AP: Ukrainian Leader Felt President Donald Trump Pressure Before Taking Office | Hardball | MSNBC

AP: Ukrainian Leader Felt President Donald Trump Pressure Before Taking Office | Hardball | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “AP: Ukrainian Leader Felt President Donald Trump Pressure Before Taking Office | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. Basically Donald, Putin has had many many years to master dictatorship. He does it well no doubt. Donald it is to late to be a gangster because to many people are watching. There isn't enough snow to cover it all up. In fact you have global warming, there is no weather to smoke your screen. Resign dude or hang yourself. I cannot see any other way out. And I am trying to be humane. Sorry Donnie 'Humane' means being part of a collective that all breath the same air…

  2. Gaetz is trying to become the next Trump. He already has the best people on his side and he already is as dumb as a stone. All he needs is double his weight, dye himself orange and- maybe go to hotel business, bankrupt it several times and become friend to some dictators. Helpfull could also be to cheat his wife and get peed by some hookers.

  3. When I saw them storm into the meeting like that yesterday screaming and yelling it was very reminiscent of the way Trump guys looked in Charlottesville you remember the very fine people

  4. Here is a thought. Why not ask the Ukranian president himself if there was pressure? Oh no we cant do that because the would be just tooo easy and of course Zelensky will not tell the dems what they want to hear.

  5. Oh God. What a trio of commentators. Will MSNBC ever give it up? Brennan the corrupt CIA director still being brought on?

  6. Those who support/enable the MOST IGNORANT/UNSTABLE/ILLEGITIMATE person in the White House should BE ASHAMED of themselves!!!!!!

  7. Fantastic: according this, Trump really wantws to fight corruption, even from congresmembers, before vice-presidents etc. Fantastic !

  8. 1:45 that hearing should be public not trying to in secrecy impeach a president. GO watch Hannity on this same topic unless you biassed kids are afraid to be told the truth you dont like you hypocrites.Im here listening to both sides of the story unlike you.

  9. GOP so used to defend their (rediculous) standpoints that they don't realize that their primary goal is representation of american people. Not of Putin.

  10. Where do you live? Who is your President. You are making our country look bad and That Makes it Unsafe For Our Children. Take your spit and hate to the Voting Pole.

  11. Is it Trump requiring the investigation before the money is released that completes the quid pro quo element for an impeachable offense, or does the Ukrainian president have to show an overt act that constitutes the quo? The many pundits seem to be getting this point wrong and falling for the argument or at least letting a purposeful misstatement stand (i.e., "no quid pro quo, the Ukrainians didn't act, so no quo").

  12. No Nation felt pressure from a man not even yet elected & the only pressure they felt
    was from the Biden/Pelosi family who had their family working within industries that
    none were really qualified to work in? Kerry was another who has a kid who was given
    a high paying gig even though they had no Energy(oil) experience. They pressured the
    way into big bucks & they were afraid Trump would turn off the money faucet they'd
    set-up…… They all got caught red-handed & they did it all prior to the election.

  13. You should listen first! After that you will hopefully start thinking! Then you should act!

    Even if your president does it differently: First speak or act, then realize that it is not true! Then he does the opposite or seeks a culprit! But never listen and think?

  14. Why must you spin what Trump was doing…it was all about the 2016 election that the Obama administration had a hand in Russian interference……Biden was VP at the time and has nothing to do with the 2020 election help….lies lies lies…misleading and you won't be able to stop the IG report truth from coming out…..keep the bs about Trump because you are all very nervous….

  15. The Republicans party is letting Trump make a fool out of them. They really look stupid yesterday and dumb. What makes this so bad is if it was Obama they would have a rope around his neck for these crimes.

  16. Hand on the bible and the impeachment process began and he had done nothing then and nothing now and yet Dems and you Media keep trying to find something….

  17. Those clowns should have been arrested on the spot 4pulling a desperate & pathetic stunt like that!
    ¡!Impeachment Removal Imprisonment!¡

  18. The image of the pubs walkimg down the stairs…i thought it was same group of guys walking down the stairs on loop tape…they all look the same…old white men with blue suit and red tie.

  19. Republicans had come to a narcissistic self control addiction money and powers through politics they all would be exposed to go against truth is God think twice lmfao

  20. Under no circumstances such words can be uttered in my home…NO!
    What about the President of USA? This is throw every home in USA in real agony. And evangelical loves it…church of God or Satan?
    We are at the end of this world

  21. The "TRIAL" will be in the Senate. The inquiry is an investigation of facts. GOP needs to get some facts but they don't have any!


  23. When trump exchanged a political system of rivalry into a fascist system of enemies he lost this war…it just take time for a man to fall from the heights where his trumpanzees put him….I wouldn't be surprised if more of his hacks go to jail.
    And fall he will.

  24. trump, republicans, and all republican voters/supporters are terrorists.

    Remember their tactics during the Obama health care town hall meetings? Where republicans would go to the meetings and then shout and shout and eventually the meetings would be called off and nobody was able to talk or have reasonable, respectable, conversation and get questions answered? THEY BLOCKED DEMOCRACY THAT WAS THE rEPUBLICANS WHO DID THAT. Because they are in the pockets of the Big Pharma and insurance companies and don't have anything worth while to bring to the conversation or any plan of their own as we have now seen.
    They are all bullies and racists and their supporters are ignorant trailer park trash. All of them know exactly what is going on and they don't care. This corruption and open violence and racism is exactly what they voted for in the first place.

  25. Why on earth is everyone so bloody surprised at this man's behaviour? Have you not been watching? Did you not know of his (failed) history as a "deal maker"?

  26. haven't seen that many stupid white guys since HeeHaw went off the air! since GOP is stuck in the 18th century, will assume the 'girls' are there to fetch coffee and wipe up the drool on the older guys.

  27. This is what happens when you drink that Trump Kool-Aid. You turn into a mob. The mob boss knew about it ahead of time impeach the motherfuker

  28. Trump's own people continue to give testimony to Congress that directly contradicts Trump. Trumplicans will continue to embarrass themselves and eventually let Trump off the hook.

  29. Ummm…. My 6 year-old and his nursery friends asked, "Daddy – why are they being so childish?".
    Anyway, must dash – Merriam-Webster wants a definition of "scum" that doesn't include "Presuhdent Gump"….

  30. Biden's son should not have resigned if he did nothing wrong! TRUMP'S family is bold in ALL THEIR LIES and wrongdoings! So if you're truthful take a stand for yourself! That's what trump wants is for ppl to run scared and quit! That's the only way he knows how to win! Not on his own merit! All of his acts are desperation! Get him out!

  31. Lies by this Hack,Matthews,and even more lies by the Three Worthless "Guests" Matthews puts on his lying hour of crap!!THE UKRAINIAN LEADER ALREADY SAID THERE WAS "NO PRESSURE",IT IS PROVEN,MATTHEWS STOP THE LYING ABOUT THIS ALREADY!!!!


  33. Chris Matthews mentions the 'Brooks Brothers Riot'. Here's Rachel Maddow discussing that staged stunt by Republicans during the 2000 election. Disgusting spectacle. We are witnessing the same old dirty Republican tricks that they use to screw with our democracy…

  34. I am so tired of this whole Dem Republican reality show. They are all both in mafia crime families and in the end always agree on more wars, sanctions on those that do not have weapons of mass destruction, and anything for Israel.

  35. My question is… why Trump supporters didn't see Trump for what he is before being elected President? They're so dumb!!!

  36. Puppets being danced by the moronic puppeteer. The orange moron is deprived of any intelligence so he resorts to name calling.

  37. let's face it, Trump is a buffoon with a spiteful vile school yard mouth, a totally uncouth over indulged brat who has no sophistication and no viable intelligence

  38. RELEVANT HISTORICAL NOTE ON REAGAN – BUSH AG "FIXER", William Barr, who killed the Iran-Contra investgation. Barr's specialty is treason and obstruction of justice & keeps the SENATE under tow because he has Epstein's black book. As member of Epstein's
    defense team he effectively handed The Backdoor Girls, the Maxwell sisters, the hijacked 'Promis' software that backdoors FBI and US security. prayorbeprey dot com

  39. What has happened to our Government?    The nasty name calling, histrionic speech and adolescent behavior does not belong in Government.  The history books, college lectures and documentaries will not be kind to this president and his administration.  Our Government will bear the “Stains of Shame” of Trump for decades.

  40. You just can’t imagine ANYBODY still supporting Trump, no citizen and especially no politician.

    And with all this proof becoming public, will republican politicians in the senate cave under pressure of their local voters, because if those local constituents keep supporting Trump, voting him out of office will be politician suicide.

    And WHY do voters still have his back? What did Trump do to improve their lives other then give them the feeling that he gets things done. What he doesn’t.

    How ignorant are you to not see right through this fool in every move he makes, every thing he says and tweets. Why do they love a totally incompetent bully?

  41. They just look like a flock of seagulls swarming on an unattended bag of chips at the beach. With the meaningless squawking and all.

  42. I salute the democrats for staying on facts. But facts alone won’t defeat Trump given his ability to create alternate facts. All democrats should read the book Commander in Cheat to study how the crook bends the facts and rules, and find a way to counter Trump’s tactics. That book has ample examples to show how Trump works. Everything he has done so far are part of his playbook. Dems should read that book to stay a step ahead.

  43. Since his base consists mostly of simple minded, racist, trailer trash he has to use language they understand, like "Human Scum"

  44. If Trump can call, republicans who do not support him, "human scum", that means his only loyalty is to himself. Seems to me that 'never Trump' republicans, would support him on issues, that are dear to most republicans. But that is seemingly not that important, to Trump. While his lawyers argue in court, that he cannot not be investigated for any crime, while in office, including actually shooting someone in the street.

  45. busted… busted…busted. next time they barge in the meeting and violate the pone restrictions – impose fines and then put them in the cold cell chair

  46. More fake news. The Dems should be worried about the real criminal probe beginning, than to keep concocting lies about President Trump.

  47. The way Trump speaks about people, why didn't his mom ever teach him better? Oh right, she sent him off to boarding school. Maybe that's why he's so angry. It's ok trump. The white supremacist luvs ya.

  48. How does this work when Ukraine wasn’t aware of the holding of funds till 1 month after the phone call? Riddle me that one. Damning revelations that we can’t show the American public because??? Why can’t this be made public? Hummm?

  49. Wow this is just stupid! We won’t make this public but please believe what little we leak out and don’t worry about the truth? By the way, READ the transcript. Make the whistle blower testify!!! What would be wrong with that?

  50. Republicans have no class and dignity and morals, running stunts and putting on a corrupt criminal circus cover up. This is America we respect investigation's unlike Republicans acting like they in Russia or something.

  51. I personally hope Trump craps his pants everyday, seeing the results of this investigation. He needs to be taken down. Just like a lot of things,, he's corrupt.

  52. Trump is a low class, uneducated , prejudiced, person of limited intellectual ability- and appeals to people who are either the same as he is, and also to those with a more in depth understanding who seek to use his corruptability so as to increase their own power/influence.

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