33 thoughts on “Assad Executing Reporters Compilation

  1. Biggest liar and con in the history of this humanity ! You belong in the garbage after they hang you hopefully. šŸ–•šŸ»

  2. Why these reporters keep asking about why assas did that or why assad did this, why not asking about terrorism in syria, who support them or who buy their oil ..

    For the muslim people who anti-assad, dont get me wrong. Iā€™m not big fan of assad and iā€™m also sunni muslim.

  3. Assad is a hero. He will be remembered as the first that took a stance against the west and that did not crumble to their wishes. Long live Bashar!

  4. at the start of the war i was agains assad beacouse he was portraited by the media as a dictator……now im asking the syrian people …….are you better of now …does it matter who wins ? assad wants peace but the extremists brainwashed islamists want war!

  5. al assad is a leader that the syrian people need, idc if hes a dictator, he's someone the syrian people can depend on

  6. Love this Video! Imagine what amounts of nerves are needed to speak with such dumbass Reporters! The Arguments are also very Good and makes his opponents sounds like Children who complain. Somehow it felt like he has to explain those Democrats how accusations work^^

  7. Well guys, there you have It. A skilled manipulator in a leading position? Nothing new…

  8. 666 sign right in the beginning. Another staged globalist war playing the "he said, she said game." What a bunch of BS.

  9. Yanks specialize in officializing fabrications, deceptions, setups, framings, false flags, half-truths & lies.
    That is how they make a living, that is how they plunder the world, that i how they dictate to the world,
    that is how they carry out their genocides & murders, that is how they earn their dollars.
    This is so not only within their government but every bit as much amongst ordinary yankees.
    Why do you think when yanks speak they often need to add 'i mean it' to their statements? Obviously
    because they're liars. An honest person needs not add 'i mean it' to what he says, for he simply speaks
    with the truth.
    But because people see through them and know that despite their little clause (i.e. 'i mean it') they are
    still lying, they now find that they have to add "i REALLY mean it', since 'i mean it' turned out to be too
    weak a cover-up. Yet they're still lying, and their hearers know so full well. So, in a desperate effort to
    try & sound believable, the latest trend is to say "I REALLY REALLY mean it!' … as if that was going to
    make their lies any more truthful! ha, ha.
    Anyone who believes a word come out of the mouth of a yank without close scrutiny is but a fool.

  10. These reporters if they done there homework should be interviewing the USA, Saudi Arabia and Israeli governments.

  11. Western reporters, need to ask such questions to USA. The thief and destroyer. Fuck all western reporters

  12. Say what you want about Syria and Assad but BEFORE the US backed civil war broke out, the Syrian Government was only one of THREE countries in the Middle East that allowed Catholics/Christians to legally practice WITHOUT paying a tax. The other two being Lebanon and Israel.

  13. I've always known the "news" we are served about Syria here in the west is total bullshit. That little weasel of a reporter who didn't want to respond on Assad's questions about the US's close ties with the mother of all human rights abusers – Saudi Arabia – perfectly personifies this evil agenda.

  14. It is difficult from afar to know the truth – still one thing can be said. When I hear Assad talk, I have a much-much better feeling than hearing Trump, Hollande, Merkel and all the terrible liars and war-mongers from the West and East. Leave Assad alone – leave Syria alone. They are not the criminals – look towards the 3-letter-country who did not mind to attack 3000 of their own!

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