Army Ants Rampage Through The Forest  | The Hunt | BBC Earth

Army Ants Rampage Through The Forest | The Hunt | BBC Earth

the army ant this may look like a bore of a million individuals but make no mistake the colony acts as one [Music] a superorganism with a sensory system of 2 million and Tennie a skeleton made from the living bodies of workers a [Music] defense system of soldier ants ready to act at any sign of danger a digestive system processing piles of food deep inside [Music] even a coordinated system for dealing with all the waste these are insects that by working together transcend individual size the colony can search the entire jungle and flush out its wildlife [Music] each day it sends out a silent probe into the forest in quest of food [Music] it doesn’t use Scouts like other ants instead a vast search party pushes into virgin territory seeking out the signs of anything alive they spread out along the 10-meter front sweeping across the forest floor to find prey the ants must first touch it the irony is that this the most successful hide-and-seek player in the forest is almost completely blind it distinguishes the living only by their movement as long as an animal remains still it is safe but the slightest twitch will give it away within seconds the prey is pinned down [Music] within minutes it’s torn apart at its joints [Music] the more the praise struggles the more the ants engage [Music] right across the raid front pray of all sizes are driven from their hiding places even wasps must abandon their homes when the m’s [Music] everything alive in the path of the Raiders overwhelmed by sheer numbers you

100 thoughts on “Army Ants Rampage Through The Forest | The Hunt | BBC Earth

  1. If humans operated in groups like these insects which care for each other in their nest I firmly believe that the world definitely would see a change to families & community

  2. These are real soldiers dude/true warriors.They bit on each other asses,arms and legs just to get across the river,whatever it take to achieve their objectives.Teamwork dude !!

  3. I'll train my soldiers to behave just like them.They'll still be here long after we're gone.They so reminded me of the mongol hordes……

  4. It's beutiful if only humans worked this well together. Ants do this not for greed or for popularity they do it solely to survive. If only the human race worked like this we would be alot happier world.

  5. felt sorry for the grasshoper, just minding his own business then suddenly pounced on by thousands of crazy ants

  6. YouTube: hey, wanna see other insects get eaten alive by little ants?

    Me: sure, why not.

    * video ends..

    Me: Barf 🤢🤮

    Also me: that was feaking awesome though!

  7. I sometimes wish creatures like this one
    Who have by default have super senses, and instincts way advanced that we ever had or will have
    Had advanced intelligence aswell.
    Progressed though the years like us, to be able invent science, tools do maths..etc.
    I wonder where we humans would be if we had such a rival.

  8. and then they say humans are the worst lmao. they just kill everything living in their way….. well humanst still are worse

  9. “Alright boys! We need a detachment to bring this grasshopper back to colony ASAP!”
    “Sir! I think I detect a hostile nearby!”
    “Message received! Let’s keep moving! Stand on guard and be ready for anything boys! If it’s not an ant, dispatch for assistance and engage at will!”

  10. If these dudes were the size of a Quarter they would rule the planet !!!!!👁👁 You just know these guys gave the dinosaurs plenty of hell !!!!!

  11. I always wondered if an ant can say to its colony " I don't feel quite so good today. I'm just gonna stay in, you guys go on with out me, I'll be ok by tomorrow" surely the get ant sick some days?

  12. I swear this is exactly why when I see a ant Hill in my backyard I pour 17 pots of boiling water in the hole

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