21 thoughts on “AP GOV Explained: Government in America Chapter 6

  1. Bro you've saved my life so much hmu and I will legit buy you a better mic so it doesn't sound like you're talking into a tin can XD

  2. Omgg you’re my life saver. I’m having a test tmr!!! Your video summarizes very well in each chapter. Can you do all the chapters in the book plzzz ? Thank u thank u thank u

  3. I'm so happy I can listen to the audio. I gotta problem with reading.
    1. I don't like what I read.
    2. I don't understand what I read
    3. I don't remember what I read

  4. Any chance you'll keep going with the AP govt videos? My students (and this first year AP teacher) have found them super helpful. Thank you all the help so far!!

  5. please please do more government in america videos i am desperate and you're the only one who is really good at this. thanks!

  6. Hey i dont know if you will read this, but can you do more chapters on apush they are extremely helpful

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