23 thoughts on “AP GOV Explained: Government in America Chapter 4

  1. Hey Jocz. You really are a beast. Please continue to post chapter reviews like these and try and move to AP World Chapter Reviews. My friends and I love these chapter reviews for how much it helps out AP World Chapter Reviews would really save a few thousand lives. Anyways thanks for the help!

  2. super helpful video… i used all your vids for apush and now they’re saving my ass again for ap gov!! TY!

  3. that moment you look at the chapter 3 and 4 videos to see that chapter 4 was skipped in "American Government: Institutions & Policies"…….. welp im dead

  4. Please keep making these videos!!! I do not have the attention span to sit and just read the textbook. These videos help me learn the topics in a time efficient and easy way.

  5. YESSSS COMING IN CLUTCH. Used you for APUSH (as a supplement to the textbook which was extremely boring) and am SO EXCITED for these videos. KEEP POSTIN! :)))

  6. Please continue to make these videos throughout the year. They may not be very popular right now as classes arent on these chapters yet but they will definitely catch on just like your APUSH videos! They help me and my friends immensely!

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