26 thoughts on “Apple September 2010 Music Event-The iPod Nano Touch

  1. 2:57 when those people were laughing at it they must’ve been thick, because this was the first “Proper and actually smart” Smartwatch that looks good as a watch and doesn’t look dumb

  2. My favourite apple product. The clip worked so well and the device did just what you wanted and nothing more.

  3. They ruined the Nano here… smaller screen and no camera, unneeded touch for a small iPod, it was terrible

  4. Who else remember being a kid loving this and wanting it but only being able to afford an ipod shuffle? 😂

  5. I still have one of these, and I like it… but a bit of a misstep I'd still say. Was the previous Nano really too large for people? The touchscreen was workable, but it wasn't as good as the clickwheel, and my fingers hurt just remembering those volume buttons. Shoulda replaced the shuffle with this thing- call it an "iPod Go" or some crap.

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