Captain Marvel Captain Marvel is here ladies and gentlemen she is currently the best hero that you can just buy with coins and that next up we have the Infinity suit which you can only get with the Infinity stones which means you have to defeat Thanos six times when we go ahead and equip Kat Marvel right and here she is Captain Marvel so cool ok so let's show you a couple things there's stellar blast Wow eg Wow and then a light beam come here what are you doing get back here Wow she fell over here hoods battle at the PvP you light beam Wow yes wow just drops Thor oh man you there light beam Wow why don't we actually progress through some levels here we can go ahead and unlock the battle jet okay so we're gonna need a little bit of a coin infusion here no problem when we go ahead and get that tier 4 all right bye and here we are ladies and gentlemen in the battle Jess there's all these iron man clones no how dare you copy Iron Man feel the wrath of my light beam Oh 16 million damage 16 million damage stellar blasts could you Babu I think you guys get the point Captain Marvel is pretty sweet light beam now one thing I will say though is I'm pretty sure that the audio for this light beam is actually ant man's ant swarm there's a little bit of a mix up on it lay your listen closely when I shoot it does not sound like a laser that's gonna get fixed ant beam yes man you can actually shoot this really fast I didn't realize how fast it was well there you go all the more reason to get Captain Marvel and you can get multiple enemies at once that's one thing that's really good about having some sort of projectile like this which Wow Wow take that iron man shoot boss you can hear all these little ants flying around ouch ouch get up Captain Marvel and almost there one final blast Oh how many we gonna get 1.25 billion skulls for one boss that's right light beam all right I'm gonna quickly mess up this iron man right here okay and when I sell these skulls he's got 15 billion for that okay let's quickly see what the boss is asking okay seven minutes all right we might speed that up but I'm gonna first go back to the battle jet I want to show you guys some more zones planets is all Dottie 125 billion coins no problem oh look at this guys it's the last zone of this area of the battleship or the the woat the woody the docking bays whine the docking bay from the docking bay you have you go up two planets old Ari and then you have to go back to the other entrance once you defeat this section okay yeah you get 500 million coins you just pick them up around here lay of that 500 million 500 million it says right here continue your journey on the other side of the docking station well first I'm gonna go ahead and kill some of these old diary enforcers you what about a little stellar pliers – wait this one's about to I have an idea if we teleport back to the here let's go to the bisection and then we can go ability upgrades let's do the beam 75 billion 75 billion for one upgrade that's crazy BAM here we go 150 billion for the next upgrade Wow okay probably does an absolutely insane amount of damage what I kind of want to do I want to kill the Thanos boss again so we can get the Infinity stones we're gonna go ahead and skip the time' yes baffle shadows we're gonna use the light beam on him Thanos show yourself he's called a finish dog huge Oh run away look at 37% health okay he's doing a lot of damage and you'd do a little predicta Wow Jake get him yes infinity stone obtained that's right guys look at that look at that six Infinity stones and guys now that we have all six Infinity stones we can go ahead and buy the Infinity suit but we're out of time and that's gonna have to wait until next video ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed please do remember to leave the video a like maybe you can subscribe if you haven't already go ahead and check out super hero simulator the end game update and the next video that I put out we're gonna show the Infinity suit and I got another little idea of my sleeve and so I'm really excited for you guys to see it but that is all for now go ahead and check out the game I don't want to give too much away all in one video I want to give you guys a chance to play it yourself so have fun drop the game alike and a favorite it really helps the game out so much but that's it guys again thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one you

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  1. Denis you should update where if you get all the infinity stones 5 times you get a suit that can destroy thanos and does 30% damage to thanos

  2. Denis most of the time we can't hit or punch anything so we have to leave the game and go back in please give the game is good but there's a little of bugs happening

  3. Denis I played your game with my brother and sister I have a lot of characters thanks levels went down my favorite character is thor

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