38 thoughts on “Apple iPhone X event in 15 minutes

  1. Am I the only one who don’t really care about the quality of the camera? I don’t even like taking pics 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. apple iphone the most innovative and high processing phone ever and we also call it as "aukat se bahar wali phone"…..

  3. 4:05 the glass is the same as on the front, and there is one phone for about 500 dollars with sapphire glass all the way around. You also claimed the camera is shapire, but it's not either. BS

  4. Steve Jobs would be actually happy to see that. That’s true innovation. Apple is the Best! Pure genius they’re so damn genius !!!!

  5. When you have 5 percent…… 2 minutes later you now have 2 percent……….5seconds later you have 1 percent…….. 1 hour later you still have 1 percent but once you realize that your phone is still alive it dies

  6. The moment i heard it i just knew that apple lies to us big time.

    I mean " the design is all new " ..are you [email protected]*^%ing kidding me , whats ALL NEW about it…shame u guys…just shame ….

  7. Apple really nailed it on the new IPhoneX! I have owned the 5S, 6S,7S, and then the IphoneX the flag ship in my opinion! I mainly use this phone to fly my Dji Mavic Pro so I needed a nice and large spread which the Iphone X is perfect size to fly my unmanned aircarft.

  8. You people keep mentioning how Samsung had these things first, but just like you have an opinion, some people prefer iPhones and have had them most of their lives, not everyone has to have an Android

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