Arturia V Collection | Introducing 7.1 Update

Arturia V Collection | Introducing 7.1 Update

Hey everyone, my name is Jacob and I am
pretty excited to be back with another video. This one will cover the very first
update for V collection 7, our amazing anthology of classic synths and
keyboards we made in software. Let’s dive into the details. The 7.1 one
upgrade brings a few interesting additions that you’ve been requesting
for a while. Their aim is to make your creative process a little easier and
more fun. This includes a new Undo/Redo functionality, full NKS
integration, new embedded tutorials, Analog Lab Concert mode enhancement and
completely refreshed Arturia Software Center look and design. To start off, I am
very excited to show you a popular request that you’ve been asking for a
while now. From now on, all the 24 instruments – including Analog Lab – have a
new undo and redo feature embedded into their design. Each of our instruments now
allow you to undo and redo all the actions that are taken within the plugin.
Simply go to the lower right corner of the instrument where you will find three
icons. Left arrow lets you undo any action, while the right arrow will redo
all previous actions and changes. The icon in the middle allows you to see the
history of all the changes made. This one will give you a great insight into the
amount of work that goes into fine tuning and designing your sounds. You can
recall any movement inside of the instrument and pick any moment of its
history, revisit the particular state while still being able to move back and
forward from that moment. Just like that. This new feature works inside any DAW as
well as in standalone mode and will definitely help to improve your workflow. Next up we are happy to let you know that V Collection 7 instruments now
feature a full compatibility with Native Instruments NKS system so we can
enjoy its smart outer mapping of features parameters and sounds. To access
them simply open up your Komplete Kontrol app and find our plugins in the
all instruments section. Each instrument provides a few parameter pages with many
knobs to control and shape your sound with the NI controllers. Moving on let’s
check out the updated Concert mode inside of Analog Lab. As you probably
know the last Analog Lab update provided you with the new Concert mode that
allows you to organize your sounds into the playlist, and easily play and move
around them while performing live. Now let’s focus on the new
features which include: updated layout four buttons to save a concert create
new songs and delete songs and presets, edit copy paste delete duplicate and
safe as preset functions when the right-clicking on a preset and added
copy paste delete duplicate and export options when right-clicking on a song.
We’ve also added a menu button that will allow you to rename in concert, revert
it’s unsafe changes, import songs or presets into it, as well as export and
delete the concert. On top of that now we can also save a copy of the selected
preset in the browser and export your selected song. Finally while in the
concert list right-click will let you export or delete a concert while a left click will simply load it. We are sure that this new
upgrades will help you to prepare your gig and enter the stage with more
confidence. Now let’s move on to the next topic. We’ve integrated new sound design
tutorials and some of our best-loved instruments. From now on you can learn
how to create some timeless sounds such as bass, pads or leads, while using Mini V,
Jupiter-8 V, DX 7 V CZ V and Synthi V. Now let me quickly show you how it works. To access the tutorials, simply go to the menu page and unfolded the tutorial
section. There you will find a few of them to choose from. Each one will teach
you how to create a few amazing and timeless sounds that play a major role
in every song structure: Bass to give your track a solid foundation, Pads to
create depth and space and Leads to provide the listener with
the tracks direction. Each tutorial will take you through a few easy steps that
will explain the sound design process for every one of those, and at the end
you will be presented with the final sound. These instructions will provide a
basic understanding of what it takes to create interesting sounds. Together with
the undo and redo function and offers a comfortable platform to get yourself
more involved into the science of sound design. Finally we are proud to present
the new Artorias Software Center design. From now on our product management app
will be much more easy to use, understand, and move around. After logging in you
will be presented with its main view in the left part you can access all your
products and updates while also being able to explore all the other products
that we offer. You can easily check each of your own products and see what it
consists of, read its description register or activate it, access its latest
release notes as well as easily install uninstall or clear the preferences. We’ve also made sure to give you a fast access to the user manual and frequently
asked questions files inside of the products description. Outside of that
we’ve also provided the users with the general settings access to modify their
accounts, licenses, and advanced preferences. That’s it for now we are
more than sure that this new updates will make your V Collection experience
even better easier and much more complete. We hope that you will enjoy the
new features just as much as we did while making them for you.
Thanks for watching and see you soon.

13 thoughts on “Arturia V Collection | Introducing 7.1 Update

  1. Hello Arturia, love your synths a lot, but they are overcrumbled with files, please make the synths disk consumption smaller. Not all of us need 4k bitmaps. Big synth skins should be optional or make them vector. Your synths are bad for laptop SSD. Half a million files and 12gigs like a sample library.

  2. So, Arturia! The big question is

    Have you finally updated Matrix 12V's GUI, which is the only V Collection 7 instrument without a high-res user interface (despite the M12 filter having the 4k ready skin) ??

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