Arc 6 Chapter 75 “Rui Arneb” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

Arc 6 Chapter 75 “Rui Arneb” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

17 thoughts on “Arc 6 Chapter 75 “Rui Arneb” (Re:Zero Web Novel)

  1. Not gonna lie, I love re zero but at this point I need some rem. Yeah she’s not best girl but rem has been in the back stage for multiple arcs.

  2. Another fantastic chapter and it was well worth the wait. Lots of questions (at least mine) got answered, Louis is beaten quite thoroughly and I wonder if real Subaru was watching the whole time. And another thing is Subaru absorbed gluttony power just like greed I imagine it would a kind of inverse of the regular ability.

  3. Amazing chapter, this arc has made me appreciate the development that Subaru received up to this point. Having him back is awesome. Tappei is a genius. But if there's anything I know is that he doesn't give the reader 100% of what they want. I'm sure there will be a catch when it comes to Rem. Anyway, I'm excited to see how he writes her back into the narrative, especially with Emilia and Subaru becoming closer. 🤔

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