Australia bushfires: fire chiefs update dire situation in NSW and Victoria

Australia bushfires: fire chiefs update dire situation in NSW and Victoria

We are expecting right across
the south eastern quadrant of the state particularly, temperatures
to be right up into the mid 40s, low to mid 40s. That hot air is coming out of the centre
of Australia. It’s going to be particularly dry. So humidities are going to be very low. We’re going to see the westerly winds,
northerly winds turning westerly winds throughout the morning before and
throughout most of the day before we see a fairly volatile southerly change
moving up the coast sometime late this afternoon and getting to
places like Sydney not till late tonight. We are expecting to see those temperatures
really start to set in and the wind start to set in over the next few hours,
right across right across the ranges and down to the south east, between 8am
and 11am is where we’re expecting to see temperatures really start
to climb into those high 30s, early 40s and be accompanied with
the hot, dry winds coming out of the west. At this stage, the southerly change through
that part of the state starting right down in the south east corner of the state, is not expected to start moving
or developing until something like 3pm or 5pm this afternoon. It’s a little bit fluid at this stage. And we’re working very closely with
the bureau today as we monitor and track and forecast its spread. But whatever the case, we are going
to have a long day dominated by hot temperatures, dry atmosphere
and winds coming out of the ranges. We’re talking 40, 50, gusting 60 to 70
kilometres an hour from the western, north west. And then suddenly change that’s
coming through, particularly along the coastal strip where a lot of these
fires and these at risk communities are. We’re expecting those southerly strength
to be somewhere up around 80 kilometres an hour with their gusting. So it’s going to make for a very dangerous
day. It’s going to make for very volatile
fire grounds, very dangerous fire grounds and all that is in the path of those fires. Today is a very challenging day for all
of us. And we’re in a period of the declaration
of a state of disaster that’s based on the fires that we’ve got across the state,
but primarily in the north east and east Gippsland. We have seen wind gusts up to 67 kilometres
an hour already today at the Mount Hotham. And it’s predicted when the change
comes through there, we’ll see gusts up to 80 kilometres an hour. So we’ve got a long way to go today. We know that with the south west
change that comes through, it will push some of that that smoke away
from the coastal areas of Gippsland. Once those fires become exposed to the sun,
there is definitely the potential for some elevated fire activity there. In those alpine areas, there is
the potential, again, for those columns, the pyro
cumulus to develop where we can see those those columns
develop their own weather so they can throw out their own lightning. So there’s a potential for additional fires
as a result of those particular columns. Similarly in the north east. So it’s still a challenging day for us. We’ve got significant forest fire management,
Victoria Country Fire Authority resources, the MFA coming in to backfill the CFA
station so they can free up more career firefighters. So it’s a huge effort at the moment
in terms of a lot of resources working so so hard to keep
our community safe. So we still have those dynamic and
dangerous fire conditions, the low humidity, the strong winds. And what underpins all of that is that
the state is tinder dry. It is really, really dry at the moment.

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  1. [EDITED: see below] 43Β°C now where I am near Bankstown. Man, I feel for the Firies. I can't even begin to imagine how hard their job is. They need to be paid like Army Reservists do. Both State and Federal Government leaders need to get together to make sure this happens (and before you say it's a state issue, the Federal Government has vastly larger revenue means at their disposal than States do, and these fires are national, in all states).
    [Edit & update: for the first time in history, the Australian Army Reserve has been compulsorily deployed to assist in a natural disaster. I was in the Reserves for 10 years, and I still have to say I haven't got the faintest clue what the Rural Firefighters face. It's these guys who are fighting the fire, not the Army. It's time they were recognised and compensated properly]

  2. Guardian 2004 – "warning that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a 'Siberian' climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world" You really can't trust a thing these leftard muppets say……

  3. last report 48.9 AT 345PM Sydney time in Penrith I feel sorry 4 you guys this is going to be a terrible day for NSW, Vic, SA, all you Aussies stay safe and wear a bloody mask

  4. AUSTRALIA 500 million animals are dead, burn alive MASSIVE EXTERMINATION genocide of animals and trees in AUSTRALIAN HISTORY.

  5. When can we expect the commander of the Australian defence force announcement of the arrest of all culpable political parties imprisonments?

  6. The anger of the nation's people has now manifested in element wild Fire, hangin out with the wind exciter.

  7. Not funny but I was eating Australia online site today at lunch and they was taking about how bad the fires were and I read comment . And this one guy was say how the media is over exaggerate he says he live in Victoria it's not smoky or hot but that the media . I was thinking man, that guy is cocky. and now we hear the fire in Victoria. He must be wetting his pants now.

  8. why has no one cut a firebreak where there are houses to keep the fire at bay. answers, please. I would like to know about problems.

  9. One last question does the declaration of state of disaster extend to the ACT to encompass the unlawful corporate government of the NYSE listed FOR SHAREHOLDERS PROFIT government of Australia ?

  10. Praying for my great country.
    Such sadness
    We have a long hard journey in front of us.We are strong Australians and we will bounce back because we are Australians no matter what we look like Asians ,black, white we are all mates.Let us do what we can

  11. Hmmmp if i were you put a mad and lommy soil in a bucket fell with water then bomb it into the air directly to the fire thats how you stop that wild fire . If u used a ordinary water the fire will laugh at u. Try a swamp water with a mad soil then mixed it before throwing into the air directly on bush of fire

  12. Their corrupt government has bought the water, put it behind dams, don't release it, and that is what made Australia drier and drier. πŸ™

    And all because they want frakking to continieu, because that's what the water is used for.

    It is criminal insane. πŸ‘Ώ
    THAT's what they are NOT telling you.

  13. It's was 40 degree in Blacktown at 8 pm, can't believe this is happening to Australia. I just hope this Fire will be over as soon as possible.

  14. How the fire startet? What if orgone cloud buster could help? I hope no one started this fire on purpose of they did they will burn in hell. Poor animals

  15. I want to know which particular types of water trucks have been made available to help fight the fires. Has anybody spotted the following water trucks in a fire fighting role recently? –

    Caterpillar 772 water truck
    Caterpillar 740 water truck
    Volvo A40
    water truck
    STG Global Suppressor 13000
    T Rex industries water truck

    Their are many different types out there made by various manufacturers. My question is – Where in Australia are they right now?

  16. My thoughts and prayers are with Australia and it’s beautiful people and beautiful animals. Broken-hearted πŸ’” we are with you Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  17. HmHey guys I'm Help Animals Live aka- HAL . Fighting for the future of animals . if you love animals please please reply (crying)

  18. Steve Irwin would be in absolute uproar if he was still alive today. The Australian Prime Minister should be hung. They have had months to cut trees and crush section off forests in order to control and effectively combat the fires from spreading.

  19. So easily prevented. F*kn greenies not allowing burning of scrub through winter contributes to the fires moving so fast. They fail to realise mother nature doesent give a f*ck about those bullshlt laws. My heart goes out to those affected and this fireman who are under resourced and burning the candle at both ends. Love from NZ

  20. Anyone who can, please donate to the Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army, or other such foundations. Every dollar helps.

  21. No reports on how the fires are affecting the aboriginal community looks like there is only white people who live in Australia and are affected

  22. Prayers do nothing, support climate change policy and support the necessary agencies. Stop hoping, be proactive.

  23. Agenda 2030 hard at work!

    Before anyone comments i suggest you go read the whole thing and read the part about how they planned to get to dead trees…

  24. Dont be fooled. These are not "wild fires." These fires were set by cattle farmers as is happening in the Amazon and Africa. These forests and the complex living ecosystems with so many of unique species that evolved there existed countless eons before the arrival of english speaking criminals by hundreds of thousands of years who have burned it to all to ashes.

  25. Australia today the first of many of the disasters to come when the Greens stop the indigenous peoples and locals from doing traditional land management that has worked for centuries.

  26. I want to help! How can i help? Could take a plane to get there, they sure need a lot of help to save those animals πŸ™

  27. It's not about australia it's about our mother Earth every country need to take action please it's a request for whole world to stop this fire 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 save human animals save our nature 😞😞😞😞😞😞

  28. Welcome to real world of climate change australia ….. Use your funds to protect nature instead of burning middle east

  29. β€’Β Latest updates: NSW fires live, Victoria bushfires updates and two dead in South Australia β–Ί

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  31. Pray for Australia I love Australia please safe million tree, animals, people πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  32. anyone with a few brain cells will know that all the fracking around queensland has stuffed the water mixing it with chemicals and making it worthless its not as wet as it should be and the land is drying out. this is caused by a few people wanting to get richer, start reading some books, get a life and some answers.

  33. Is astrailan government foolish ? How big aria is empty .they can leave permission to other countries people. They’re leaving there and carry the jungles

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