38 thoughts on “AP Government Schools Real Face: What They Know? What They Teach?

  1. Please AP government ki,namaskaram,children's ni baga chadivinchalani anukunna,middle class parents ki help cheyandi,manam karchu pedte money ipotundi,but panche koddi perigedi knowledge,a help cheyandi,ma akka kuda children's ni chadivinchadaniki ,support leka chala mental GA suffer avtundi.please help for only studies

  2. Vallaku govt salary 40k/m vastundi,but e job leni middle class parents valla child ki ela good future istaru,akkadanta financial problem.

  3. Anta knowledge unna government teachers enduku valla children's ni private schools lo lakhs petti join chestunaru,valla meeda,vallake hope ledu,ala unte first valla childrens ni govt.schools lo cherpinchamanandi

  4. Don't judge book by it's cover. They are now learning stage only they have Time to improve their level . For example me .up to 10th class I don't know basic mathematics also , now I am persuing BSC (statistics) with good %.

  5. Nuvu ee age loo unnappudu ealla untavu saree naa and they know but they have fear 🤔 don't judge book by its cover

  6. Good job tv channels majevetalukuda elagea nasanm chasaru eppudu i no english but dot no spoken because iam also zph school every day iam dai.thanks sir and save the kids life.

  7. Govt teachers salarys tiskuntunaru kani crct chepatleru ade private teacherski 5000 kante ekkuva evaru ina chala baga cheptharu teacher falt ye untadi pillalu chadavakapovataniki karanam

  8. they are very decent..they may poor in concepts but they are very strong in character and respect..

  9. antey ipudu andaru ki 100/100 ravalsindhey antara

    Andaru okela chadavaru
    4:52 boy ki ey teacher chepparu

    school lo chepadam teacher job.
    danni chadavaka povadaniki teacher, reservation, fault ela avutndhi.

  10. Govt teacher's is bad teaching sir also curect him the displayed teachers and students also studied ferfect explaining sir

  11. Ap govt should give jobs to jobless b.tech graduates in govt schools by removing some irresponsible teachers in govt schools. Not only in govt school but also in ration shops. If govt gives jobs to youth in the above mentioned fields. Our AP& TELANGANA will be in world's toppest state.
    Beacuse so many btech graduates spends a lot of money for their studies and they think that we should make our parents happy and at finally after graduation there is no job . So, govt should form one committee regarding this and should provide jobs in govt small sectors( ration shop, teaching,etc.,)

    I hope it will be done SOON…….
    I hope it will be happened soon

  12. చెప్పెవాడికి రావాలి కద ముందు govt నిలదీయండి

  13. Annagaru baga chesaru!
    Gavarnament teacherlu chaduvu chepthe emiti, cheppakunte emiti salary vastundi kada.
    Ilage anni school lo kuda alage thirugandi anna.

  14. You should support them . The way of your asking questions to children is not friendly so they are in fear .

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