Attorney General Bill Barr: We’ll let the chips fall where they may

Attorney General Bill Barr: We’ll let the chips fall where they may

100 thoughts on “Attorney General Bill Barr: We’ll let the chips fall where they may

  1. …..and the have been falling all around the Trump Adminstration. No fake investigations can hide Trump's crimes and admissions in plain view of the American people. Barr can't spin that.

  2. All these investigations can only proceed with proper evidence so any oversight like this investigation is welcomed and the evidence will speak for itself. Evidence is like 2+2=4 not wanting it to = 5 so we will be seeing the truth through proper clear due process which seems to have taken a back seat up until now.

  3. Barr will go down in history as trumps slimy corrupt snake. All of trumps appointees are corrupt and morally bankrupt. A truly disgusting administration that will leave long lasting wounds to this country.

  4. why did jeff sessions forbid robert mueller from investigating or even commenting on the FISA courts, the DOJ investigation of the trump organization, and Carter Page's running of the 2016 "trump election campaign committee of Moscow" from the ROSNEFT bureau offices inside the Kremlin?

  5. WOW, Libs love evil and only have sympathy for the Devil.
    A real simpatico relationship with the evil OF THIS WORLD. . .
    We either stand against evil together. Or we stand against evil and those who stand with it.

    Hope getting to the bottom. Gets um all

  6. One of my greatest lessons as a parent was to pay attention to what "they" DO rather then what they SAY.
    Tough talk is nothing unless it is followed by "tough" action.

  7. Trust Sessions; Trust Wray; Trust Kansas; Trust Pompeo….Q And so here we are: almost two years from the first Qanon drop. If the arrests don't come and the swamp has won then guess what folks: we will never have freedom and the Operation Iron Mountain plan is well on track. Look it all up – find the Lord and pray for Trump!!!

  8. Sitting back in my chair, sipping coffee and reading this strange series of comments has sparked my interest.

    Do any of you actually read newspapers or watch anything other than Fox? I’m seriously asking anyone to say anything about this. Do you watch only one news outlet with the occasional vlogger, or do some of you diversify your tastes for current events? I mean, really? Do any of you listen to your own words? This “deep state,” all dem hate, this blindfolded opinion of President Trump, the bizarre refusal to actually question things like this headline on the screen above: investigating the investigators.

    For what? No really, what? There was no crime committed by any of intelligence committees, no mishaps or mishandling of information/evidence, all findings were presented to Congress, no? You know, I don’t even care about this subject. It just baffles me how people flip things sometimes, y’know? Oh, great example: quid pro quo and it’s relevancy in recent happenings. I never thought that I would live to see this: a public figure is outed for possible international crimes, responds by saying nothing the allegations then openly admitting to the alleged crime, then posting an official document with word for word accuracy actually showing the now proven crime, lying about what was said in document or flat out refusing to acknowledge the now exposed and bleeding truth of the crime, which was, again, for those that missed it, willingly under no duress, now, presented by the public official (who is Trump, people) in a vain attempt to show that no wrongdoing had been made, which, in fairness, seems good until people remember to read and see the crime for themselves. Again, I’m baffled and kerfafulled every, even more by people refusing to acknowledge the truthful facts before themselves.

    I can almost immediately imagine what I’ll read in my inbox, so please, try to break my expectations. Give me an answer that would do more than, well, the norm I continuously seem to find.

  9. What, why hasn't this man barr not been barred from his duty. He seems to be running out of time. But wait barrbudd went out and did a lot of travels overseas where I think he went to set up fake documents to use in his BS case. No I never wanted him in this position of power under trumb. I knew then this is what would occur. And Republicans made it happen. By letting barrboy have this power. Thanks!

  10. The folks in Washington stopped following the laws a long time ago. They're just winging it now. We need term limits and lobbying has to go away. Let the circus continue

  11. I don't care who (or what political party) it is. If they broke the law, charge them. I'm tired of these a-holes being above the law.

  12. Wray and Rosenstein are trying to clean themselves up.. but they were complicit in the take down of Trump. Rosenstein signed a FICA warrant and Wray was too defensive and would not answer questions under oath.. I hope Barr sees that and questions their motives . Rosenstein was working with Barr on the Mueller report in the final phase . Rosenstein also said he would wear a wire to record President Trump. i hope Barr looks at that because many Americans know this and we are all looking for justice.

  13. Nothing will become of Barr's investigation. It is a reverse Russian investigation designed to generate headlines and talk and panels…etc. there won't be any charges, and don't even talk to me about Mifsud. During the first 2 years of Trump's presidency, when he was so savagely attacked, when GOP didn't know what to do with trump, this whole story of how trump was set up by cia and FBI was one of the few things holding us together.
    Whatever was done against Trump, I'm sure was done by the book. At most we may have some ethics violations.

  14. Barr is a crook who should recuse himself but cares for nothing but running a Trumps Witch Hunt and continues to smear America and protect Russia. In Italy people he has talked to are in trouble with their government for meeting with Barr in illegal ways of proceeding in official business, and the people involved with Barr are under investigation for their own Russia gate.

  15. Why isnt Barr backing up our President and doing something!!!??? All talk and nothing. this illegal so called Impeachment better not take away our president, Im done talking we all need to gighht for our country and freedome, again! I see nobody doing the right thing to imprison and arrest the crooked, all linked together, where are the patriots on Capital Hill?? Either way Schiff and Pelosi are criminals, they need to go, we need to stop tolerating these crooks who dont belong in Congress!

  16. So this is where all the pond scum come to spew…………ha ha ha…….tick tock. Tears before bedtime, traitors.

  17. Trump has 66million Twitter followers, Obama has 109million Twitter followers. 43million more people like to follow Obama more than Trump.

  18. Barr and Durham have a chance to go down amongst the greatest patriots in history! Is Christopher Wray actually giving docs? He’s very quiet. WE ALL KNOW the criminality the Dems and “intelligence” agencies have engaged in!!!

  19. AG praised Rosenstein and now Wray, AG refused to prosecute Comey and turns a blind eye to the Epstein scandal not to mention his failure to look into Sessions obstruction as AG

  20. He looks like a little boy that hopes the teacher doesn't call him to present his book report that he didn't finish 😈🌹

  21. AG should fire all judges against the President. They are unfair because they are democratic judges get more Republican judges in.

  22. Why doesn't Barr look into this himself, Barr is a swamp rat..his whole family very good friends with Epstein…No Justice..they all work for satan

  23. Oh so our tax dollars are still going to be footing the bill for Barr who will all know is a part of the Trump Putin Deep State. He's no AG for the US Contitution

  24. This is an amazing time in our history. The DoJ is chasing conspiracy theories while the President's criminal gang goes ignored. What a bunch of clowns.


  26. Trump fragile ego broke into a million little pieces as hè was boooed and they chanted to "lock him up"
    Trump the worst thing too happen to US.
    Hè leads by (Ordo Ab Chao) order out of chaos

  27. Get to the bottom of it !!! YES!!!! PLEASE !!!! Get to the bottom of it! And whatever, WHOever is at the BOTTOM, FLUSH THEM OUT! I don't care who it is! If Trump is it the bottom, so be it! If it's Obama and Clinton, so be it! WE NEED THE TRUTH !!!!! We need to make the responsible person or people PAY. And we NEED to put this behind us! "Let the chips fall!!!!"

  28. I'm sorry, but if you have to include in the actual reporting the fact that Trump's choice for AG stated he would not be the president's personal attorney makes it seem obvious that the choice of Barr was made specifically so that Trump would have an in-house defense team if lawyers paid for by taxpayers.

    I mean, honestly – when has any other AG nominee had to expressly state their independence from the president in this way? It's like how they keep harping on how this guy investigating the origins of the Mueller report is sooo non-partisan. They are really hammering that one home, probably to set up the impartiality defense when he comes to the administration's conclusion that everyone's out to get Trump.

    Here's an idea – if you dont do crimes, then you dont have to worry about propping up the veneer of impartiality during an investigation.

  29. Moving way to slow. The deep state is running like a train that will not stop. They may get Trump on impeachment. all because justice was not taking down the true tyrants. Way too late, I expect years of this to go on.

  30. The Trump Administration’s legal defense, for whatever reason, is copying in effect the Nixon defense against impeachment and it is doomed to fail spectacularly.
    Presidents aren’t immune from the law and any suggestion of such is an insult to the Constitution, repulsive to the American public and seen as an outrageous insult to the rule of law by the judicial system.

    In short, it’s a really bad defense that will also hurt the Trump Administration in the sphere of public perception as well as lead to embarrassing defeats in the courts while making it almost impossible for Republicans to publicly defend President Trump. I suggest the Trump legal team go back to the drawing board – pronto.

  31. appointed by Democrats huh? don't think THAT'S not going to come up again if he doesn't find anything of significance…

  32. If Wray is so great WHY IS HE HIDING THE CRIMINAL FISA WARRANTS ? Release the unredacted evidence of Corruption ! Shine the light on these traitors…

  33. This country is owned and operated by criminals and scumbags. So sad. We let this happen by not fighting for what is right. I'm ashamed of myself and the government.

  34. It's high time to flush out the traitors and reinforce American justice. OUR Republic stands or falls. The Framers are anxiously waiting to see what WE do with what they knew all along.

  35. Yeah, right. Unlike Trump's impeachment, this is a pointless and purely political investigation. And we will enjoy watching Barr go to jail for covering up for the criminal in the White House. This administration is so deeply unpatriotic. And so are those who support them, of course.

  36. This reminds me of the time trump form the Election Integrity Coalition to investigate the thousands of undocumented people who illegally voted for Hillary Clinton and quietly dismantled it, along with its findings, a few months later.

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