As Trump Installs Enablers, He Leaves Behind Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

As Trump Installs Enablers, He Leaves Behind Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “As Trump Installs Enablers, He Leaves Behind Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Now if Obama had done half of what trumturd has done fox nooze and the kkk ( Republikkkans) would call impeachment long time ago!!

  2. Ok chump it's been doing a lot of illegal BS since forever then why he still in office? mesmerizes me! Americans are dumb!

  3. u know… they NEED TO get over themselves!! (STOP TREATING THE CANDIDACY AS-THO IT'S A GAME SHOW!!* it aint a contest, in a sense where you're competing to "DEFEAT eachother" it's supposed to b about working together & coming together as a whole. it's NOT supposed to b about who can spend more $ in making OTHERS look bad!! 🙄 going about "trying to win" in THAT sorta fashion, is "corruption" in itself.


  5. Thank you ms Maddow. As a European who follows US politics closely, I only have to watch your show to make sense of the daily chaotic political news. Your analises are very insightful and give me some hope in these very distressful times. Keep up the good work, I concider you a hero!

  6. All those persons caught up in this treasonous activity should be indited and jailed. Those that are found guilty should loose their right to vote and have no other affiliation with government service including any pensions owed to them from past service. At this point, they should be allowed to decline their American Citizenship and shipped off to jail or detention center where all those place there can question him more about his involvement with the crime trump crime family.

  7. All the Kings horses and all the Kings men, will never be able to put tRumpty Dumpty together again. Anyone still making excuses for # 45 you are just as responsible for this chaos
    that has been thrust upon us. The sooner you speak up, the more you will be forgiven. Hanging on til the end will be a career killer for sure. Just ask Michael Cohen.

  8. Rachel you talk way too much. I like you and respect you but cut your show in half and bring in Krystal Ball and knock em dead girls.

  9. This Perez needs to b removed and his henchman with him….ALL OF THEM…SPECIAL ATTENTION TO ALL PPL WHO BACK HIM BY REFUSING TO TELL THE TRUTH…

  10. The lack of balls on the GOP Senators and Congressmen shows how much we need a women as President. Women can chew gum and fight for freedom and democracy at the same time.

  11. So, when Trump said "drain the swamp" he must have been talking about moving the alligators to the US/Mexico border for his moat.

  12. I can just picture Pompeo going around with a pocket full of beggin-strips saying, "Who wants one of these? Don't be shy, there's nothing to be ashamed of."

  13. What Pompeo do u really think trump not will not throw you under the bus when u become a liability
    He will Screw you the same way he been doing it since taking office he has no loyalty to anyone but demands loyalty from you.if you dont get any prison time good luck getting a job, you have been exposed.

  14. Rachel, the only way this could have been better is if we got to see you propping up your boot. I needed this today. Thank you and get well soon!

  15. Clinton called the a basket of deplorables, she wasn't even close to describing how deplorable they are and watching Pompeo made me want to vomit.

  16. Excellent reporting! Shout out for all the reporters who are diligent at getting the information out despite the drama going on.

  17. Pompeo is a torturer and his expressions in his eyes speak of the different ways he could torture the person asking questions if he could.

  18. The reporter was asked if she was working for the Democratic National Convention. Why didn’t the reporter ask Pompey if he is working for Russia?

  19. Pompeo will end up in jail too, Rudy, Pence and Trump Jr and Trump.  Looks a the most successful witch hunt ever in history

  20. I want my sons and daughters to grow up to be torturers. Like all the people who don't speak against torturers as being mentally ill or in prison for the act of torture by or thru them.


  22. Rachel, it seems youtube is making it harder to find not only your show, but Chris Hayes, Lawrence O' donnell, Nicole Wallace because of your coverage of Trump. Is this happening to anybody else? If so, how can we fix it?

  23. We should investigate every single person who donated more than, say, a half-million dollars to the Trump Campaign or the Inauguration Fund. It's starting to look like most of them are crooks with their own crooked agendas who are getting used to advance Donald's crooked agendas.

  24. Funny thing is that Pompeyo guy had already gotten plastic surgery + liposuction on his face to look "presidential" already ! 😁😁😁

  25. A handful of Republicans who left the party were what you used to know as conservatives. The Trump-loyal remainder, which is virtually the entirety of the GOP, you can fold, put in a box labeled corrupt fraud and throw into the garbage disposal.

  26. Roflmao. "What are you a democrat?" Is that the go to for anytime they're asked a question or disagreed with? Ouch Pompeo. Just ouch

  27. What is pompeo dragging us into. He's not an employee of the state, he's the leader. Answer the question pompeo, the American people need to know

  28. We shouldn’t talk about people anymore. We should talk about advancements in sustainable technology.

    Schemes aren’t important in the future. Evolving past climate change.

  29. Pompeo needs to do time for this disgusting betrayal of the American people and his persecution of State Department career employees. He has participated in corruption, instigated vicious attacks on people who have for decades demonstrated integrity serving this country for both Republican and Democratic administrations. He is WORSE than trump because he is an intelligent man. He has used his God given gifts to perpetrate a crime against our entire nation. Resign Pompeo … you are a traitor.

  30. Too bad the criminal trumpist opportunists will only go to prison rather than shot.

    The entire administration is likely guilty enough to be locked up for something.

  31. Is it me who thinks Trump associates with 'not good, crooked people', and did I just hear somebody say everything Trump touches dies? Are these people crooked before or after they get into Trump's orbit? And how does Trump find them? And am I making it up or it's ok to say Trump actually said he was going to drain the swamp? I have a lot of questions.

  32. I knew it was more to the story than what is being reported regarding Rudy buddies. According to an article on leafly dot com, there was another charge, they were also indicted in the US cannabis corruption scheme. Visit the website. I don't want to put the link here. Go to leafly .com and stroll to the bottom and you will see the article in purple.

  33. Shout out to that Nashville reporter for a job well done. It's nice to see my state get onto MSNBC for something good occasionally. 😁

  34. I would really love to watch Ainsley guest host an episode of The Rachel show. All that blonde hair. That would be an intense reporting experience. Count me in.

  35. I think I have been in a coma for fifty years. and when I woke up, Bullwinkle had been elected president and appointed Boris & Natasha to make up his staff.

  36. I loved the questioning of Pompeo and how the smug, cocky expression vanished from his face as he frantically stonewalled legitimate questions. He will now have learned that tying his wagon to Trump is a curse, not a blessing and it will scupper his attempts to advance up the greasy pole of Republican politics.

  37. trump could come out and declare himself a satanist and his followers would attack the pope. its time for trump and all of those who sold their soul to him to pay dearly!

  38. Give Pompeo a bag of marbles to put in his mouth when he sees reporters
    Coming with the microphones and cameras. He mumbles like the rest of
    Trumps enablers. Quick someone! marbles for my mouth. I don’t know nothing

  39. If Pompeo thinks he can tell a journalist how to do their job, maybe he could take some positive criticism.
    1) Resign.
    2) Give all your knowledge of Trump's crimes (& your own!) to CONGRESS!
    3) Throw yourself on the mercy of American Democacy!

  40. It will only take a few to turn, before the whole house of cards collapses hopefully, do these morons not look at how Manafort and Cohen's loyalty ended up for them???

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