No [Applause] [Applause] fucking own bitch I just got beat up by the crowd no police at whole in the middle of the street and they stole my GoPro when you punched me several times in my face and my head up beating whether how well of you can youth are buried yet yeah where the hell were you you know your name my name's Andy no you know where I had been assaulted twice earlier today and reported it to your Pugliese Hey nothing was done and I was in the know the street in the front documenting this I'd like to help you can you tell me they stole my evidence they told stole my GoPro can I take care of your medical needs right now said okay we'll worry about that a little bit okay can you tell me we were out to help each other we do the president is I know they're dumped uh she's drunk so tell me what happened looks like you got hit in the forehead a little bit yeah I they just start head attacking okay what what did they use their weapons in that house okay this shield just fine did you black out no okay if you have any blurred vision I don't think so like I got this they throwing milkshakes on me to any neck or back pain not in this position okay so other than other than the obvious ones you have on your face anything else I don't know it's stinging you know because I've cut somebody hit me on the back of my head


  1. So the cops are watching a violent bank robbery, victims are harmed and when they finally ask where were you cops during all this, they answer, we were watching with some popcorn and cola…. SUE THE CITY #ANDYNGO

  2. so when the proud boys do this to the left you guys cheer , when someone runs into a crowd of leftists you guys cheer. trump tell you to beat up journalists and you cheer. journalists get beat up at trump rallies and you cheer ……

  3. Words are apparently more violent and oppressive than what happened to Andy, right? Beat and bloody someone up as much as you want because they said, "bad words," or whatever. What world is this? In what world does this make sense? I hope every single one of those people in the video get charged with battery. It wasn't assault, it was battery. But it's likely Portland PD doesn't give a shit, and nothing fruitful will come of it.

  4. This is absolutely appalling. Governor Kate brown should be removed for not upholding the safety of the public.

  5. Scheiss auf links/rechts..aber diese linke antifa scheisse geht mir so auf den sack..richtige ernesto ches..sollen die auf die politiker und bullen los aber nicht auf einen einzelnen der sich nicht mal wehrt..opfer

  6. …schlimmer als die SA 1921 in germany…its the same thing but it will end even worst than back then.

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  7. What exactly is going on in Portland?? At the top of all this are corrupt officials and they can be arrested too .. NO PUSH BACK

  8. I'm terrified of white people from Portland. They are a different breed and an embarrassment to whites everywhere

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