Audio Return Channel in LG TV

Audio Return Channel in LG TV

hello , let me show you how to use ARC function that’s called audio return channel it means the same cable which you connected
with home theater and with TV can be used for distributor for all types of audio
from TV to hometheater as well so in this case you don’t have to connect
any additional extra cable to get the audio from TV to hometheater let me show you how to do it first make sure from the setting of the tv go to TV setting , then sound , in sound go
to sound setting and click on it set ARC mode ON , digital sound out on auto
mode , TV speakers will work in both condition on or off
but better to make it off to get the sound only from HT not from TV and HT now close it
lets see how to use it go to input list ,select antenna, and from
here also you can choose TV speaker or external speakers
also you can control the TV sound voulme for TV speakers,
for external speakers you can see Hometheater audio now Rf signal is moving to the TV , and for
audio goes to hometheater lets try through USB
lets try first audio , there’s many types of audio here
i am going to play one of them, now you can see home theater audio , but if
you want to use TV speakers , press on option , then choose TV speakers
thats it, now you can see i can control TV voulme sound
, want to use home theater just change it to external speakers
this option can use for all purpose , if you want to play a video,its very easy i am playing a video , now the sound is coming
from external spkears , you can see now hometheater is working,
you can press ok from the remote and select option ,then choose TV speakers,
that’s it now TV speakers are working this function is working with each and every
inputs that can be used with th TV i believe this is the best function to use
audio out . thanks you,

34 thoughts on “Audio Return Channel in LG TV

  1. thanks for the video my friend! i could finally configure my samsung home teather to make it work with my lg 42lm6200 and my ps3, thanks in advance my friend! 😀 greetings from venezuela south america! 😀

  2. What he doesn't show in the video is that you need to go to the SimpLink Settings at the bottom left in the Input List menu and enable it in there as well.

  3. Hey , I have a new 55LG6230 , but no arc option is available on my LG sound menu. I have a LG surround sound which supports arc and simplink, do u have any ideas? Thanks

  4. I bought LG 47LA6200 when I connected it to antennae it captured most of the local channels without voice. Please assist.

  5. Dear Zakir, this video is very helpful. I have LG55LA6910-TB and Yamaha HTR-298 receiver.I have enabled ARC on both the devices(tv and receiver) I cant control volume of the receiver using lg remote (the way you are controlling). I have connected WD TV and PS3 to the receiver and the receiver to the TV on hadi-arc port. I can hear sound of both the devices (ps3&wd tv) from receiver but when i change TV channel I cant hear the tv sound.The tv sound is not coming from the receiver, i have to connect an optical cable to hear tv sound from the receiver.this is very frustrating. your suggestion will be appreciated.thanks.

  6. Thanks to Nerd Drivel for providing the key piece of information for me. Not even in the TV instructions does it mention also link the simplnk piece. At last I can utilise full functionality of arc. Thank you!!!!

  7. Hi I have LG 42LM6410 which is having only Optical Digital Audio Output and I've a 2.1 Speaker doesn't have Optical Digital Audio Input, So how can i connect the speakers to the TV?

  8. Hi Sir, Can you tell me Which type of HDMI Cable preferable for ARC Connections
    and this wonderful, i am looking this solution from long time, now u made it easy, i will try this solution to play my 5.1 LG DVD which is not having Optical Audio In, with this ARC Function i can route the sound through DVD
    Thanks again.

  9. Can you tell me in my DVD 4130 S LG – After connecting the FD Radio is not working, is this signal problem or any other problem, please suggest

  10. no arc option. ive never had a problem just pluggingh my latptop into a tv and watching a damn movie. why is lg so user unfriendly i will never puirchasce a pos tv from lg

  11. Home theatre volume is not coming… Few days before it was working now it's not working … Tv speaker and external speaker icon is same

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