Arc 6 Chapter 76 “Hell Named Myself” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

Arc 6 Chapter 76 “Hell Named Myself” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

30 thoughts on “Arc 6 Chapter 76 “Hell Named Myself” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

  1. Thank you!Reading these using Google Translate is kind of hard, since i usually miss half the things in there, but your videos always help me catch up.

  2. Thanks for the summaries as always (repetitive since I commented this on the Reddit post, I know lol).

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought of Emilia being wet as fuck as a joke with the last line about her heart beating, lol.

    Also holy shit. Finally. OGbaru is back. Now we can get actual progress in the tower. Can't wait for that fucker Ley to get absolutely demolished.

    (Good song choice at the end)

  3. Fk yea thanks so much for this video summary! Love your work dude. Keep posting more man I love Re:Zero so much and you're one of the only Youtubers making videos about spoiler content. I think in general you have the ability to become an actual anituber for real – you have my support 😀

  4. Damn, I take one day off Reddit and it just so happens a new chapter pops up, yay!!!
    Anyway short and sweet chapter (Not the Louis part) Happy to be out and the about again with the other characters. I think they could probably stomp out Ley, med difficulty, the monsters attacking the place I don't know, and if Reid gets out they stand no chance. Hope Subaru's got a plan in mind.

  5. I wonder when Subaru will activate Gluttony now. Considering Rui said she had this master plan to get Return by Death for herself and in the process give Subaru get her authority. Too bad it failed miserably because RBD is a bit too terrifying and just mentally destroys who uses it. What do you think Subaru having all three Gluttony authorities will do? Will it make the base Gluttony ability more powerful or add more abilities to Gluttony overtime. Then you have Subaru’s books of the dead which is probably why Satella is there because it’s a loophole that allows for someone to learn of RBD outside of any witch abilities and just having RBD. Maybe we’ll get another conversation between her and Subaru and get some more major clues to the big picture.

  6. I don't think he will but I wonder, if Subaru dies again and goes back to a checkpoint before his last meeting with Rui, will Rui 1 go back with him? Or will she just dissappear leaving only Subaru and Rui 2?

    Tho we might not see this since it would be a waste of time for the story. Either he will not die anymore until he has a new checkpoint or maybe he already has it after getting out of the corridor of memories.

  7. Damn words can't explain how excited I am for the next chapter, I hope it's a long one! Subaru is finally is back with memories and made emilia squirt a waterfall, amazing, might have a new authority I suppose? so now gluttony isn't having any effect on him it I suppose, nice summary in fact.
    keep these videos coming echidnut! …My brain TrEMbes!

  8. Hey guys I promised someone I would make a Twitter if I hit 200 subs and we just reached that milestone this morning, so I'll be on from now on. Thanks for 200 subs everyone!

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