hello Who am I gonna do I'm gonna do a phrase I just didn't work oh I'm gonna do it for you and then I'm gonna do Gemini and I'm gonna figure out whoever I awesome blue next hello Aquarius welcome to the summit experience I hope you guys having a great great day I have a very sad I have some very very exciting announcement to make for those of you that have been following the channel and listening to myself time you know first announcement I'm gonna be changing my youtube name from the summit experience to the shadow I'm going to change it to shadow healer 101 and I'm doing it because when I started a channel my focus was on the soulmate relationship it was on the summit experience it was on what I was going through during that period in time but I have come out of that soulmate relationship I've come out of that binding agent I have figured out my way through it and I'm nothing to say that I am not still in contact with a soulmate or you know everything is all figured out and everything's all you know good but I will say that I have found a lot of liberty and freedom and I've achieved my power and I believe I've learned a lesson however hard it was to learn of why I had to go through the experience that I went through and so that changes the dynamics of the channel and you know you guys who notice that philosophy that moved me for months and I've had this channel now for one year six months or so you guys will notice now that a lot has changed with the readings and how I present them and and you know before I used to talk only about the soma relationship now I talk about just about everything now second thing I have a novel that is coming out if you saw the thumbnail to this video that is the Nobu that is coming out it's called the secret society not the secret society The Seeker like a seeking the secret society and it's gonna be available exclusively on Amazon for a while I will have paper bags available as well and it's gonna be available for Kindle for those are gonna have Kindle and you want to order it if you have that you know it's a considerably cheaper like what I'm putting in at three dollars and 33 cents and for a Kindle because you'd have to print it out on anything of that sort and shape it and all those you know those things cost money but for a Kindle where you just down you just upload it into your iPhone or whatever device you have it's gonna be three dollars and 33 cents so there's no me that I've Kindle unlimited is gonna be free you know part of the Kindle unlimited package but that's pretty much all I have to say it's a for those of you that are fans of Harry Potter or the magicians or TV shows of that sort you know magical realism it's set in the real world is now set in Narnia you know it's set in the real world and it's a very interesting story I believe so that comes out in two days that will be on the 26th I pick that date specifically because of the energy that it represents to me and what its gonna bring in so that comes out on the 26th in two days I will I'm setting I'm putting a video out earlier but I will have it available I'll have the links available and i'll be i'll be posting about it you know as i go along but that's that's all i have to say now let's get into your reading this is for virgo Virgo what am I saying Aquarius I just did Virgo sorry Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius awkward Yeol's let's go into your reading Aquarius loading just create guides give me the message for Aquarius the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth not what they want to see the king of Pentacles came out of virgos reading funny that was the first card that came out of world was reading some of you are doing the Virgo with this king of Pentacles coming up here and you know what's funny because I've been talking about the Aquarian energy and I've talked about it in virgos reading on their big cross represented for some reason I'm picking up a couple that is Aquarius and Virgo or you might have to work on your chart or your partner might have work on your chart but they are not previous or something of that sort but there's Virgo and Aquarius as a mixture of work on Aquarius here and a three or four weeks of whites I said you know you guys should start incorporating some ocean energy into your lives you know honey and honey and cinnamon specifically you know sprinkle it over your food before you eat rub it at the back of rub some honey or some cinnamon at the back your ears your sensual sports your sensual sports your neck the back of your ears I would suggest maybe not your your your sexual organs because of the rest of you know what anyways but I've been saying to incorporate some oceany energy because for some reason Venus has been heating up Virgo very hard and for those of you that are dating verticals you might find that very helpful on merit of Argos or have heavy work on your child you might find in your chart you might find that very helpful to strengthen the bond between you and your partner now let's go into the reading for careers the five of cups surface man for queries loading your spirit guides the king of Pentacles comes out again that if you watch the Virgo video literally the same card the three of cups and Davo so there was a situation here and the twelve Pentacles some of you might have been dating someone outside of your relationship or there might have been a potential of someone else could have been a Pisces where this the high priestess here and the eight of cups someone might have been trying to get you out of those of you that are married to an earth sign or dating an earth sign I feel like this would be your husband or this will be your or your main partner here but I'm getting that it was someone else you have Capricorn on the table and we have Pisces as well this is this will represent your main partner there's someone here that was trying to get you away from your main partner there might also be this energy of the three of cups of fear positive cups I mean no matter how I look at it it's just it's telling me that there was a very very powerful but maybe unhealthy relationship outside some of you might have had someone they were looking at some of you this is your partner does having this going on with the third party that they might have had in their energy there's a third party situation here one or another that that I cannot deny you know there's a lady that wrote on my channel and she's been writing on my channel now for a while I haven't seen her comment since I caught her out and I told her to shut up an Aquarius lady and she wrote something like all the third party is a vein of you know tarot readers or something some smartass remark and I told her to shut the fuck up I'm not gonna bend my messages just because he doesn't fit your shoe best believe you know this is not a one size fits all just because you're an Aquarius and you're going through whatever the fuck you're going through does not mean that other people aren't going to other things too and that their message is not important to you know I really hate hey mentalities like that I really hate it that selfish rubbish keep it away from me please let's see I know we're all you know we all want to believe that the world with walls are on us but the truth of the matter is your world revolves around you the world does not revolve around you your world does shadow our graves the ten of Pentacles our marriage a home there's up does the knight of cups and a page of cups and then these two are Pentacles under it again you know I keep I keep getting this energy that someone is shown interfere or someone has been trying to interfere in your marriage because this comes up in the shadow let me pull one one more card because the ten of Pentacles come from the shadow I'm worrying that let me pull the card if I say it was a binding agent between these people the six of Wands the page of Pentacles a ten of cups and the five or four honest I'm worrying that this is someone you've been married to in a past life or you were hoping to get married to the ton of cops on the six of cups the four of Wands could be a fighter sign we have a king of Wands here there's someone were married to in your past life and I feel like you've encountered them in this lifetime and they are Charlie getting to you the current relationship or the current circumstance that you have going on here the six of cups talks about things from the past – those are also actually one of the main cards for past life situations let me see one more thing I'm looking for a specific card if it comes up with the six of cups and I will know for sure what they are about two cards or three cards that I can use the moon the temperance and the judgment but I am gonna leave myself open to see what I received reveal to me the truth of the sixth Cup the 3 of Wands that's the tower and the king of Pentacles not the class I wanted to see but I get the message not the cards that I had in mind to see it's studying me more than I was I wanted a yes or no but it's telling me the story the throw of Pentacles I can't help but notice the infinity symbol the 3 of Wands on the tower and this what I'm saying it's like that the king of Pentacles the 3 of Wands and the tower watching it fall apart it's like they're trying to it's like they wish they could break up your relationship I don't know how like why this is just a weird message but it's like there's someone that tried to break up your relationship or it's trying to break up your relationship but to them they have valid reason because if you would like a bond into you or binding to you that's almost kind of they feel like this binding to you that's like it's like they were married to you in a past life or you guys have some kind of soul contract you on this person Aquarius or it could be your partner that is bound to someone the king of cups the tower again and the ace of cups the Wheel of Fortune I need to get this story right because this is I'm gonna pull three cards here I'm gonna pull three cards here hoping that thing is going to a favor why does this keep giving me the same message it's like it keeps referencing the same thing same thing same thing if you're saying the exact same thing over and over again this relationship breaking up is gonna be their victory it's like they want you so bad like once you guys had something in a past life that you didn't complete or something of that sort like they want they want what they want to complete what you guys started whatever that means to you which that makes me feel like your relationship might not have ended well let me see let me pull some amend end your cards on this because it makes me feel like the relationship might have not have ended well because it's like they're trying to complete something but they should have come a little earlier maybe you'd have married them and completed in this lifetime or maybe the lesson is that they can't I don't know what the lesson is yet we are very much in love with you express your love separation that's what I'm saying give you a relationship or channels retreat that's what I'm saying it's like separation giving a relationship a chance and you can see exactly what I'm talking about like you're breaking up from your relationship from your marriage or whatever it is it's like that is their victory they get and that's why the tower keeps coming up with the Ace of Cups you know like Ace of Cups you get the wheel of fortune and the six of Wands literally Accardo victory because then things start moving in your favor and then they can come in and get what they want out of that if you go here where we have the queen of swords we have this energy of the nine of the nine of cups so it's like and you know the queen of swords also the Carter 2x you know funny you know that's a color the eggs it keeps telling me that if you guys break up that will be the victory for them because then they can they can come in and get what they want out of it like there's something here that if you like they have to get from you I don't know if you some kind of release or some kind of lesson or something but the journey didn't end well in the past life so now they're trying to reignite that spark in this life and and complete that that that journey that were going through let me ask what was the past life about should I ask cuz it's too many people don't as a thing it might be for one one group it might not be for the other but I would just have faith that since this is the general message for you guys then it will tell me to go over all our you know message what is a past life lesson here or what what is what do they want what is it energetically that they are seeking three cards three cards the child of the chariot the eight of Pentacles and the nine of cups the seven of Pentacles the magician through all these telling means to complete what they started to complete it it's like the son of Pentacles what they invested time into the queen of Pentacles the time these are the two card this on my two investment cards the eight of cups someone walked away the lovers as the Soumik binding and then let me see the magician the ADA swords and the fourth cuffs rejection with the aid of Cup someone walking over the four cups rejection the queen of Pentacles and eight of swords a magician and so they try to manifest something with you and I feel like this is in a past life this is a past life energy that I asked for so they tried to manifest something with you it seemed to have been going in their favor and then this is what we have cosmetic ate and they ate which mind you ate is a infinity symbol you know what goes around comes around eight eight is an infinity symbol eight of Pentacles building gas investment yes marriage yes and but then it comes to the inner swords so we have an eight eight and I can't help but notice that we have the seven of Pentacles now I'm in the seven here with the chariot and a one with the magician so the two major arcanas on the table also add up to an eight so now we have three eights we have the eight of cups there are a lot of eights here there are a lot of eights on the table I know Shana tell me something what why what was this eight of swords I know someone left eventually they had to walk away from what they wanted but why this is where the prop this is where the Karma starts building with this arrow swords what is the arrow swords it might not be the same for all of you but this is this is um why datastores the eight of cups walked away okay so we have the eight of cups on the in of cups again attend eight eight eight eight the ten of cups walked away from the family the star are various the four of cups rejection the Hierophant the marriage the selma pinnacles investment of queen of Pentacles do this notice that i'm using different cards and we're having literally the same cards are feeding themselves queen of Pentacles the eight of cups like i'm using a different act the page of and the ace of cups you rejected their love you walked away from the marriage but why did you walk away from the marriage is what it is I'm trying to understand why did you walk away from the marriage or was it them that walked away from the marriage someone walked away that much I know someone rejected the love and walked away oh you didn't marry them he walked away from the engagement after marriage the marriage didn't happen you walked away from the engagement is that what you're trying to rectifying this lifeline and why did why did a karma Buda why did a karma Buda how did their binding happen a promise was made and not kept but how did the calm of the other which means that whoever they are because I know that the Karma was brought up here we have the the the lovers you know the binding but what resulted the death the Four Swords putting it to rest and a magician and until we have the infinity symbol over the magician's head what goes around comes around the foreign source you put it to rest and also discard talks of it and the strength again the infinity symbol over the head real energy here agenda infinity simple I'm telling you guys as something here there's something here about a past life person coming back and you know what's funny in this card and I was just talking about this recently – of a client I did her reading two days ago three days ago and I saw this it's not telling me exactly exactly what happened or why they're feeling the way they're feeling that they have to break your relationship up or they have to break your marriage up but it is telling me that they feel like there's something that didn't get complete with you that they want to complete and they feel like they have to complete with you there you have heretofore swords and I was just having a client of two two to three days ago I was pointing her to this direction and I told her that you know if you look at this day this man speaking on a coughlin yes he has a crow you know in the in the picture as well in the picture frame there's a crow which is a scavenger bird feeds on that day on dead people and he's sleeping on a coffin but there's a timer here which also is a figure eight you know a cycle of life going around and coming around you know there's the timer here so this is resurrection this is someone from your past life I don't know how else to put it to you I mean this is someone this is someone you were engaged to or married to I feel like for some reason the marriage didn't happen I can't it's not telling me yet why it didn't happen but the marriage didn't happen and now they're trying to complete that I don't know if it's I know you walked away or they walked away someone abandoned shit and it's gonna work out it might well talk differently for all of you or what obviously is gonna work out different for all of you but it's like some of them want you back to complete the marriage and some of them want to destroy your marriage because you walked away and but then the weird thing is for it so I've become a karmic lesson or a karmic binding then whatever you did would have really broken them it would have really it would have been like really I don't know if you abandoned them well you know I did they might have even I was trying to say this but they might have even committed suicide out of heartbreak because for us an energy to put out a signal that is this strong you know and I always say this when we would play with words you know it's kind of like when someone breaks your heart and you say you will never get rid of me this is one of those type of situations where it's like you will never get rid of me or when you sign certain kind of contracts or you mix any kind of promises we have to be careful about what we do and what we say because it can come back to haunt us in ways that we don't we really would like they feel like they have right to do this and to some degree agree with them but you know I do a reverse shit you made the agreement you know you made the contract with them I don't feel like this was a soul contract meeting though the queen of Pentacles you are your wife yes I'm not surprised this is what you're married to now this is the person that you're supposed do you guys notice this and always it is a king and a queen of Pentacles are the this is who you're married to now this is who is trying to get in this is your marriage this is your marriage both your marriages the present marriage but the potential marriage are supposed to happen this king of cups is a person that was supposed to be married to you in the past life the seven of Pentacles under death again to some of the pinnacles of the death the ending of the relationship the rejection transmutation of energy the death also physical death this is one of the very few times that I'm looking at the death as physical yeah the lovers right under the death there you go there you go they will not let you go I don't know you maybe you need to do a karmic cleansing or something but this person is not willing to let you go they have to have you whatever you did to them they have to have you they feel like they have to have you they feel like the life you're living right now with the person you're dating or married to is the life you are supposed to be living with them and for some of them it might make them turn very bitter or very like you know narcissistic towards you come off very sociopathic in a way because they feel like whatever this is they just like this was supposed to be their life this the children the marriage their house whatever this is supposed to be their life if they feel like they have a claim on your soul in a way which again makes me feel like they they they died or they committed suicide or something of that sort you know because it has to be a very strong for someone to be in a physical world and create a karmic binding or so binding to another person there must have been a very strong connection there you know a lot of soul contracts are made in the astral realms and the soul realms ensure in a subtle body this all contracts are made with the soul subtle body so for them to have brought their subtle body out into the physical and because this happened in the physical realm this was not something that happened in the spiritual and this happened in the physical realm and for it to be dis potent and is strong watch your back Aquarius but between you and your current husband you guys are very or your current life partner or your wife or whoever and it doesn't matter if you're a male or a female in this situation in order it gives me the energy of the person you know you can be a man I'm a man with a feminine energy I have a feminine energy you you could be a with feminine energy you could be a woman with a masculine energy you could be a woman who is an alpha female and you have a submissive husband you could you know and that's not a bad thing or a good thing it's just what it is you know and hmm the nine of Pentacles the five of cups does Venus in Virgo again the nine of swords you might end up Aquarius listen to me very important listen to me I wanted one about you they will succeed the High Priestess yet again they will succeed they or they might succeed there's a high probability of them succeeding the – hundred seven of swords the nine of swords depression sadness tears the nine of Pentacles and 9s represent completion by the way we've had a lot of eight now we have a nine some of you need some of you need to have I don't know if is that you need and that's why I had to pull these cards I don't think is that you need to have like our you know apologize to them if you know who this is you might need to apologize to them send them a message and say you're sorry go meet them for coffee and say you're sorry but there's a need for you to take acknowledgement of this thing happening you need to field your pain in a way you need to fuel your pain they want you to shoot your pain that's what they're trying to get out of your curve is they want you to acknowledge that you know what you did sue them it's always weird when I do like energies when I get past life energies because you know a lot of people come like when it happens to me sometimes and people are like well I didn't do that and well I didn't do that and what I didn't do this you know but the funny thing with these messages is that it's not about what you did or what you didn't do and it's not in the physical but the soul remembers everything the soul remembers everything some people have irrational phobias because their soul remembers certain aspects some people are born and they have only and it was the word inexplicable fear of water because they drowned some people are born and they can tell you my name was such and such and such and I used to live on this street I used to have three kids their soul remembers even though the physical body is new the solace is the same the soul remembers and this person whether they knew it or not in their present incarnation they want you to feel their pain they do you like to rub them off of something if you like to rub them of something and they they want you to feel your pain it's what I can say you need to either apologize to them or you need to which is kind of weird because in this incarnation you might hate them you might see them as an intruder in my cinemas narcissistic you might see them as a lot of things so how do you apologize to someone like that but here's where it gets weird you might get a reason that there you're born narcissistic or sociopathic or evil in this lifetime quote-unquote does a wounding you gave to them it's a manifestation of the wounding that I didn't let go of the pain gain a release before they died thereby locking it into place and now they are looking they're after you to get it back to get their piece and this is this is one of those situations and I just sent an email to a Gemini client yesterday morning and I told her stop looking for stop looking for closure she's dealing with I don't know she I think she did or not where he's actually funny enough and but I don't see really much gem-knight energy here and said well we had the lovers but she didn't with that I believe she's doing an Aquarius and I told her we'll stop Taurus here and whatever but I told her stop looking for closure from the other person you're gonna keep yourself in a cycle and it's gonna be very unhealthy people always looking for closure for other people the closure is within yourself you make peace with what happened and you accept it and you move on and you try to find a way to move on channel 2 to to build hope the hopelessness is a terrible place to be and again I keep getting that there might be a suicide involved in this somehow like whatever you did was so terrible was so traumatic that day just like I don't know if it was out of embarrassment out of love out of just heartbreak and pain I'm feeling a thrumming in my foot all of a sudden ouch ouch my right foot is like throbbing all of a sudden what the hell yes or no yes or no king of Wands be the ones we love cops that doesn't tell me yes or no that's just solo yes the lovers and the knight of cups okay what does the foot represent what does the foot represent what what a feat would present if you guys know I'm sorry I know I'm a lazy spiritualist I don't research these things I don't know like people rebound sister I don't know I don't know those things maybe some of you know what a foot represents but I just felt like this weirdest pain in my foot for like five seconds what worked at the foot the temperance edit areas the judgement rebirths and Empress wife mother the full freedom I don't know how to read this because I don't understand what a foot represents denna the temperance alchemy two major arcanas to understand that the aid of one's messages judgement rebirth and understand that the knight of cups and the Empress I understand that I understand it but I don't know how to put ties into it some of you have you been feeling pain in your foot or are they feeling pain in your foot or is there an energy around the foot something about the foot this is gonna sound really weird but like dee doo dee doo dee doo they do they do terror practice like do they have pain in your foot or do you do terror practice and you do like people's feet or something I don't know something about the foot or pain in the body but I'm getting the foot I thought it in my foot I don't know what it is about the foot but there's something about the foot I'm sorry I keep saying that word I'm gonna close this reading cuz I'm getting weird now I'm just I don't know maybe I'll just really pain in my foot I don't know but anyways thank you guys so much for being here please but anyways thank you guys for being here I'm not gonna say it because then people are gonna say oh you you don't like aquarias you always give us bad news blah blah know you guys like to bitch not you guys per se but people like to bitch anyways thank you guys so much for being here if one apartment we didn't check the description box down below if you wanted ritual check the description box down below like share subscribe follow me on instant go have instant go follow me on that also if you if you'd like to check out the book again it's called a secret society it comes out on the 26th by the time you wake up it should be up if you're in America I believe you should be up already it should be available and I will also come on each video and leave a link so if you want to come back and check in in two days in two days it will be up thank you guys so much I look forward to hearing your reviews on my book and my writing that's the thing that I've been so scared of it's taking me five years to get to this point of medicinal book I've been working on this novel for five years but anyways thank you guys for being here and listening to my rambles stay blessed and I wish you the best bye bye

24 thoughts on “Aquarius, STRANGE PAST LIFE READING! July 2019

  1. Iโ€™m the reason heโ€™s an asshole to me in this life and I need to apologize to him for saving myself from his evil behavior that I caused ๐Ÿ˜’. Boy he can kiss my butt in this life too but your reading skills are amazing. Ty

  2. Okay.. Seriously though… I need you to clarify for me.. I'm on hermit mode and I am fighting codependendency.. And accepting my metaphysical sciences… Empath.. Though.. I'm struggling with the Egyptian Altar and my other ancestors.. It's 2 more I'm not at liberty to name just yet but they give y you full permission to pull to understand me. We reversed the cursed to sender and back to who okayed it and practitioners.. But I need to know which Cap to shake if not both!! The one that OLDER or the one I have a son with and possibly pregnant by now.. I'm afraid to take the test #5 … And the Cancer and Libra can save their apologies I foresee coming 11 and 3kears too long. Y now? My dad now see the truth and is likely haunting them? As he said he was. He said no sleep until his Princess Bri was at peace from the destruction of the pain to my heart 12 years ago. And I am trying to fix me for my babies. They deserve it. I deserve it. Agape.

  3. I heard something deep that was very questionable. They say when the child is conceived or before they're born or emplacement of their first dimension they choose their parents. I find that interesting, why?

  4. My feet hurt me since their witch black magic on me
    Them are the husband family narcissistic controlling evil soul they tried in the past to break my marriage and they came back again to try for second time but hell its a relationship that it is meant to be and GOD protect it I have two kids and a loving husband and a settled marriage. GOD will deal with you haters

  5. Thank you very very much for your message it resonate so much I will watch my back GOD bless you youโ€™re very spiritual ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Thank you ๐Ÿ™
    I need love and healing, havnt stopped crying ๐Ÿ˜ข
    Yesterday I was called a FRUIT LOOP…
    Destroying my confidence. May God forgive the narcissists in this world.
    I appreciate your kind words ๐Ÿ˜ช

  7. First time viewer. I really needed to hear this message. I guess I manifested a soulmate from a past life. We were so close in that life and the love bond unbreakeable. Physically he even looks like he did then. We did marry, there were lots of envious people. I died very young [in that life] and I guess he died of a broken heart. I am married to him now but it is not like it was in that past life, It is like he wants me near him, to possess me. I am freeing him and in the process of moving away. I will ask for his forgiveness. Thank you so much for the reading. You are very gifted. I am subscribing.

  8. yep im suffering from unreasonable pains on the bottom of my feet which causes me sleepless nights.
    but im not sure of the part where I have to apologize for him since I caught him with a third party and yes he had the gut to walk away after all and file for divorce.

  9. I am married with a child now. But I am also a dreamer and Astro projector and met someone a fire sign to whom I lived with and had kids in a pass life. So 100% resinate. I think the promise he holds is to make sure I'm happy.

  10. She is obsessed with me. She wants to be me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I've got so many options. She was doing spells WHILE pregnant. Karma is my best friend. She'll be in poverty all her life. We've come back together so many times. She is not god. This is what boggles my mind. The more she bothers me, the stronger I get. VILLAINS MAKE HEROS.

  11. Iโ€™m a aqua who is divorced .
    People are always drawn to my energy
    I am an Empath Goddess Iโ€™ve been told!!
    Ex husband is a Capricorn โ™‘๏ธ we share 2 beautiful boys.
    I donโ€™t want him back but Iโ€™m happy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ to be his friend. He wonโ€™t leave my soul tribe. Iโ€™m over it.
    My soul and heart ๐Ÿ’” interest is with a Taurus โ™‰๏ธ.
    Iโ€™m in confusion and depression, Iโ€™m blessed to have watched your video.
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    God Bless
    Have a good day โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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