48 thoughts on “Apple's TV Plus event highlights

  1. What did you think about Apple's latest event? Would you pay for a subscription to their magazine, games, and entertainment offerings?

  2. We want to subscribe in the News Apple services for our international bimonthly magazine Diaspora Positive edited in London , in the UK for the People with vision. What to do for to advert our magazine ?

  3. Apple is good but they could make available as well the first version of amazing stories available for streaming and purchase. I wonder how they are gonna top the original series. The original series was awsome. Im waiting to see apples own tv shows and movies get networked all the other features are just icing on the cake. Maybe with all these apple subscriptions signed up and spending with our apple cards we can get apple reward points that let us shop with them in the apple store.

  4. Apple, people do not care about magazines or the leftist content you promote. The truth is on the internet, we do no need to pay you for nothing. Same thing goes for your leftist content, brainwashing people to fit your ideologies and false utopian message. I like the gaming component, but pricing and more detail to come is not a good sell job.

  5. At this point, I would settle for Apple allowing paying customers to use their own damn login data to get onto CBS All Access on a device besides the Apple TV. There should seriously be rules against this.

  6. All that and how great Apple TV is now. Yet still elderly folks at my home still haven’t been able to use the Apple TV remote properly. And we probably won’t. Roku with physical remote buttons is the best with headphone built into the remote. Plus remote locator.
    All this work from Apple and I am still not convinced even while owning one Apple box just sitting there

  7. Oprah will do anything for a dollar and we saw that when she dragged poor Michael Jackson who not here to defend himself. I would never watch anything she has a hand on

  8. Why is that guy wearing a white kind of jump suit. Silly!! Not a good look! Apple must be desperate if they are bring in celebrities. Hmmmmmmmmm!?!?!?!

  9. A huge money grab by Apple, and others to lock you into their ecosystem and the rental subscription service model.
    With no ownership of any of the content you rent, no ability to sell trade, or use in many cases on non Apple devices.
    ..from credit cards to anything that can generate additional revenue streams.
    with false claims of your privacy will be protected.
    iPhone reign is coming to a close at the extremely high prices, macs are less competitive, but to keep you there, they need to get you to buy in to the be forever a renter multi-subscription model.
    Just having Oprah there says it all, this is a huge money grab with no loyalty whatsoever.

  10. Apple becoming:
    1. a gaming Publisher.
    2. a Cinematic Studio
    3. a News Outlet
    4. a Bank/Credit Union

    If y'all don't see how smart of a business move Tim Cook made this was you're blind. Im just waiting on Apple to get in on Sports. Hopefully Boxing, they should become a boxing promotional company.

  11. This is like watching grammy award. This kind of show is only for the elite not for ordinary tech enthusiasts. Lame event from Apple.

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