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  2. "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you're misinformed." -Mark Twain

  3. May 2019…. It has become known that the MSM (main stream media) have been guilty of acting as unregistered foreign agents. Their business model no longer relies on ratings to set advertising prices . Instead they use their reputation as authorities of the truth to sell propaganda stories. These favorable stories or pieces are bought buy foreign governments or corporations for 10's of millions of dollars each. This system has become so profitable they no longer need to focus on ratings and advertising.
    The news outlets justify the subterfuge by rationalizing that at the core of the news business is entertainment not truth. As such news is no longer about the whole truth but rather extrapolations of truth parsed out to extend interest, divert attention , build false outrage and propaganda.

    Special prosecutor Mueller 's prosecution of Paul Manifort has opened the gates to investigations of any and all entities that might have run a foul of the FARA laws. If they new AG Barr decides to prosecute theses crimes, the world will explode. So many people will go to jail.

  4. I suppose if you’re paranoid about everything and don’t trust your own mind then this video is for you.

  5. Sorry, but Sharyl Attkisson mind has veered into X-Files land… First, we all know that there is such a thing as media bias.. and establishment and government propaganda. This is real. Where Sheryl's motives betray her is that her focus appears to be exclusively on those of the Democrats' side, hence her focus on Obama spying on her, Clinton conspiracies, her criticism of how journalists and news stations somehow have lost there way just as Trump became President, and her belief in the deep state. She talks about conflicts of interest that Mueller has that should have led to his recusal, but she says nothing about the massive conflicts of interest with Trump, Ivanka, Jared (nepotism), and all of the rich and corporate interests installed within his administration. She also speaks about how when you hear the media all use common phrases or wordings, that is an indication of a conspiracy of sorts to spread fake news. Yet her focus is on liberal messages and she doesn't really comment on right wing messages. She also doesn't make a peep about the Zionist Zealots that spread their anti-Semitic accusations in an attempt to divert attention from the real issue of Israel's inhumane oppression of Palestinians and the inevitable drift towards Apartheid, even as it's a widely adopted vast media conspiracy because the powers that be are either pro-Israeli agenda, religious nuts who believe this is fulfilling prophecy, or Zionist Zealots installed into roles as news hosts on these shows and perpetuate lies.

    She claims to be unbiased, but actions speak louder than words. Plus, anyone who's truly honest with themselves wouldn't say they are unbiased. Her focus on attacking and criticizing Democrats and liberals betrays her. She's a right wing journalist who votes and lives Republican, a MAGA supporter and Trump lover who tries to pretend to be an unbiased journalist. This is why she's off CNN and CBS and has moved on to FOX NEWS, where she belongs with the Hannity, Jeannine Pirro and the like.

  6. 3:44 oh boy… she's one of those people pushing the whole Vaccine-Autism link? sigh. Well she seems to have her head screwed on otherwise, very accomplished journalist, it's a small blip on what looks like an awesome career.
    Why is she now working for Sinclair Broadcast Group tho? Arn't they exactly the sortof problem she spent her career uncovering?

  7. This is why Trump makes such a big effort to convince people any criticism of him is 'Fake News', though nine times out of ten HE IS the fake news.
    He's the establishment who claims to be anti-establishment.
    Only time he doesn't like the establishment is when it gets in the way of his agenda.
    Clinton isn't to be trusted either.

  8. Wow, this describes to a T the “ pro-vaccine movement “, including all the people who are calling for vaccine safety are called quacks, and labeling the “ anti-vaxxers “, which in reality are a bunch of ex-vaxxers. Scary world we live in:(

  9. the reality of the situation is that pretty much every single news outlet engages in astroturfing. Including those I once valued as truth seeking.

  10. I know this is old, but she didn't said anything new.
    Everybody knows that most of the stuff that comes out of Journos are fake, and one should read both sides and actually do the work.

  11. It is evident that the value and possibility of apprehending truth are rapidly decaying. That truth lacked value for most is nothing new – that most acknowledge this to be the case is a revolution. Certainty was always impossible. To be human is to be uncertain.

    But civilization depends on our faith in appearances. The king is only as regal as he is spectacular: the
    glitter and pomp and music and costumes distinguish him from the pauper.

    With the advent of the zoetrope, a pea-sized lump emerged on the pancreas of history.  It grew and
    metastasized for over a century.

    Now we have YouTube. Artificial intelligence will soon be ubiquitous. History is terminal:

    Soon, no fact will be verifiable. A recording of flesh-and-blood people will be indistinguishable from its
    computer-generated imitation.

    The Last Sitcom will be born.

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