42 thoughts on “Apple TV event recap in 8 minutes | The Apple Core

  1. It was all Apple services, all the time, with a little credit card thrown in and a Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey cameo as well.

  2. If you already own an Apple TV box, do you have to buy another one to handle the new service? As far as the magazine subscription service, Texture, which does essentially the same thing, is 9.99$. It would be great to bundle Apple Music and the magazines for less than 20$, says 15 bucks ($14.99). But, when has Apple cared enough to cut it’s customers a break? They are one of the most cash rich companies in the world. Why share it with us addicted to the Applesauce?

  3. Apple TV app already does this now , how is it different, I also subscribe to HBO and other services through Apple . So a fall to see the difference. All these people that they trot out onto stage are so 2000 and 8 . How bout some fresh ideas

  4. Tv+, News+ – what a dull naming choice. Taking a ordinary/obvious word and putting "+" at the end makes an ugly name that doesn't attract any positive attention. It just shows that app authors didn't have enough creativity to come up with a nice name.

  5. I want to be able to take pics of food I eat and as i am eating various food and drinks
    I want to be able to see a total number of calories consumed at that point.
    So if I want to say consume 2000 calories daily I will know when to stop consuming.
    Or if I want to save 500 calories for dinner I can do that.
    So develop that app.😎

  6. Apple are the innovators of taking that money 💰

    Why spend money on news stand? Why does anyone want to read or listen to all that fake news 😎

  7. There isn't anything here that wows me and there wasn't with hardware refreshes. Also, I don't get how they can announce without mentioning pricing for these services….poor

  8. It’s all about contents business
    Jobs Huge come back on toy story, iTunes and iPod, App Store on iPhone.
    They should’ve continue to tv shows and movie with Apple computer..
    Maybe this is what jobs wanted to do when he was alive. I remember there was a big rumor about Apple TV plan with jobs..
    Apple should’ve done this long time ago

  9. Everyone will buy it. Americans are so Rich. They have the device now they have the services.
    . Americans are also dump though

  10. Wow, that was pathetic at best. They should’ve just canceled the event. If they didn’t have anything then why pretend. 🥵

  11. they assume everyone has money, they just don't know how to use it. So let's put these stupid people out of their misery and give them new ways to spend their money so that they can have a feeling of being smart when they spend it.

  12. Their new customer base is the older generation who loves Oprah and newspaper stands 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  13. If you want all those subscriptions, it's gonna cost you $30+ a month. That's just me putting all the subscription at $10 a month. But I'm pretty sure it's gonna be more than that.

  14. I am Apple one of the richest tech companies in the world, I ran out truly innovative ideas years ago and really don’t care. I run upon a customer base that sees my products as overpriced status symbols to feed some need that even they can’t define. Now I unleash even more ways to get into my customer bases wallets and further increase my wealth. I wonder how much they paid Oprah?

  15. Apple News – meh! Don't need that.
    Apple Arcade – no thanks!
    Apple TV+ – maybe… i guess it depends on the quality of the content… big names don't mean it'll be good
    Apple Card – definitely interested in this one

  16. What’s the price? Why play it out like that. It Was stated it’ll be available in the fall hence when they will announce. Which likely they will announce in September along with new phone. Cmon guys. Don’t play dumb.

  17. OMG don't target me with ads that interest me!!!! Target me with random ADS… I never understood this lol

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