Approval For Impeachment Inquiry Grows, Poll Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Approval For Impeachment Inquiry Grows, Poll Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Approval For Impeachment Inquiry Grows, Poll Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Perhaps the Trumpist evangelists need to revisit their bibles. Look to the first two commandments, Trump is neither the messiah nor the chosen one –
    You shall have no other gods before Me.
    You shall make no idols

  2. Pathetic, fox viewers, his base, represents a very small portion of America. Rethugs will keep making fools of themselves and hopefully get voted out of office. Grateful for the servants of America stepping up and testifying, not obeying the moron.

  3. I have no idea who they are polling, probably a bunch of butt hurt democrats , that are voting 2 or 3 times , you know like 2016 !
    Speaking of polling “msnbc” “ cnn”
    “CBS” having a little trouble keeping percentages up?

  4. LOl Morning blow with forehead joe, Taking another poll????? It is as accurate as the one you used in 2016 that said Mr. Trump would loose.

  5. I thought the Inquiry had already begin. MSNBC is un-intentionally selling out our Party. If you think we will an appeachment Trial- with 19 Republican Senators voting with us, and risk Senator Mitch Graveyard McConnel setting a precedent-“ I believe this a Democrat witch hunt, 240-0 in the house, not 1 Repub. vote for, or 1 Dem. vote against

  6. I will not alway this Witch Hunt Trial in my Senate( anything you do not understamd in what I have said, it is imp. enough to take a few And See Senator “Graveyard” McConnel’s precedents, this is not to big and if he says No, it is over instantly. He will fight past the Supreme Court. Indict!Dont impeach!

  7. The president of Ukraine said he wasn't threatened. The transcript is released and he wasn't threatening. A whistleblower is saying, yes you were.. fake news.. modern day lynching of our elected president TRUMP

  8. Add one more to the Clinton body count, what is it at right now, 60 – 70 ?? Gop operative dead (suicide of course) after set to expose massive Russia-Hillary scandal. But they are so busy with their fake stories here they never do any real news. Go figure.

  9. I totally agree , what trump has defined is the true nature of the rural folks – a pack of not only plethoric porcine fools but also heartless amoral idiots who are experts at incoherent illogical "thinking", inarticulate people not only inept at analysis but hopelessly incapable of synthesis as they reject the scientific educated world views.

  10. Democrats need to move forward with all due speed. This is really not an issue of Democrat vs. Republican; it's a matter of right vs. wrong, truth vs. lies. This president must be removed from office!

  11. We wrote to our Rep. Toomey. And people, if you do write them (easy to do on their website) those communications have to be counted. Be clear in the beginning of the communication what action as a member of congress you are asking for. Impeachment, removal, prosecution was our request. If you just ramble about what you don’t like they are not obligated to count the communication. You can also call or fax but only the faxes and emails or paper letters have to be tallied.

  12. Hey liberals
    Tell your congressmen to stop the inquiry BS and go ahead and impeach him.
    The Senate will never vote to remove him from office😁

  13. Mika says twice 55 percent of Americans approve Impeachment inquiry. 1587 polled. 327 MILLION people in US. That's A LOT OF PEOPLE NOT ASKED! MIKA Just say.. Of the less then 0.0009 percent of Americans asked the poll States this. Anyone who uses Polls as an agreement is a Loser!

  14. I guess the Republican insistence that the subject of the investigation should be able to run the investigation is not winning much ground. Oh well…

  15. So roughly, just a little bit less than one half of America is either uninformed, completely ignorant, or both. I guess that's good news for somebody like Russia. If they're listeng…

  16. We may be able to force a stepdown if the poll numbers show in the sixtieth percentile in favor of both impeachment and removal. That’s probably not very far off, but for now, as the pressure increases and iDJiT continues to disconnect from reality and crumble before the eyes of the world, our best hope is to make our voices heard. I’m exhausted by this “presidency :” nothing but increasingly bizarre and scandalous nonsense from The White House, and it worsens daily. Register. Vote. Contact your congressional representative and let them know how you feel. Demand from them that they perform according to the oath to which they raised their hands and swore before God to uphold our Constitution. I am a Republican, and am horrified by what I’ve seen thus far from Trump. He’s gotta go, you guys.

  17. So Joe would jump off a cliff if a poll told him to? LOL

    Seriously though, the only thing that matters is that President Trump is innocent and it's extremely doubtful that anything will come out that would prove otherwise.

  18. There base is somewhere around 28% and I’ve heard the number of registered republicans have dropped… so really where does that leave them, I would love to see a state by state breakdown of impeachment polls that would give republicans a real look at where they stand!!!

  19. Hey everyone, Could these new FAKE polls be possibly partisan polls??????? They are just taking polls from Democratic people…………

  20. Pelosi, Schiff and MSNBC News working on the COUP right now “I am the president’s defender in the sense that I haven’t seen anything that would rise to the level of impeachable offense,” “In pushing the process in secret, in pushing the arguments of N0-fairness and NO-due process the Democrats so far have been running a lynch mob.”

  21. Trump is a man of lies how did he win to become president 😡 I don't know I said this a long time ago that Trump 😂 is a joke a sick joke I don't like you Trump 😠

  22. Did anyone even read the transcript?

  23. In order for an impeachment inquiry to take place 3 conditions must be fulfilled:
    1. there has to be a democratic decision to start the process (but there has been no vote on the issue)
    2. all members of the House Intelligent Committee must participate (but the Republicans are not allowed to participate)
    3. all hearings must be open to the public (but they take place behind closed doors).
    Thus, this is an ILLEGAL impeachment inquiry. End of story. Adam Schiff should be sent to jail for crimes against the constitution. And this farce must stop.

  24. Flush the Tangerine Turd America, you always feel better after offloading a turd and and the stench from the said turd will leave with it.

  25. Listening to the MSNBC opinion makers reminds me of the tweets between Strock and Page: they are completely out of touch with reality. Trump supporters will love to see him get acquitted again – and they will vote for him again in 2020.

  26. OK. I'll bite. Why do we need to secure a small oil area "over here" when Trump has already declared that the United States is Energy Independent?

  27. beyond the facts and the necessity to remove Trump becoming more apparent … we the people of all stripe will suffer a war wariness by voting time … a lot of Trump supporters won't vote that way in the booth … we the people will just want him gone … and good ridience

  28. Ambassador Taylor admitted in his testimony a very evident truth and personal suspicion that what the Trump Administration intended to do, regarding Ukraine, even if the Ukrainian President had done as Trump wanted and announced that they were opening a new investigation into Biden’s son. Ambassador Taylor said that he believed the Trump Administration was planning to abandon helping Ukraine regardless of whether they opened the phony investigation which was to ultimately abandon Ukraine in its desperation to stave off the Russians. The obviousness of this expectation is getting clearer everyday. Trump is committed to giving Ukraine ultimately over to Russian aggression because this is what Putin wants and it’s more and more obvious with everything that Trump does that he always caves into Putin’s wishes in every instance. The pattern is so clear from Helsinki to the Kurdish abandonment today that this is what Trump always winds up doing.
    However, their is one way the Ukrainians can insulate and defend themselves from both the Russian and Trump’s intent on throwing them under the Russian bus: If the Ukrainian leadership would just pause and consider what their options are to protect themselves from the Russians and Trumps hidden agenda to help the Russians to gain control over the Ukraine, it would become crystal clear as to how they could insure their survival against the Russians and the Russian’s little helper Trump. What the Ukrainian leadership needs to do (and do it quickly) is to release to the press and the U.S. Congress their own personal copy of all the word for word communications that has occurred between the Ukrainian President and Trump. They need have no fear of reprisals from Trump (he intends to give Ukraine over to the Russians, anyway) because he intends to now do everything he and the Trump administration possibly can to weaken Ukraine in line with Putin’s wishes and plans to overtake the Ukraine. The incredibly damaging real truth about everything Trump was doing in pressuring the Ukraine is certainly in these transcripts and this alone — were they to be made public by the Ukrainian government —- would undoubtedly seal Trump’s fate once and for all.This action alone on the part of the Ukrainians would be a bold move indeed on Ukraine’s part, but as things stand now, and considering that Trump is obviously going to do everything he can (as is his established pattern, already) to aid and assist Russia’s plan to seize Ukraine and make it part of Russia again, then this might be the one and only smart way for the Ukrainian leadership to go and to insulate itself from all of this coming down on its survival. For rest assured, Trump is committed (I suppose he thinks secretly) to always help Russia and Putin to attain their objectives. If you doubt any of what I’m saying here about Trumps determination to help Russia and Putin then you have not been paying attention. Just look at the record. In every single instance where it was possible, Trump always gives in to Russia’s plans. Rest assured that the Ukrainians need now to act boldly and swiftly in releasing their own recordings of conversations with Trump for this is the only sure way they will be able to insure their own survival against Russia and Putin and his plans as well as Trumps covert plan to help the Russians to achieve their goals relative to the future of Ukraine.If the Ukraine is to survive all of Trump’s attempts at corrupting Ukrainian independence and Putin’s intent on waging a more aggressive war against the Ukrainian people, then this is exactly what the Ukrainian leadership needs now to do before it’s too late.

  29. Th Fox poll showing 51% favor impeachment it was revealed sampled 48% of Democrats and only 40% of Republicans!!!
    So why should anyone believe these polls!!!

  30. Reporters, do your job. Why does this man keep SNORTING AND SLURRING when he speaks? If this was President Obama, I’m sure you would have found out or made up something by now. REMEMBER, THE TAN SUIT? 😄

  31. So much crime with the Republican party. Makes you wonder why they don't want the truth to come out. At least 2 dozens of them have something to hide.

  32. Trump is Impeaching himself overtime. he opens his big mouth. He has the worst tempermeant of any past president. Sorry for his wife. Seems everyone around him are discouraged with him.

  33. Remove is the best for all. He is now way out there. He pushes or demands his Republicanns to back him no matter what. He is his own worse enemy. When hes wrong he makes the Dems did it Like a witch hunt. Its not he gets in trouble and has to worm out of it. So bl a me so m eone. Any one he dislikes. Chil d ren do t hat. The o t h er kid did it. He has ne v er in his life time been p unished for wrong things hes done. Gready all for him . It s alw a ys ME ME ME o n TV shows Fox 8 in has to be THE L IME L IGHT.. IF NOT HE HAS THAT MELT DOWN. SAD SPOILED TO THE CORE OF SELF. H E IS UNSAFE NOW. FELLS CORNED U KNOW LIKE WILED ANIMALS DO. HE OK S ONLY THINKING TO SAVE HIM SELF. So now is is trying to star t an uproar in all w a ys he can. Listen to his speaches. He rants poor me t he i r tru I'm ng to distroy all he has done. Wh in ch is n o.o thing. No WALL NOT THERE.NO MEDICAL COVERAGE NO BILLS FOR. BETTERMENT ROADS TRANSPORTATION NUN. SO N OW WHAT .

  34. What do these polls matter at this point? the inquiry is happening already, is it not? And politicans are gonna do what they want anyway.

  35. Quinnipiac numbers ALWAYS skew toward conservatives compared to mean.median polls average. This refusal to consider the obvious and egregious violations of Constitution and law among the polled individuals is ?able.

  36. Foe three years, and try as they might, haven't pinned one thing on Trump, because there's nothing there. Guilty people aren't known for demanding transparency.Media outlets that can't find one good thing about this presidency, despite the facts, and what you can see with your own eyes, shouldn't be where you get your information. How about getting a balance of opinion?. Don't just rely on these one-sided "news" shows, and (e.g.) Maxine Waters. for your political opinions. Facts, not emotions, matter.

  37. Wake up America, you've been bamboozled by Trump. Low life crazy blow heart scum, an un American so-called president.
    Impeach and remove Trump.

  38. Too many trolls and bots lying in the comment section. We all know traitor trump is guilty of several crimes and he must be impeached because of the obstruction of justice and the criminal blackmailing of our allies!

  39. Worryingly 45-48% of Americans think that blackmail and extortion are perfectly OK. They don't see them as crimes or grounds for impeachment. Got to wonder about the values and ethics of a lot of people in the community.

  40. The numbers against Trump are much higher it is just that people like myself haven't voted on it yet!,, we are busy people,, while every Rep. has voted to keep their King intact!,, Trump will keep adding charges, He just can't stop Himself!,,,

  41. This president 's estimation of his ability and talents is in the stratosphere, in fact he thinks he is almost deity. He is 73-70=3yrs old.he behaves like a 3yr old
    when told not to touch the hot stove,throws himself on the floor,kicks and screams, tries to bite your hand if you try to soothe other words ,just leave him to do what he wants to. When would he act his age?

  42. Why do people think it's normal for politicians to protect their party's power over the interest of the country?

    It's not acceptable at all, and anyone who protects this President at this time, needs to be swept out of office by a huge overwhelming margin

  43. Trump is so delusional that he believes that he is the all powerful wizard of Oz and the White House is the House of the King of the Hill, the traitorous republican senators are aiding and abetting the crazy man's agenda giving up any hope of getting re-elected themselves !

  44. Don't worry Americans, Trump and his forever Trumpets and Trumpers in the Senate will give America more reasons to get him out of office.

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