today we will discuss the throttle governing of the steam turbine throttle governing of steam turbine firstly we give some brief introduction about throttle burning the quantity of steam entering into the turbine is reduced by the throttling of the stream and throttling of steam that can be done with the help of throttle valve the throttling is achieved with the help of double heat balanced valve which is operated by centrifugal governor through the servo mechanism the effort of the governor is not sufficient to move the valve against the piston in big units so in order to rectify this problem and oil operated relay servo mechanism is incorporated in the circuit to magnify the small force produced by the governor to operate the valve so now with the help of diagram we can easily understand how the throttle governing of steam turbine works this is the centrifugal governor and it is spring and here these are the fly bolts and this is sleep this is the differential lever that is connected with oil slender and servo motor cylinder with the help of this is pilot piston and here is the oil regulating valve this is the hand wheel for initial adjustment this is the servo motor position here we can see and this is the oil return passes and here throttle valve is inserted in this cylinder that is the throttle valve and this is for stream entering and that is steamed out here is the oil pump this is bevel ba gear that is connected with the turbine soft so in this diagram we can see the full load on the turbine and that is running at full speed so here we have two cases if load on the turbine is reduced so in that case we need to reduce the supply of the steam if load on the turbine is increased so in that case we need much more steam supply for maintaining the constant speed because the main function of governing of stream turbine that is to maintain the speed constant irrespective of the load on the turbine so now we discuss the case when load on the turbine is reduced so when load on the turbine is reduced so in that case the turbine will start to rotate at speed that is greater than full load speed as the energy supplied that is same so turbine is rotating at very higher speed when load on the turbine that is reduced so due to it the fly hole on the corner expand outside and sleeve moves upwards and due to upward movement of slave this differential lever that moves upward and due to this upward movements of differential lever this is the pilot piston it also moves upward and this relay piston that moves downward and due to these movements the oil pump that passes the high pressure oil and due to its pilot piston upward movements this oil regulating valve it opens and higher pressure oil that to enter on the top side of the relay piston through the upper part and it allows the oil from the real a slender to come out then it moves downward and this oil that goes out through this valve and finally it is goes to oil return passes and due to its downward movements of the relay system the throttle valve changes its position and we can repeat the downward motion of the relay piston partly closes the throttle valve and due to closeness of this valve there is reduction in the steam supply and the reverse operation when load on turbine is increased that takes place when load on turbine is increased and all these processes this is reversed and flyball moves downward slee moves downward differential moves downward and pilot the relay piston moves downward and relay piston moves upward and pilot's piston moves upward and due to upward movement of the relay piston the throttle valve opens and again the further supply of the steam that is increased so this is all about the throttle governing of stream turbine and we discussed the main components and it's working today subscribe to get more updates and more topics on mechanical and universe double – you may like cerimon your students and friends you can ask your queries by commenting give your suggestions if required thank you have a nice day


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