Arc 6 Chapter 77 “Beacon of Counterattack” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

Arc 6 Chapter 77 “Beacon of Counterattack” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

27 thoughts on “Arc 6 Chapter 77 “Beacon of Counterattack” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

  1. Finally, a moment where Subaru decides not to commit suicide to bring back Emilia's and everyone's memories, but instead using other means.

    Getting hyped here!

  2. The Chapter is not called "Wolf of Counterattack", it's called "Beacon of Counterattack" or "Smoke Signals of Counterattack", or something along those lines if you can be more creative.

  3. Really Refreshing chapter! Glad to see the gang back together with the OG or should I say "Perfect" Subaru. Gluttony bout to be light work, considering how Subaru address them but I find it strange how Ley is able to retreat, where the hell does he go? To meet Reid or maybe Louis? I don't know and
    Correct me if I'm wrong but was Shaula, Julius, or Meili in this chapter?

  4. Well lets not forget that Julius' name was also taken, so its been pretty much confirmed that Subaru was going to find a way to reverse the affects of gluttony since then.

  5. This chapter was a good return to form after so long with just Rui-Subaru. This most likely is the run tho it’s almost guaranteed with Subaru not going “Well guess I’ll die”. I’m really wondering how they’re gonna lock off Subaru’s books of the dead if the thing with Rui causing it being really is correct but usually his guesses concerning this type of stuff is true. Maybe they’ll just be destroyed or Subaru will be too scared to do it thinking that by giving them his memories to them it’ll activate Satella on them. It’ll be great to watch all this play out. Random quested IQ do you think they’re just going to Alt+F4 Rem and then just have Subaru just go holy shit what’s going on for an episode because nobody remembers? Really don’t know what they’re gonna do with how the IQ character timelines work because if they introduce future characters and have the memories up will they just not acknowledge it or just go WTF just happened. I’d like for the series to start screwing with their sense of who they are but that’s definitely too heavy for what IQ is. The Rem thing might be a solid possibility to maybe finally inject a dab of what ReZero really is into the show. This chapter didn’t leave the biggest room for speculation besides for how they’re gonna kill all the bad guys considering a good portion of the huge stuff has been solved, at this point we’re just going to be walking a straight line to the solution with some more minor issues along the way. The format for the series is still executed really well tho. Great work, I hope the next chapter gives some more branching information so there can be a longer video.

    Edit: As I type these on my phone I have no idea how long these essays are but holy crap this is the longest one yet. I usually think about ReZero randomly because the series can serve as good food for thought.

  6. I forget what the other obstacles are besides Shaula and Reid? Was there one more? I still have no idea how they'll deal with Reid.

  7. What if we won't be able to save Emilia in this Arc? A nice cliffhanger or not? Just think about it Emilia would even more fall in love with Subaru as he is the only one remembering her and sometime into Arc 7 Ley is ultimately being killed? This time it's just Roy and Rui or something like that.

  8. Something bothers me.
    Hear me out.
    Emilia's name has been eaten. This means, to the rest of the party a silver haired half elf appeared out of nowhere. And, the plaedies watch tower is assumed to be Satella's prison.
    Is no one alarmed? If not, why?
    Edited: Thanks Witchculttranslations for translating the webnovels.

  9. I thought the same thing like you before, since emilia's name is eaten and subaru still calm we can assume that teppei will use another method to restore emilia's name, so by that logic rem will be recover as well. But i just remembered that teppei is a slick grey cat who likes to play around with the emotions of his readers.
    So i have to put my expectation low and prepare my self for the worst outcome possible.

  10. So you are saying that the consequence of Emilia is a huge reason for Tappei to not go down this path of Emila being forgotten. Though the truth is I think that even more reason for Tappei to go down this path. It places even more stake on taking down Gluttony in the next act than ever before. I also think this change in the situation would be a huge reason to explore this dynamic of Emilia being forgotten.

  11. This one was a someone short and understandable. When it comes to understanding most of the time it’s really just how google translate messes up the translation

  12. Question what was the thing about the door again? Some lights were lit and others missing. Like some conditions of his were met and others weren’t apparently this has to do with his witch genes and how many he has but I’m not sure. Just wanted that explained a bit

  13. Add Russian subtitles, please, in our region only one person is engaged in translation, but he is still on the 5th arch and takes crazy money

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