Arnold Schwarzenegger | Before They Were Famous | UPDATED biography

Arnold Schwarzenegger | Before They Were Famous | UPDATED biography

Before Arnold Schewarzenegger would break
box office records with The Terminator, Terminator 2, Predator, Twins, Kindergarten Cop and would
have a film career spanning over 50 years. Before Arnold would coind popular catchphrases
known the world over like “I’ll be back” “Get to The Choppa” & “Hasta La Vista
Baby!” Before he fell in love with Maria Shriver
and vowed that he would only cum for her, oh yes and of course his barbells. Before he became Govern-ator of California,
in 2003. The story of Arnold Schwarzenegger has got
to be one of the most motivational Rags To Riches stories of all time. The tale of a penniless immigrant making it
in the land of opportunity, the United Stated of America. I mean he was even close to having a shot
at being the President. Childhood friends stated that he often said
his goals in life were to move to America, become an actor, and marry a Kennedy. He accomplished all three and so much more. As body building her took the sport out of
obscurity while becoming the youngest winner of the Mr. Europe, crowned Mr.Olympia seven
times, and won Mr. Universe 5 times, at one point the man and could deadlift 710 pounds. Arnold became the poster boy for the American
dream and bulked up his own net worth to an estimated $400 million dollars…. but let’s
take a look at where he came from and his astonishing journey! What is going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden hitting you
guys with an updated video on the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger prior to fame, here
for you on Before They Were Famous. I’ve been a massive Arnold fan my entire life
and it’s been a while since we’ve covered any A Listers here on this channel. Of course we could hit you with a Where Are
They Now? On some of the biggest stars from the Terminator
but if that’s what you wanna see – you gotta let me know in the comments down below. Now let’s get into this video…
__________ Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born on July 30,
1947 in Thal Austria. Raised in a poor Catholic household by his
parents Gustav and Aurelia, young Arnold grew up without plumbing, a fridge,
or a telephone, and learned discipline early on, if he stepped out of line he would get
the rod. His father was the town’s police chief and
a military officer in the second world war… so it’s not surprising that he ran that
household like a drill sergeant. Both he and his brother were excellent athletes
and soon Arnold took to soccer. Arnold’s older brother Meinhard was his fathers
favorite and the one many set their sites on as the son of talent, promise and potential. His father, nicknamed Arnold “Cinderella”
as a child and his older brother, Meinhard, constantly picked on him growing up. Their school coach took them to a local gym
to do some leg-strengthening exercise and Arnold found he enjoyed them more than actually
playing the sport, and began to focus on weightlifting. At 14 his parents started pressuring him into
different careers, but Arnold knew what he wanted to become. Influenced by American culture from watching
movies, he idolized people like Steve Reeves and Reg Parker, who crossed over from bodybuilding
into acting. His bedroom walls were covered with photos
of oiled up men, which started to worry his mom & I can’t even imagine what his military
father had to say. Until Arnold helped make the sport of bodybuilding
go mainstream it was thought by many to be some sort of freak show. Arnold took his training very seriously and
was known to push himself until he would throw up or collapse from exhaustion. His arms, chest and shoulders were developing
nicely but his legs just wouldn’t grow so he decided to cut his pants into shorts and
took the name calling and critizisim for his chicken legs as motivation. When he turned 18 Arnold went to do his mandatory
army service, and his dad pulled some strings to get him a position driving tanks. The only problem was a few weeks into it he
got an invitation to go to the Junior Mr. Europe competition which was in Germany. Arnold was so determined to break into body
building and transform this into a fil career to allow him to live the American dream that
he decided to go AWOL during his basic training to compete. He arrived at the contest and was virtually
unknown, but every time he struck a pose, the crowd went nuts. He went on to win the competition and knew
his dream could become a reality. But when he tried to sneak back into base
that night he was caught and thrown into solitary confinement. A few days later his lieutenants asked to
see him. Initially they scolded him, but word spread
quickly that he had won the competition, and they rallied around Schwarzenegger as a model
of discipline and fitness. Soon Arnold was getting extra food in the
cafeteria, being excused from duty to do his training, and the welders even made the guy
a gym that he could bring around with him on his tank. He still owns a tank or two today! In the span of a year, Arnold gained 25 pounds
of rock-solid muscle. His first crack at the Mr.Universe title got
him second place, but one of the judges was so impressed with him, he invited Arnold to
live with him in London and train under his guidance but money was tight with him surviving
off 30 british pounds a week While in England Arnold got a better understanding
of English… kind of. But more importantly his new training had
paid off, and when he went for the Mr. Universe title at the age of 20, he blew away the competition,
becoming the youngest person to ever win. He went on to win the Mr.Universe title 3
more times. Then in 1968 he went to the states to compete
and caught the eye of Jo Weider, a fitness titan who owned a gym in Venice Beach. He invited Arnold to live and train with him
in Cali. Every one wanted to know more about this Austrian
immigrant living the American dream, and his articles on fitness and B movie roles gave
Arnold his first taste of celebrity but his acting still needed some work. His first major credit was as Arnold Strong
in the low budget 1970’s film Hercules In New York. For the film they dubbed an American voice
to hide his thick German accent. In1971, Arnold’s older brother died in a
drinking and driving accident, soon followed by his father who had a stroke, others report
he too died in a drinking and driving accident. Arnolds who wanted to focus on his training,
decided not to attend the funerals but to pump more iron instead. People found this decision to be a little
cold hearted but the man had big dreams he wanted to accomplish. His next acting role in Stay Hungry alongside
Jeff Bridges and Sally Field earned him a golden globe award for “Best Acting Debut
in a Motion Picture” He continued to dominate in competitions picking
up 5 Mr. Universe and 7 Mr. Olympia titles. There were other perks to his success including
the odd and fans giving him some love at competitions – for more on that, it’s in his book Total
Recall. Then in 1977 he was the focus of a documentary
called ‘Pumping Iron’, which really boosted his image. His ascent to action superstar wouldn’t
come until 1982, when director John Milius thought Arnold’s stature, and heavy accent
would make for the perfect Barbarian in Conan which became a smash hit worldwide in 1984. They may not have been able to understand
the guy but the people loved it! A sequel soon follow and two years later,
Arnold would solidify his place in movie history when he spoke those 3 iconic words. When James Cameron offered him the role it
was to play the hero Reese but Arnold demanded to play the machine. From there on out, Arnold had become box office
gold and continued to pump out new films as a real life superhero in Commando, Raw Deal, Predator, The Running Man, Red Heat
and at one point was commanding a salary of 15 Million per film. Having achieved super star status Arnold began
to diversify his portfolio appearing in comedies like Twins, Junior and Kindergarten Cop. Amazingly he was able to carry films just
as well in a comedic role as he was as an action star. In 1983 he officially became an American citizen
and a few years later he married a Kennedy in Maria Shriver. From there on out it seemed like Arnold could
do no harm, more films would follow including Total Recall, Terminator 2: Judgement Day
which was his biggest film to date. After nearly a decade of success Arnold didn’t
experience his first box office flop until 1993 with Last Action Hero but more hits would
follow including True Lies and Batman & Robin where he became a meme before meme’s were
even a thing… Once he had conquered Show Business Arnold
would set his sights on politics. He began making frequent trips to the White
House and in 1990 president Bush chose him to be the chairman of the President’s Council
of Physical Fitness. And the rest of the story, well, we are gonna
wrap this up here because this is before they were famous.

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