28 thoughts on “Are You Living an Insta Lie? Social Media Vs. Reality

  1. This is why beside Facebook I don't use any other social media. It has dumbed down society. I mean how pathetic are you to post fake pics?

  2. Sadly many don’t use social media for the positive aspect – connecting w/ far away family & friends. It’s nice I can post or talk about what’s going on to my relatives or far away siblings or friends and not have to send things individually or else that would take a lot of time that I just don’t have enough of. And also be able to see what’s going on with them and choose to make conversation on it if I want to. Using social media just for attention and to make up some life is using it for the wrong reasons and can only hurt you in the end. Use it for yourself because that’s the main reason and then use it for connecting with people who matter. I don’t follow trends and “trendy people” a lot of that is meant for Twitter (which I don’t use) anyway. If people would seek a more positive reason for it and have enough confidence to not compare their life to everyone else’s they would enjoy it more and if you can’t do that then yeah, don’t use it. It hurts my brain imagining being that fake or creating a scene just for a picture or likes, if you do that please get help.

  3. I closed facebook and instagram 2 years and don't miss it at all! I now enjoy life more and spend more time with my love ones. Social media is just a big lie created to cause anxiety and depression specially on The youth who make other peoples opinion of themselves a priority in their lives.

  4. I think we all want to feel famous and loved even just for a moment. Though what's the point if you feel sad after turning off the screen ?

  5. I'm at my boat watching people visiting relatives on a yacht.  Instead of enjoying themselves & living in the moment they chose to spend half their day documenting the experiences (a boat, water fowl, trees, etc.) and uploading it to people who don't really give a f-ck.  What a hollow existence!

  6. The social media sites I'm on are just for me to see memes and animal videos (and maybe 1 kpop group or 2)…I find it hard to trust these very happy people behind the screens these days😅

  7. One year , no social app … hv only whatsapp to talk real friends and family and to hv connectivity with office mates

  8. Social media are normally the best parts of someones life. If you honestly think it's not then that's your problem. Obviously there is lying and just showing the best bits. Two very different things.

  9. Wow anyone will do anything for some stupid heart from people they hardly or dont know. I am soooooooo happy I am free of social media. Now I live happier more confident and it's so annoying to see everyone doing the same thing. Such fake people we are around. That's why I'm introvert.

  10. There are so many comments which are against Instagram and who hasn't it?
    I haven't had Instagram anymore and my life goes on. Now I am watching "just" videos at YouTube. Who else?

    Sorry for my bad English😅

  11. I have Instagram but I tend to take pics of when I've been on holiday or spending time with family. Taking a picture just so you can lie to make yourself look interesting is just ridiculous. Suppose everyone's different

  12. oohh shut up, now you have used youtube to post this instead of spending time with your friends or family, and by doing so we are still using Youtube to watch this video, these are things we all do! So don't be fake moralists

  13. Envy obviously keep us trapped into this fake social media life. We see someone's nice picture, so we post a nice picture of our own to trigger envy in others and make us feel better. Stop it and pray the Rosary.

  14. Some of the happiest people you see on Instagram, are the saddest people in reality. And that my friend, is the reality.

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