Arc 6 Chapter 78 “Four Corners” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

Arc 6 Chapter 78 “Four Corners” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

27 thoughts on “Arc 6 Chapter 78 “Four Corners” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

  1. Great video as always.

    Just a quick question, can you read Japanese like, really effectively? I'm curious as to how you make such good summaries

  2. If Subaru can help Shaula returns back to normal, they might able to help Julius to defeat Reid…. but wow amazing chapter~

  3. This chapter reminds me of the second half of arc 3

    I wonder if we’re getting plot twist at the end like arc 3

  4. Omg, in Every video your editing gets better.
    2:30 Lol

    After reading each chapter I'm excited about hearing your summary

  5. I guess this will happen:
    They learn something new but this way or another way he'll die again. This time he won't hesitate with the books and he'll even read the Book of Trisha. This gives him 1) more time so that Emilia's name won't be eaten and 2) Shaula won't transform. 3) he'll learn something about Raid that'll defeat him. Maybe he is ticklish? Maybe there is something which will devastate him if he'll remember. Maybe Subaru just has to say he is Flugel and orders Raid to make suicide? I don't know. Or maybe he'll really just use the Book of Raid and opens it in front of him?

  6. Thanks for videos as always and this chapter was amazing as per usual. Though I don't understand what's the point of having Ana go with Emalia to fight Reid, I see little to no use for besides maybe emotional support for Julius. Ram vs Ley should be easy since he is weakened after fighting Emilia and How many demon beasts in actually there? Did gluttony bring them or did Subaru attract them? Honestly, they are IMO the least interesting obstacle.

  7. Thanks for the video. I really liked the editing this time around. It really helped to better understand what everyone is doing.

  8. Honest predictions, I'm gonna bet Subaru is gonna get RbD'ed because it's like the same situation in arc 3. And on top of that, I doubt Rui is gone for good and saving Shalua may not be possible. What I'm gonna bet is either Subaru has to fuse with Rui or try to kill Rui, or Subaru and Rui talk each other out and get Rui to stop Ley and Roy. Tho honestly, he should've bring both Garf and Ricardo into the team instead of arrogantly rushes himself to go without bringing any strong people with abilities since Julius doesn't have spirits anymore and Meili can barely control her demon beasts. if he were to bring them, he would assign Garf to take care of either Shalua or the demon beasts and Ricardo to take care the Gluttonies for redemption fight, or the demon beasts, but of course Subaru or Tappei, for whatever reason, did not think about it and went along anyways…

  9. There really isn’t much to say about this chapter besides good stuff. Considering we’ve a clear path with some unknown variables along the way it’ll be fun to see how the arc ends.

  10. What Emilia can do to Reid? What is the common thing that happen every time Reid see Emilia for first time (he remembers)? Easy basically he finds her attractive. So I think It will be hilarious and cunning if Emilia allures Reid in trap or something. *Predict

  11. Cool video :D. Feels really high quality for only 1 day of turn-around.

    This chapter was really good. I really do hope this is the last loop in this arc, though I still have no idea how they will overcome Reid. My only guess is that they'll get Shaula to change back somehow. I vaguely feel like Shaula will get nerfed or written out of the story (Like Rem, or Garfiel/Otto for this arc) for the next arc though if she does end up joining them. I also wonder if Rui will make one last appearance?

  12. i think anastesia is used as an pawn here to create tension so Julius and emilia both use there full potential i guess. maybe i am thinking to much

  13. Reasons why Subaru chose this grand strategy plan.

    Ram vs Ley Batenkaitos: Outcome should go to Ram 'cause at full power (and with Cor Leonis as support), adding the fact that the author states she could beat the White Whale ALONE w/ her horn (and Subaru can act as her HORN with Greed's Authority).

    Anastasia, Emilia, and Julius vs Reid: With Emilia's name being eaten, she could gain the advantage as a total NOBODY to Reid. As I recall the previous chapters, she managed to hit Reid before Subaru got possessed by Rui days before the attack on the tower.

    Anastasia could act as support to Julius because she's a Yang user, which is the opposite of Ying users mainly because of their Buffs that they can spam out to their allies.

    And Julius… He's got experience fighting a fellow swordsman AND fought Reid before he got his butt kicked by him.

    Meili vs Mabeasts: She has her Divine Blessing, so she got this under her control.

    Beatrice and Subaru vs Shaula: If we include the fact that Shaula sees Subaru as her previous master, Flügel, due to the Witch's Scent. Subaru would use it to his advantage and probably has a secret card he has yet to reveal… Probably unlikely due to Tappei's love of suffering towards Subaru.

    Beatrice… She's a versatile spirit, so you know.

    That's all that I can think of. If there's anything I've missed, please reply.

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