41 thoughts on “ANTIFA ATTACK! Patriot Journalist VS ANITFA GANG at TRUMP RALLY Huntington Beach CA.

  1. Smash all those punks . 30 on 1 even fight any day I’m my book . F-ck those antifa terrorist .

  2. I smell the pussy through the screen. Antifa are nothing but cowards and without the media and cops backing them they wouldn't dare show their face on the streets.

  3. Instant karma for that thing that hit him with stick lol i could watch that on repeat forever

  4. I’m really sorry that that aggressive fat gentleman in the yellow vest didn’t get a box on the nose. I’d have liked to have seen that. 😬

  5. A young sideshow Bob getting punched out.
    Thought process "Hit man over head with stick, Forget man will hit back", to much Xbox for him/her/It.
    The Soy is strong in this one.

  6. Good for you, brother! You got a "like" & "subscribe" for exposing these clowns for the coward punk chumps they are, but the "bell" is for the bellringer of a fist you delivered flush to that one sissyboi's face. Godspeed to ya

  7. Hey! Brandon! I just found out something, pause the video at 0:36, then change the playback speed to 0.25x, and watch your head and hands as best you can… People have said that you didn't catch whether or not you punched first, well, there is your proof.

  8. Awesome job wish I could have helped you but those pussies weren't looking like they wanted anymore kudos bro

  9. Hey you need a boom mic holder or something? let me know, free your hands up for next time.

    This one guy, elbowed the first cat behind him, trucked 2 guys back, snuffed the red bandana dude, clocked the flag beater, swung at another thug, and fought off another flag attacker. All this with the mic in his hand. 🤣

  10. Oh shit! This is actually pretty good. One man army, using a mic and his fist against a bunch of Antifags with stick flags. Respect to that reporter! Standing his ground against those pussy.

  11. 00:50 wait they hit you first, and you can actually hit them back? I bet thats new information to them

  12. This is why we have the 2nd Amendment. He should've shot them and claimed self defense. He would've been in the right to do so since he was protecting himself from violent thugs. I'm sure if CNN saw this Chris Homo I meant Cuomo and the rest of those fake news idiots would've spin this and made those anti-fa thugs look like victims.

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