AOC Joins Other Progressives to Vote Against Dems on Funding Bill for DHS, Call for Abolition of ICE

AOC Joins Other Progressives to Vote Against Dems on Funding Bill for DHS, Call for Abolition of ICE

this is democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman with Juan Gonzalez a divided house approved a contentious four point five billion dollar emergency funding package to address the border crisis Tuesday under growing pressure to address the Trump administration's inhumane treatment of migrants the bill passed largely along party lines in a 230 to 195 vote with some progressive Democrats voting in favor after negotiating to include provisions including new health and safety standards for jailed immigrants representative Pramila jayapal of washington state voted for the bill after pushing for those changes but she had quote tremendous apprehensions about giving the Trump administration's border operations more money the bill would allocate more than 1 billion dollars for housing and feeding migrants in border patrol custody and nearly 3 billion for unaccompanied migrant children in Department of Health and Human Services four Democrats voted against the bill representatives Alexandre Kashia Cortez Hill hon Omar Ayanna Presley and receipted Salim last week the progressive Congress women issued a statement condemning the bill and calling for the abolition of ice representative Ilhan all marks we did quote we should not be giving one more dollar to support this president's deportation force that openly commits human rights abuses and refuses to be held accountable to the American people kids and families can't continue to die and be terrorized the Senate is slated to consider its own border funding measure this week including president Trump's original request for more than a billion dollars for Customs and Border Protection and and ice heidi altman with national immigrant justice center told the new york times the administration chooses to direct the vast majority of funding toward enforcement then christ poverty when it comes to diapers and food it's a hostage taking way of engaging in policy she said immigrant advocates protested Tuesday in the senate rotonda in honor of those who've died in the custody of both agencies demanding funding cuts as the Trump administration pushes for more detention space including for children and families we're joined by two guests Democracy Now is Rene felt's correspondent and producer here who's long reported on the criminalization of immigrants family detention and the business of detention her recent report for rewire news is headlined willful recklessness Trump pushes for indefinite family detention and before we go to our next guest Oh doctor who's a whistleblower if you can weigh in Renee on this bill that was passed in your experience in Texas where you just returned from see me from what we understand this bill that was passed late yesterday out of the house which still has to be reconciled with a separate Senate bill includes some three billion dollars to quote shelter and feed migrants but as we just heard from Claire along these facilities are hardly shelters at the border and we're also being told that there was about that the ice funding was stripped out of this bill but it's been clear as Pelosi has pushed to pass this saying it's for the children calling it a humanitarian relief bill that Trump and his administration is interim officials with DHS and ice have also been pushing hard for this funding and so is it really for the children or is it perhaps for Trump there's been a lot of pushback from progressive Democrats to strip some of the key funding that would expand attention in this bill out of it we saw that push by the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Congress member jpowel but we saw pushback from four of her own freshman members on this so you know you mentioned that I was recently down near the border I went to speak with some of the mothers that were recently released from an ice detention center in Dili Texas it's the largest distension center in the country 2400 beds I went there to film it at night actually and you could see with the football stadium lights on it how massive this facility is stretches like through a massive field and there's tents on the site it's disturbing to look at it's it and this is part of what people are pushing back against continuing to find more of these type of detention facilities interestingly when I was in Texas I went to San Antonio and I spoke with many mothers who were released first from a Border Patrol facility and then put in this ice detention center and they said that the detention center was better than the Border Patrol facilities but when I asked when mother what she would change about her time and the ice detention center she said me no Stamkos less time so that's why people are pushing back on more funding for this type of facility and what what what about the the provisions that were put into this bill supposedly to hold these especially these private facilities more accountable is there any teeth to that effort from what you can tell her private person that's right there these are immigrant detention centers once in a former medium security prison for families and we'll hear more about that from dr. Allen in a minute but for what I can tell these are some of the first provisions to try to push for accountability in a measure like this so some could say that that's success but you know the the enforcing that is we'll have to see how that goes let's hear from a young mother from Honduras who described her experience in CBP shelter as it's called she was just released from this place along with her 8 month old son when you talked to her nosotros y realmente amo we honestly we were lost in the river after we crossed the river we were lost we were heading back but a young woman stayed and honestly we said thank God when the Border Patrol arrived they gave us water they gave us some food a little bit of food but it was fine Tabasco sauce como agua Puerto was there anything missing like water more food vitamins a raba drop I see clothing we spend weeks without changing our clothes not showering we didn't have money for food or anything it was tough to get them to give us water and food they didn't give us that much this was when we were with Border Patrol we were in their custody for two days we were in Mexico for two days without a shower with nothing we have not changed our clothes since we started the journey are there any other details you would like to share there was a man who came with us he brought a baby the baby was his grandchild the man was deported and the US agents kept the baby here because the baby was just a man's grandchild it shouldn't be this way we come here fighting for our dreams were suffering and the man was deported and the baby was brought here to the US it shouldn't be this way so Amy I spoke to this woman who gave me her name but we didn't use it because many of these people are seeking asylum from the countries that they've fled and come to the US for I interviewed her with help from Ariel boon what's interesting to me to hear voices like this so these are people who are experts extensively about what the conditions are in these facilities and the people who are experts are speaking out and saying no more family detention do not expand this as the Trump administration pushes to not only hold more people but hold them for longer and family detention facilities well we're gonna break and then you will continue with Renee felts of Democracy Now correspondent and producer as well as special guests that we bring you right now who is named dr. Scott Allen a government whistleblower who was hired in 2014 to expect facilities where immigrant families are incarcerated he's speaking out now on Democracy Now stay with us you

45 thoughts on “AOC Joins Other Progressives to Vote Against Dems on Funding Bill for DHS, Call for Abolition of ICE

  1. That Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez , she's a genius. They just proved it by science. She's the smartest person to ever serve in the American government ever. She's against all the haters. She's a Woman of Color and they're raised in a culture of love not a culture of hate like white people.
    Also, Ilhan Omar. She's from Somalia. Over in Somalia, they were real prosperous and living in peace and harmony with nature and each other. Ms. Omar says the Amerikkkans went over there with their hate choppers and they killed about two million Somalis so they could steal all the Somali's money and oil and technology and now the Somalis are all real poor. We know she's telling the truth because she's a Muslim and Islam is the Religion of Peace and it's against their religion to lie or to hurt people.

  2. Just close the border and let people come in legally. Change the laws. The only reason Dems are fighting for these people is because they need a new low info voting base. Blacks are exiting the party of the KKK. They are leaving the plantation of welfare and prison, your HIllary and Bill expanded prisons. Got a lot of money for that. Amazing how not pone peep out of you guys when this was all going on under Obama. Crickets. You are transparent and everyone sees.

  3. That's all he wanted was more money for his corrupt Confederate contractors! Only a Confederate would cooperate with children in concentration camps.

  4. AOC is a wonderful human being who cares, and a truth speaker. WAKE UP AMERICA, YOUR GOVERNMENT & ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU!

  5. The new concepts for the field of sociology are:

    1. Proletarian impoverishment
    2. economic crisis
    3. class struggle

    These concepts have come into existence thanks to capitalism, science and industry, and the world market.
    Impoverishment of the worker is generated by the growth of the detailed worker and the standardization of routines in production. In popular talk, dumbing down the American working class.
    For numbers 2 & 3, the basic weapon of capitalism is also its Achilles Heel. Capitalism reduces everything to abstract social labor. In popular talk, resolves everything into cash.  
    And workers become aware they are the whole basis of production acquiring knowledge of their own class interest in the class struggle.

    None of the candidates spoke to any of the above social realities.

  6. They want as many centers as they can to profit off of, just think when they run out of immigrants they'll start jailing homeless people as that goes up with higher rents and low pay. Prisons already send advertising films over to corporations for cheap labor, starting to see the big picture coming way ahead…

  7. @Democracy Now! Aroha, dear fwiends 🤗

    DHHS has been stealing children from their families for decades…


    Its classic reich wing social eugenics.

    If fstv doesn’t cover this accurately, then this is just being used as propaganda…

    …and you don’t wanna do that cause I’m one of youre largest and most capable ideological munitions depots at your disposal… just listen to the way I articulate shit… don’t even go there…

    You see, I just happen to be one of those kids y’all think you’re fighting for..

    Just cause I’m a rogue survivor of the reich wing MK Ultra program, doesn’t mean I won’t lay down a munitions barrier to a chosen ignorance…

    Please recognize what I’m trying to convey… I’m an ally, but mind your interns before they get held in check….

    DHHS is part of a pan apparatus that accepts any orphan strife as a means to facilitate federal incentive for adoptions, or reich wing social eugenics programs period.

    The CNN exhibit of the famous triplets doesn’t even begin to touch the iceberg of what what’s occurring.

    Big pharma using Ritalin to suppress the “Edison gene” in kids should also be of some concern to you…

    The US Capital Establishment has been stealing kids from their families for decades…

    Where have you been?

    …p.s. I’ve got yer back to a degree that only your sharpest pick up on… I believe in you guys as I need you to believe that there are indeed superheroes out there to save the day…

    It’s just that not all of us wear capes…

  8. Trump treatment of children?! Limp wrist obama started the cages for kids concept but the left is going to lie about it just like they lie about every other thing of import. Who started the KKK, had it as a wing of their party? DEMs…Who were the slave owners? DEMS. Who fought against ending segregation and fighting NOW against charter schools? DEMs…Who wants to raise YOUR taxes? DEMs Seeing a trend yet? AOC is a red/green socialist damn near a commie. Omar with her lies about who's her hubby/brother etc., is the taqiyya talking head for CAIR. Tliab is the same and all in the DEM party of open borders and free everything. What idiots. Just where do you think the money originates? Trees? Picked fresh daily? They show their immaturity by their rudeness and lack of humility on any point. In short they think their shit doesn't stink! All will be looking for work end of their term. No worry though, Soros will give them a NGO.
    MAGA 'n KAG

    TRUMP 2020

  9. God what is this propaganda network? Fox News is more accurate than these charlatans. You leftists are the most deluded ignorant bunch of vermin to ever walk the earth. You live in an alternate reality, and so you need dwell in a bubble of misinformation, conjecture, lies, myths, and at best half truths to maintain your delusional state. 😂😂 “democracy now” you people know nothing of it.

  10. 😠 The racism and hate the trump regime and his evil edomite supporters arrogantly and cruelly heap on black n brown people SHALL NOT GO UNPUNISHED!

  11. Far left socialist have hijack the democratic party Alexandra cortez claim to be a poor girl growing up her dad was a millionaire go figure

  12. WoW put this on your calendar America 😎
    Organizers of what they’ve dubbed a “Straight Pride” parade say they will be receiving a license from the City of Boston to hold the event on
    August 31. 😎😉

  13. Looks like women of color are our greatest force for life on earth. Of course, the environmental front is even more dire than the human front but we need to support that which is good in whatever capacity before us. ❤

  14. More money? They are already paying private kid prisons $700 a kid per day. What kind of racket is this? Hold these bastards accountable, not throw more money at them. They could be staying at a Trump hotel for $700 a day! We are getting so ripped off!

  15. let me understand this complete. aoc is for abortions as is this channel. but now hundreds of stupid parents bring their children here that are sick, they die and its Trumps fault?

  16. 4 billion dollars for immigration. While American citizens have no health care and under funded schools.

  17. They don't need more money. They need an audit to see how existing money is being spent. It's not being spent. It's being kept as prison profit. Now who owns the prison? Nieces and nephews of people who voted to send more money to the prison.

  18. AOC, a non-profit organization of progressive activist raised money to buy beds for the the detained children.

    Why did you encourage the company making the beds to stop making the beds and protest instead?

  19. Regardless of their positions on immigration, both parties are using this tragedy for their own political agenda, and they are in no hurry to end it.

  20. AOC do not apologize for saying the children at the boarder are in concentration camps! They are in concentration camps do not apologize!!! What the Trump administration and the GOP have done to these children and their parents is monstrous, and unconscionable! Cuomo is an Asswhole with no conscions and anyone else who would have you apologize is a monster! Cuomo is not a true Democrat he is a puppet of Israel and is not looking after the interests of the people. He protects corporations and those who finance his campaigns!

  21. The problem w/corporate capitalist establishment politicians is our tax $$ go into private pockets that profit from holding more childrenGod Bless the children& God forgive us🙏

  22. These are nothing more than money sink holes providing private companies profit. This is what your tax dollars pay for, Republicans consistently ask, how can we pay for health care for all, how can we pay for a green new deal? yet paying private corporations to incarcerate migrants and citizens seems to be a booming industry. Health care and the new green deal doesn't put money into wealthy pockets. A Republican is a class of people that will pick your pocket and then ask you to thank them for it. A Republicans adage is, why spend your own money when you can spend others, others being us the tax payers.

  23. ICE, DHS, CIA… big govt, Soviet style. Don't let right wingers get away with smearing Bernie with, "commie".

  24. AOC committed tax fraud SERIOUS tax fraud she lied on tax forms and was married to 2 people one of which was her BROTHER!!!!!! She gained US Citizenship by fraud it's time she was defrocked and thrown out of congress then DEPORTED!!!!!!!

  25. The $$$ goal is for private companies to make use of the incarcerated to milk the government. The PRIVATE companies are being paid over $700 per child PER DAY to torture and abuse FOR PROFIT.

  26. Cut social assist. Funnel revenues into law enforcement, military and tax cuts for the wealthy.
    This is the trickle down formula.

  27. Stop using the word “progressive” to describe these spineless democrats and social democrats who only negotiate for “better” conditions in concentration camps.

  28. Under Big Brother Trump's regime, ALL US government agencies "refuse to be held accountable to the American people." Mr. Trump obviously sees himself as an absolute monarch, accountable to no one. So much for US "democracy!"

  29. Can the US afford to care for millions of people fleeing their countries because of poverty? Is migrating to the US the best way to address poverty? How many refugees can we accept before our infrastructure can no longer support such a rapid increase in population? Where do we draw the line? Do we just keep letting people enter the country until our country completely falls apart?

  30. Obviously $700 plus a day is not being spent on these child nor is that amount needed. Daycare for an entire week for a child is that or not much more. Who spends $750 a day on each of their children? Then after spending that much who stil cannot afford to bathe, dress and feed them. Even after that cannot give them a toothbrush?

  31. none of you people seem to care about the conditions in skid row or any of the
    other tent cities across america, i would bet they are worse than these border camps

  32. many american children already live in poverty. all this money should be helping
    them and instead it is given to people who are not even citizens. this is despicable
    and wrong. we are giving away our children's inheritance.

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