100 thoughts on “As China backlash against NBA expands, Dennis Rodman offers to help

  1. Send Rodman to China for his great communication skills and wisdom, then cut all ties to him and China… Fuck you long time!

    CNN is Satire news BTW

  2. Every NBA athlete with sport gear made in China should tell the company to pull out of China if China doesn’t play ball.

  3. Disgusting how these people will take a knee because America is supposedly so bad, but these very same people will bend the knee to kiss china’s ass.

  4. Whelp, Rodman has brought us closer to peace with NK, CNN has brought us bullsh*t lies about trump peepee stories and claimed they were true. just a reminder lol

  5. Tibet shares border with China for centuries and there is nobody who knows China better than Tibetans. Tibetans have been telling stupid Americans entrepreneur and politicians not to trust the Communist government of China all these years, but they never listened because they are blinded by their greed and now they are on edge of losing everything including their freedom.

  6. Adam Silver , we all must live with our beliefs but must also able to deal with the repercussions and consequences. Biggest challenges for you yet, big guy.

  7. I'm not a racist,but watching 10 black guys run back & forth doing the euro step is not a sport,now this China shit?No Kaepernick?I don't watch NFL anymore,now no more NBA either,complete bullshit

  8. Daryl Morey has the right to his freedom of speech, but as a General Manager for Houston Rockets his words have weight. Considering the type of violent protests that Hong Kong suffered for months now, it is also understandable the Chinese would feel very personal about the tweet. In America we can't even make a negative comment about Israel without being called an "anti-Semite", so much for "freedom of speech."

  9. Hk protest has nothing to do with democracy. It's a separatist movement disguised as a demand for democracy. We Chinese see through it right away, but the Westerners are just gullable doofus easily manipulated. That's why the HK thugs used the word Democracy in their slogans coz they know ignorant dummies will fall for it. Westerners are wired to react in certain way when they hear the words freedom and democracy. Ppl in power have figured that out long time ago using lab rats.

  10. "We learned that NBA players, who are among the wokest of all professional athletes. Who up until now never heard of a social justice cause that they didn't love to support. Until that cause was democracy in Hong Kong when their Chinese communist overlords told them to shut-up about it!" – Mark Dice

  11. Where are all these social justice warrior athletes who kneel on China?
    Mr NBA? Disgusting. Screw the NBA. Let it die. They’ve shown their hand. A bunch of owned black men playing for white owners. Of course they can’t stand up for human rights. Slavery is alive and well. It’s name is professional sports.

  12. Interesting … he is brave with personality. Does China think the Citizens of the United States of America are a joke? is a joke? Whose FANS! 😨 f capitalism

  13. Activision-Blizzard is an American company based in California that enjoys the protections and freedoms the United States gives them on one hand but on the other hand they work on behalf of a foreign government (China) in suppressing those same freedoms from people in a region of the world China is at conflict with. (Hong Kong) You should check out Mark Kern, he was a member of Blizzard's World of Warcraft development team and knows quite a bit about both Activision-Blizzard and China. Here is a live stream with him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDvljDT3w74

  14. How do you have 49K views, but only 600 votes. That pathetic lack of engagement is truly awe inspiring. I can only assume that since the average age of your viewer is 75, many have no idea what those thumbs mean. Or maybe they just died while watching this garbage channel. Either way.

  15. Fking Americans should know what really happens in HK before u say fking free Hk. Hk polices and many citizens had been beaten by the “protesters “. And u r say this is fight for freedom?

    We should free California, Texas, and every states in us.

  16. Oh you blood sucking band of hypocrites. When 1 black man protest for the inhumane and atrocious attacks on black men and he used the medium that was available to him. Many of you caed him, unpatriotic and used the insidious ploy of disrespecting the flag to help cement your racist outcry.
    Now, that a white man is speaking out about what is happening in China, he is a good fellow.
    Why don't you solve your racist problem first before you criticize another country of their problem.

  17. Democracy is garbage if you don't know and respect other people and culture. No one needs Americans to redeem, you are not God.

  18. China enslaves, tortures and kill people and is the biggest polluter of the planet which is to then the #1 contributor to carbon pollution…
    Stop sleeping with the enemy. Stop buying made in China.

  19. I love the Chinese people, put their CCP gov't is so corrupt. What they are doing to the NBA is just a simple example of what they do to all US businesses. The control they have shown here has resulted in hundreds of US business executive's in the past selling out our country to China. Doing business in China must be regulated closely, as they have "NO Rule OF LAW".

  20. I learned that us westerners should really appreciate our freedom of speech because we take it for granted sometimes when we complain about our leaders but people in China don’t get to protest at all unless they want to die for criticizing the government they have. Imagine living in a world where you have to becareful about what you say about the government or live in constant fear because you’re a minority practicing a different religion.

  21. What is this stupid Content. An American said “let’s support Hong Kong’s freedom”, then the NATIONAL American Basketball league didn’t back him. That’s the story!

  22. Can we start producing our own goods in USA, and stop buying Chinese products? No, the corporations are owned by the Chinese.. FUUUUUUCK!

  23. Dennis, China isn’t North Korea Kim might like you but Winnie the Pooh will put you in a slammer without hesitation don’t bite more than you chew.

  24. Simple, just hand over your fat little morey knees down to apologise. He is the one to responsible for all these shit.

  25. Make me the ambassador, I’ll make it simple, FU China, I’ll survive without your money, cancel everything you want! Call me when you have God in your heart ❤️,

  26. Almost like as sensitive as the democrats with their woke/cancel culture crap. Makes me think the left is headed to that Chinese dystopian future where they'll want to censor everything they don't agree with or take them out any way possible, oh wait, that's sort of already happening. No wonder Disney is so embedded with the Chinese if not all of Hollywood.

  27. To trump, he must show white man is king before asians. No more trade deals with little egg-roll China.

  28. Xi jinping got so butthurt he even banned winnie the pooh for doing absolutely nthing 😂😂😂😂omg💀💀

  29. I feel funny on American media, CNN, or CNBC… NBA is banned just simply because of Chinese government, just because of its authoritarian government. There is huge anger among the Chinese people in the public, these Media is trying desperately to cut the piece they want and ignore the Chinese public responses. NBA got boycott began on internet, started from Chinese citizens, not its government. Because China painful history , when come to national sovereignty and territorial integrity, there is not room for bargaining from anyone or any country. These are common consensus among all Chinese nationals, don’t even doubt

  30. LOLZ. CNN was pro-Rodman when he visited Kim Jong Un. Now that he wears a MAGA hat, oh, he's th worst person in the world.

  31. We never thought Donald Trump would be president. Can you imagine? Dennis Rodman as President in in 2028? I pray the Lord will help us!!

  32. Theres no such thing as freedom of speech anywhere. If u want to post something on social media just post cute dogs and food pics.

  33. china was raped by western powers in the century of humiliation. any support on separatist from a colonial power will be viewed as the rapist takes out his erected penis, and will be kicked on his testicles. nba took out usa imperial penis and is kicked on testicles.

  34. entertainment and sports are not necessity in life. China does not count this for GDP growth or depend on it for export, unlike USA, therefore, no impact to the Chinese whatsoever if Hollywood and US sports stop dealing with China. In fact its welcomed.

  35. The NBA should be totally ashamed of theirselves for selling out to a communist government and giving them a win because they did sell out for the mighty dollar to the commies. Shame shame shame on you! Then to make the argument that China didn't ask us about mall shootings???? Are you serious???? What an embarrassment to our country to have such weak greedy people be t hat damn easy to control! Screw the NBA! Go live in China!

  36. FIFA has banned all politic issues for a long time because they know though even it was for some good reasons to let them in at the beginning but soon everything gonna be much more complicated and people who enjoy the game together without thingking about sxxts in real life will just bite each other again, after that, everybody lose.
    Freedom for HK is exciting, but how does the league face our Spanish friends and that Catalan flag same time? Or if you support One Spain obviously Catalonian will leave. Then Scotland Ireland Bayern California Brittany and so on those are all not impossible. How to face them? Does anyone care about those hardworking labours who may be laid off by incomes decreasing?

  37. Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything?? NBA bends the knee for China and Nike. HYPOCRITES

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