AUTUMN TOWN 2019 NEWS & Demystifying HALOS! Royale High Updates

AUTUMN TOWN 2019 NEWS & Demystifying HALOS! Royale High Updates

Helloo my spoopy little humans~! Now, as you guys all know, because all of you guys don’t live under a rock, and I’m pretty sure most of you guys at this point are on Twitter or In some sort of royale high community online and boy oh boy. Have you guys been sharing some major tea! so first of all guys let’s talk about some updates that I haven’t discussed because I have been in an editing hole for four days and incoming now as we all know the fountain has been reworked and I’ve seen a lot of people talking about halos and you guys thought I thought that we had already kind of demystified halos in my halos exposed video But apparently a lot of people are still so confused about the fountain and halos so I thought let’s go ahead and demystify the Halos a little bit and I did have a little bit of help for this video as you guys all know my favorite royal scientists Raven Lord Anzu who also Coincidentally made the outfit I’m wearing Today and I just realized that I didn’t even plan that this is just my favorite new look for Halloween guys Check out answers creations but let’s go ahead and discuss some things that you guys might be confused about the fountain and just you know, Make it all out in the open guys. I don’t want you guys to be intimidated by this fountain So as you guys know, obviously I’ve already done my fountain throw for today I’m gonna show you guys that soon but now when you click on the fountain You actually don’t have to throw any diamonds in it all which is a big new development for the fountain system so here I was earlier today and I went to the fountain and The first very important thing that I should tell you guys about is in previous fountain iterations and previous fountain updates You can actually reset your character to get a new story at the fountain because a lot of people believe that the story Determined if you got a halo or not. Well now guys I’m telling you straight up a hundred percent. You cannot do that anymore So tip number one do not reset your story at the fountain. So this is actually the second time that I’ve gotten this Halo story I decided to attack the figure today, and I did end up getting Diamonds in the end as you guys can see I got 222, but I also have the story about the dark and mysterious Figure a few days ago and I decided to warn the fairies and guess what guys if you think that I had a crazy different Outcome that I got a halo that it made any difference. Well, you would be wrong. Look at what happens I got diamonds again I was like what the heck it seems like every time I do this story I get diamonds do my options really matter Well, for those of you guys that believe the story does matter if you reset like I said It’s gonna show you that you already went to the fountain and you’re gonna get this seam notice the seam notice that you would get As if you’d already gone, but you won’t get to see the story So some people were like, oh my gosh, like it’s a glitch but Knight Barbie actually had something to say about this on Twitter So there were some people who are complaining that when they’re gamed crashed They actually weren’t even able to use the fountain and they were getting kind of upset about it So Knight barbie chimed in and explained things a lot better for people who are confused about this new update this mechanic is in the game to prevent people from Exiting and me entering until they get a story that they want If you selected your decision before it crashes, you will still receive the results of your session You may not know what it was unless you noted your diamonds are exp before crashing We could technically make it so that if you crash before your selection, it can choose a for D at random So you still receive results? But I’m not so sure if that would be the best solution since your decision does matter So that is some huge news people We officially have confirmation that your story does Matter and will have an effect on you getting a halo or diamonds or not So this is completely different from before so some other new changes with a fountain is that now you can actually receive experience? as a reward Which I am very happy about basically a lot of people who spend a lot of time doing outfits and sort of creative videos We don’t really go to class and meet We don’t have a lot of experience and I get made fun of it a lot on my channel So I’m actually really happy about these fountain changes. But as always I want to know what you guys think leave a comment Let me know here down in the YouTube comments Let me know on Twitter wherever you guys have internet, you know, so it still seems that halos. Have a pretty random chance But at least now we have some confirmation from Barbie that your choices do matter At least this time you guys you don’t have to throw in any diamonds upfront. It’s great nails people So another major kind of drama in the community I guess it’s not really a major drama but something I’ve noticed a lot of people Complaining and just kind of wandering about is if we are going to get access to last year’s Halloween accessories now as you can see last year We got a candy hunt bag, and I thought that we were gonna get one for this year We still might we know that Barbie is working on her Halloween world But I don’t want any of you guys are really wanting these Well Barbie apparently had some tea about that and lots a lot stream A lot of people are requesting the accessories come back for sales So I’ll probably do that this time last year was when we first introduced accessories So it’s the first time we have to make a big decision if we’re bringing them back or not. I definitely Hope they bring them back I just hope that you guys get easier access to a lot of accessories in general And if for some reason you guys don’t there is some stuff that I’d be down to trade when trading comes out So don’t give up. Hope yet people if they’re not brought back So as you guys know I have been hard at work on my movie coven I posted a little teaser on Twitter But I’m gonna give you guys a little peek now for those of you guys that don’t know what I’ve been working on for the past 10,000 years Long have been in charge The rain has brought with it another tactic after They were forced to retreat You gonna see there were some dots in there So we’re having this major issue people with dots over my head for basically every single world high movie I made we saw it with the maid. We saw it with dark Valentine. Okay, you guys, you know what I’m talking about Guess what? This feature is gonna be fixed now iron claw just finished a feature recommended by cyber Nova for the YouTube console Now you can turn off chat bubbles above your head and hide roleplay names for your filming or image needs Wow Imagine group pictures and people not being able to talk while you do it Oh, so you’re welcome everybody and also that is why my movies to lead. I’m having to reshoot everything without the dots It’s so gonna be worth it though So we did get a few updates about the Halloween realm and also apparently Barbie watches 90-day fiance one of my favorite trash TV shows But she is apparently really busy working on this realm you guys When you plan on making a neighborhood round for Halloween? But you actually want to make a hotel so we did see some hints about University that she was working on and she spilled a lot of tea about the Halloween town. We made some little houses already That’s why I think I just need to suck it up and get the Halloween round done really quick So apparently she confirmed in another reply that they already made 8 different house models So it sounds like this realm is really coming along as we remember the last one. We got to go house to house That’s where we got our little candy treat bag So I would really love to see something like that again But also have maybe some people from the community open the doors of houses or some crazy characters from poor I just above something campy like that. I love NPCs this year. What do you guys think? so guys just to give you guys a good look barbie actually tweeted a picture of the previous autumn town a big aerial view for All of you guys who weren’t actually part of that halloween event last year And since she said she already had eight house models made tsamina Looks like she basically already has an entire street done So, I don’t know if this is a good indication of what we can expect going forward with the Halloween town update But this is just a good reference for those of you guys that couldn’t Experience it or if you’re like myself and you completely forgot what it looks like here though guys This is what it looked like last year Also just a quick heads up for you Instagram users out there I have seen this account floating around and it’s actually getting a lot of followers But I just wanted to let you guys know and this is a story from Kate Coffey shared it but Barbie call me Bob does Not have Instagram there is no call me Bob Instagram. So you guys please don’t get scammed by people pretending to be here She does only use Twitter So guys in addition to the fountain and getting a rework there have also been a lot of screenshots coming out about wings Getting me works, and I want to see if I have any of those first. Oh, yes the guardian of the light. Oh Oh my gosh, look the whole top has been redesigned. Whoa Look at the fire did these always have that fire but guys definitely check out your wing inventory Send me screenshots if you’ve seen some that have been reworked We’re gonna take a look at a couple of tweets from people who actually spotted some already in the wild So I actually found out about these guardian angel wings from Angel loves gotcha on Twitter who sent screenshots. So, thank you very much That’s actually how I found out about it. And it looks like the girl behind her is also wearing some reworked wings as well So really really cool keep these screenshots coming guys. I’m excited to see what else is new out there Also, if you have any new accessory halves or UGC hacks, let me know. I’d love to see some of those on Twitter But thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you for being patient as I pursued my creative projects on the side I have an ex citing announcements. I actually have my very own Instagram filter now So if you guys are following me and you can actually check out my stories my highlights now There’s an actual section on my profile where you can actually see all of my filters Some of you guys have been trying it out and if you guys do use my filter tag me in your story on Instagram or shoot me a tweet. I’m gonna be sharing and I’ve also submitted two new filters to be approved So it’s very exciting. Also if you guys have any suggestions of filters, you would like to see let me know down below Thanks for watching and I’m just gonna mean light in the whole map on fire with these wings Goodbye humans. It can’t get no hotter fish tacos. Shrimp tacos of carne asada When I see a taco truck, you know, I gotta follow. Hey, give me all of their tacos wait you wet? I love tacos its effect. I’ve got it tatted on my back. You know, it’s my favorite

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