30 thoughts on “Anthem: BioWare Explains How Story, Events, and Endgame Will Work

  1. I really enjoyed playing Anthem in the beginning despite the bugs. Now that most have been corrected, the content has dried up completely. I am stuck on GS 490 and cannot progress. Even the NPC's have stopped talking to me. I have three epic missions a day and do the two Strongholds and that is it! I was hoping for a vast world to grind in and take on new challenges. Where is it EA?

  2. So, what did the game look like when they recorded this video? How did they keep a straight face while saying this stuff? And the Oscar goes to… These dudes…

  3. Don’t buy it, if you still wanna play it, wait for the sale. Trust me it’s is gonna go on sale real soon

  4. I'm loving the game, the characters are Bioware signature, deep, lore and storytelling is brilliant. Gameplay is addictive, smooth and beautiful, the world is the biggest the game industry have ever seen… Bioware got a long term hit, you'll see. I see many people that were scared of tha game and now they are getting convinced.

  5. he talked about 3 javelins then he said that there are other exos and THEY will compliment them we have seen the forth but he said others that mean that there is more than the interceptor

  6. Drew Karpshyn left the company. AFTER being asked to return to be lead writer for Anthem. Hmmm. We are told he finished the story before he left. Or did he leave because the suits scratched his story??? I had hopes because of Drew. If you don’t know who Drew K is, then get your google on and then you will know what I am talking about. I want BioWare back. I hope they succeed with this game

  7. One issue I see is going out in the world and finding little lore modules to just read. I would love that lore to integrate itself into the story somehow. As in able to do missions to unlock more and feel a connection to the lore and world. Still, most devs do not extend lore chips beyond this, and they are just items to collect and nothing more. I will be playing this game and exploring like hell.

  8. Anyone know if the saved data is client side like Destiny. I have 2 ps4 and with Destiny I do not need to save to the cloud on one ps4 and download it to the other one if I am on it. Each ps4 has the saved data. Just a question. Also I have 2 PS4 one pro at my house and one base in my office at work.

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